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Anonymous 39895

Is this what men want?

Anonymous 39896

Q or U for me please

Anonymous 39900

Why is it that I both understand and don't understand this meme?

Anonymous 39904

Oh nice, I didn't know there was an expanded version. Although it gets a little repetitive.

Wait is P a sex doll?

Anonymous 39915

>is this what men want
To choose their gf, house and car based on categories, each with their own benefits and drawbacks? Fuck, if I could chose my preferred letter (A) and got everything with it instantly I'd go for it too cuz I'm a lazy bitch.

yes. she is a sex doll. moids are gross.

Anonymous 39917


M is clearly the best choice. dat inheritance when she dies of "old age"

Anonymous 39919

Anyone knows what N and Y represent?
What are the stereotypes shown there?

Anonymous 39920

Y is white trash not sure about N

Anonymous 39921

N is the dreary subtext within every indie romance film

Anonymous 39922


Y is Australia, and the girl in N is a Brazilian tranny, looks like the corresponding home is a room in a mental asylum.

Anonymous 39923

BTW the only one I can't figure out is O.

Anonymous 39926

On track to living Q, feels good.

Just looks like hipster trash/well off art hoe trope to me. Modern bohemian.

Anonymous 39929

So many trannies in the list, repulsive.

Anonymous 39931

Absolute patrician taste and Duchess pilled
I will not purchase land less than 20 hectares.

Anonymous 39946

I think id go for B. It feels like a comfy and cute life in the city. But C also looks absolutely heavenly… idk. B or C for sure.

What is going on with V btw? Is this like a Jettsons aesthetic or what? I appreciate it but feels kinda meh, dont like the 80's vibes from the gf.
Also D, what does it mean???

also why are all the cars so trash looking? I didnt choose I because of these ugly ass cars


Anonymous 39950

D is East European commieblock, though he fucked up by putting a girl that looks extremely German and not Slavic at all.

Anonymous 39951

But that thing has pretty much every kind of car. What kind of car do you like?

Anonymous 39954

I like B, too. Cramped apartment city life, no car, and a cute lesbian. What more can I ask for?

Anonymous 39957

It doesn't matter what men want.

Anonymous 39961

I like cars like the ones on L and E. Would have honestly chosen L if not for the ugly girl with bad fashion style
In general i like cars but theyre just not worth the risk unless youre rich or live in the countryside

Ikr. Imagine living in a cute smol apartment downtown with the gf (you dont need much for only the two of you and its easy to clean, plus saving on rent like no tomorrow and putting that instead for retirement), not needing a car bc everything is near, riding down to the market with a bike and buying flowers for the gf, staying active and not contributing to climate change, not paying thousands for smth that will only lose value from then on, lowering the odds of dying painfully, and not needing to stress about parking, speeding, killing somebody or paying for a pricey course.

Anonymous 39962

Well, if you want muh pussy magnet ridiculous shit looking ostentatious neon supercar, you're gonna get the matching gf.

Anonymous 39964


Ofc i dont want it fucking neon, i just like the look of pic related cars. My main decider is the house and i enjoy the city life, so a high rise apartment is definitely ideal (as well as borh the car and apartment implying im rich). But the woman on L is vomit inducing so i couldnt choose that, the woman on E is ok but the house brings me to tears, so i go with B for going to a museum date with cute lesbian gf on the back of my bike

Anonymous 39976

Q really needed a picture of a horse in the right column. It just feels right and also breaks up some of the monotony.

Anonymous 46850

95% of crystal cafe users are F

Anonymous 46851

Who the FUCK cares what men want?
For a website full of virgins, you seem to suspiciously obsess over men.

Anonymous 46855

How is that suspicious? Seems to make sense to me that virgin women would think about men a lot.

Anonymous 46856

N is minimalism

Anonymous 46860

Totally agree, I wanted to say this too and also it's obviously a thing made for fun. We should make our version with boys! I would make some but I don't really know any stereotypes…

Anonymous 46861

K and Q are the winners here.
Men want a caring virgin who takes great care of him and herself, who they can sluttify in secret.
Its all a balance, they want to bake cookies at christmas and watch klaus cuddled up on the sofa, but they also want to fuck you in the ass in your naughty mrs claus outfit afterwards.

Not being fat and having big tits are a good plan b though

Anonymous 49754

Property. A nice car. A person who loves you. What else would anyone want?

Anonymous 49755

J is so cute, as are the house and car.

This is my choice. Ideal lesbian lifestyle.

Anonymous 49757

C, E or K to be honest

Anonymous 49761

They don’t want any of the black girls except maybe the very light ones

Anonymous 49762

What is S?

Anonymous 49764

Accurate tbh

Anonymous 49785

qt schoolgirl ghost, lives in the house she died in, drives a tsunamied-out ghost car

Anonymous 49790

sounds good

Anonymous 49798

fucking kek
J and U seem coomfy
t. snow lover

Anonymous 49801

I thought nothing of it at first but seeing it again now this image is really disturbing to me.

Anonymous 49805

Anonymous 49843

Anonymous 49845


Anonymous 49846

The Y girl looks demented

Anonymous 49869


S is the patrician's choice. The only real choice there is tbh

Anonymous 49870

Wtf this girl looks like a down fish lol, was she trying to look cute?

Anonymous 49872

Hurling insults on the internet won't get you any more dick, incel.

Anonymous 49875

At least I don't lool like an autistic fish though lol

Anonymous 49877

Bruh you're 100% homo gay.

Anonymous 49878

She looks like an autistic sea bream with a wig

Anonymous 49916

I got E but Q or U would have been better I guess

Anonymous 50190

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