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For the record Anonymous 39941

Well this isn't good.

Anonymous 39942

I originally deleted it because I didn't want it to seem like spam or that I was part of this shit. But I realize I can spoiler my images, so I'm reposting it so people can see what happened after those images are inevitably removed.

Ladies, behold, the power of men: ruining shit.

I've seen entire boards get destroying because of sickos like this. Be careful, crystal.cafe

Anonymous 39966

Not to be dismissive but that honestly isn't anything that bad as far as this website is concerned. While it is a definite touchy area there's nothing illegal about non-sexual nude pictures. You can find naked kids all over Bing and Google just from their parents and family taking pictures of them and posting it to some nudist site.

Anonymous 39967

Totally gonna be dismissive of what you just said and clarify that its racey and tasteless and its very clear what the intention was by posting those photos not once but like 4 times.

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