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Anonymous 39842

>always dreamed about being huge
>ended up tiny
Should I undergo a breast augmentation surgery?

Anonymous 39844

It's a vicious cycle, you'll never be happy with it. Accept your body as it is and move on with life.

Anonymous 39845


Guess my case is a little bit more complex. See, I've always dreamed of having huge breasts, since I was middle school and most of slender girls were still tiny too. I just think it's beautiful, it would be something for me.

No, I don't believe I'll be 100% happy with my looks if I ever do that, but I think it would help my self esteem a lot.

Anonymous 39847

That isn't the only way to help your self esteem. Besides, if you plan on becoming a mother in the future, wait till then. Some people grow ridiculously after their first pregnancy.
Also, childish dreams are just that. There are things I've wanted since I can remember but can't have as it is purely selfish. Don't focus so much on desires that give little to no benefit as a whole.
Move beyond being vanity.

Anonymous 39963

You could try inducing lactation if you want to try a natural way of making your boobs bigger. It takes a lot of work though from what I hear.

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