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Anonymous 39979

What do you think about shotas?

Anonymous 39986

Didn't you see the earlier thread?
This site is full of prudes who think drawings are real people.
No cute consensual /ss/.

Anonymous 39990

drinking smoking.j…

stay away from kids anon

Anonymous 39993

Hate all the moralfaggotry on that thread.

Anonymous 40034

The women who seem like they have any sort of interest of any kind in shota materials, almost always seem to self insert as the shota and to sexualize the older man in the relationship. LC's documented enough drama around hentai-critical women with shota tucked away in their internet history, like Fahrlight's overly indulgent anti-shota manga. Sometimes it seems like shota is the primary gateway to hentai-critical or anti-porn circles. Not sure why a boy was their chosen vessel on their voyage from excitement to depression, maybe it keeps the self distant and insulated, especially if the material's going to go to a darker place. Like how in horror movies made for men it's often women who get gorily dismembered, so that the men can feel outraged and threatened, but not TOO threatened, since "the monster attacked a helpless woman, if I were there I would have punched it and therefore won easily." Gay violation of a powerless but still male figure would allow the reader to feel some but not all of the erotic horror of the act, because of the inability to fully sexually identify with the victim and an excuse for the victim's helplessness. That could also explain the sexual alienation that seems to run in cycles for the women who get too caught up in it.

Anonymous 40041

>The women who seem like they have any sort of interest of any kind in shota materials, almost always seem to self insert as the shota and to sexualize the older man in the relationship.
When I was a mild yaoi fan, that is exactly how I saw shota material. Talking to other yaoi fans, I never got the impression that they sexualised the younger character either. Because of our ages, we tended to see ourselves as the younger male character who's innocent and short while fantasising about the older, cooler male character.

Now I can't deny that there are actual pedos who use shota materials for inappropriate reasons. But it's kind of funny to me that most people jump to the conclusion that anyone reading shota = pedo who faps to them. Maybe it says more about them than about people who read/used to read shota. No idea.

Anonymous 40046

why does it always circle around to fujos.
This is obviously about ss not gay shit…

Anonymous 40062


Well, first off straight shota is not normal shota. Normal, plain ol' ordinary shota is inextricably linked to yaoi, and the question was about shotas. Female straight shota fans scarcely even exist. The handful who do are pretty much all bisexual/pansexual/tumblrsexual and are still using the shota as a self-insert in the pursuit of the warmth of a maternal figure. In the case of normal shota the model was Fahrlight, who identified with the shotas so much that she eventually started undergoing sexual reassignment to become Tom Hiddleston. In the case of straight shota, the lolcow profile changes to Nemu, whose sexual fetishes usually involved attempting to recapture the sense of comfort she felt when her mother tried to take care of her.

Another indication that female straight shota fans barely exist is that while high profile female perpetrator cases exist, none of them targeted males who fit any sort of shota archetype, whereas male predators often target a lolita archetype. Attached is a picture of the infamous Mary-Kay Letourneau and her 12 year old lover Vili Fualaau. Note Vili's relative height. Not visible in this photo but visible in others taken at the time he was 13, he had a few tattooes and visible muscles. Vili is not someone who would make anyone think "this is an innocent anime boy like Shotaro Kaneda." Neither are any of the other victims of real life cases of adult woman/younger male sex–almost all of whom are ages 16 through 18, not particularly close to Shotaro age. I spent a few days just watching true crime videos on YouTube once and a few of the ones that came up were about female teachers who molested male students. The female teachers all varied but the male students were more or less all the same; tall and well built athletes who were having serious academic problems. Family problems were not a factor in the male students' lives, the way they usually are for girls who get targeted by male teachers. The pattern of offense is different because the offenders are different. In at least two of those YouTube features the students described their social "problems" afterwards as their fellow males acting like it was a great achievement when the guys themselves felt broken up because their relationship ended. And that's it, that's all, that's the end. They weren't innocent boyos who were given a forbidden adult experience by an overwhelming authority or fully realized personality. They were physically adult men who endured nothing more severe than the trauma of experiencing a relationship breakup. The usual response to anyone who points that out is an argument that 17-18 year old men are not emotionally or socially developed enough to have ever entered a relationship with a 25-28 year old teacher, but given how miniscule the social centers of men's brains are it's doubtful that they are mature in that sense at any age at all. The women were not shotacons pursuing shota, just heterosexuals taking the opportunity. Then there's the opposite extreme, an extremely small number of women who perform opportunistic sex crimes on victims who are completely undeveloped and usually 6 years old or younger.

Opportunistic sex crimes are just as criminal as perversion-motivated crimes, but criminology and psychiatry separate opportunists from actual pedophiles (the first because the pattern of offense is different and the second because the medical facts are different). And all of the female sex criminals were opportunistic offenders, not shotacons. This points to a fundamental divide between female "shotacons" and male "lolicons" since only the latter commit sex crimes. It seems likely that the divide is that male lolicons sexually target the lolita archetype, and female shotacons sexually identify with the shotaro archetype.

Anonymous 40064

Why does it always circle around to real life.
This is obviously just about cute anime pics like the op.

Anonymous 40066

i like shota x slightly older girls (like teenaged looking) but only if i know and like the characters

unfortunately i do not know any images that fit into this description, yet

Anonymous 40104

I like it when the boy is innocent and doesnt know what he is doing at all. For example if a shota touches a womens boob innocently and it turns her on. Does anyone have anything like that?

Anonymous 40108

Yeah, the best ss is when the shota is so young and innocent he doesn't doesn't even know what "sex" is and asks help for the lady to "cure" his wee-wee.

He's kinda suffering, but also feeling good, it's very cute.

Anonymous 40128

I like shota and I imagine myself doing sickening things to them. I love shotaxshota and self insert in those too. Their innocence is delectable…

Anonymous 40130


>pic related

Absolute degenerates the lot of you

Anonymous 40158

>Like how in horror movies made for men it's often women who get gorily dismembered
Dunno about that one anonette. The virgin girl always escapes at the end of the horror movie. Typically all the guys die, starting with the black guy, and all the women who have had sex also die.

Anonymous 40160

Hm. Things like this always amount to people talking about a handful of scenes from a dozen or so movies based on what scenes stick out the most in their memories, or which movies were most memorable. Those scenes stick out and those movies were more memorable than others often because they were different and shocking. In Alien, Ripley was the designated survivor, but Ripley wasn't originally planned as being female, much less a sexless female survivor. There's gotta be a set of comprehensive statistics for on screen monster dismemberments somewhere, so we can objectively calculate who gets dismembered by ghouls more often. We also need some sort of a gore index, and a separate index to calculate how ironic, humorous or humiliating a death was, and in male cases a measure of how cute the actor was and how well he screams or cries. Only then will we know for sure.

Anonymous 40165

funnily enough, an image almost fitting this description was posted by someone i follow less than a day after making this post
sounds cute

what age do you describe shotas as? as in, a range

Anonymous 40190

I see it more like a body type, slender, sort, with no muscles and bodyhair at all, usually with a tiny penis.

Age, like personality (unexperienced, naive, submissive, kinda insecure) is not the most important, but I think anything between 4 and 13 counts as shota.

Anonymous 40208

old enough they can sex, but still innocent

big dick shotas are cool

Anonymous 40290

ahh, i see. i don't like exaggerated dicks in any direction. the personality stuff is just as important as body type for me personally.
thats a good age range. of the two shotas i like, one is 10 and the other is "ambiguously aged", looks like 10 or 11 in fanart usually, then actual depictions ranges from "pretty babyfaced (and this is acknowledged in the characters original design concepts)" to "this is a girl"

Anonymous 40346

This just makes me feel worse since I used to be a massive shotacon and it was definitely for the shota. I'd self-insert into the top in regular yaoi and gay porn too.

But perhaps it's different since after aging (I was a teen myself at the time) I just grew to realize I simply love tiny men and want to dominate them. The only residual effect is that I'd be into mdlb given the chance.

I am, however, porn critical so you've called that right.

Anonymous 40349

Fantasize about being one? You know, in your mind's eye or whatever. Same way men get autogynophilia.

Anonymous 40357

Who are these two shotas you like?

Anonymous 40358

I like shota because whenever they get focus in a story they tend to get more and better character development than teen and adult characters. I also find them really cute. Most of the time if there is a shota they are my favorite character.
I don't like /ss/ unless it's written by a woman. When men write /ss/ it's a lot more sexual and the majority of the focus is on the woman. Also the shotas are drawn less cutely.
My guilty pleasure is reading isekai where the protagonist starts off as a shota and dropping it once he grows up.

Anonymous 40361

Recommend some female written shota stuff and these isekais, please.

Anonymous 40420

I don't know of any super hidden gem shota material but regardless here's a list
>female-written shota material
Watashi no Shounen
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Yankee Shota to Otaku Onee-san
Shounen Maid
>trashy isekai
Mushoku Tensei (dropped when he grew up)
Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai
Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku

If you like games Tales of Berseria and Tales of Vesperia have top-tier shotas as well

Anonymous 40442

>Shounen Maid
Judging from the pics, this is gay, right?

>dropped when he grew up


Anonymous 40475


i really liked ash when i was into pokemon (i still have my folder of him), i also like kyururu from kemono friends (though not as much as i liked ash, i just think he/she/they/whatevers cute regardless of gender)

i dont like sun/moon because ash looks like an inbred mexican

Anonymous 40482

>Judging from the pics, this is gay, right?
No not really, there's no romance in that one though, it's more about family.
There's an anime too that's cute.

Anonymous 40503

Not into shota, but Watashi no Shounen was a surprisingly nuanced read. Thanks for the rec.

Anonymous 41352


Anonymous 41362

Well? We're waiting.

Anonymous 41375


Is it pic related? I heard good opinions on it. Apparently it focuses a lot on the culture, daily life and everything is so aesthetic and detailed. Is it true?

Anonymous 41383


Not that anon, but I’ve read some Otoyomegatari (haven’t completely kept up with it) and what you heard is true. I highly recommend it. Kaoru Mori, the mangaka, does a lot of research for her historical settings (I recommend Emma by her as well, but it’s not shota related). Only issue I had with the manga is that it does get sidetracked with side characters once in a while, which is what made me lose interest for a little bit when it started focusing on storylines/characters I didn’t care as much for, but it’s definitely a great manga with wonderful art.

Anonymous 41500


I know you're here, sis. Don't pretend you're not.

Anonymous 41501

XNXX has something like 9000 different tags for porn, why do people even need cartoon minors to get off when there never has been so much legal niches to choose from?

I'm pretty sure those people can find another niche to get off if shotacon gets wiped off the face of the Internet.

Anonymous 41502


I much prefer 2D anime aesthetics to anything else. I don't give a single shit about 3DPD porn and don't associate the two either.

Anonymous 41503

There are hundreds of hentai genres that don't involve cartoon minors as well.

Literotica, too.

Anonymous 41515

Uhh, people don't just choose their sexual preferences from a pre-made list of porn tags. Porn tags are created to categorize people's sexual preferences.

Anonymous 41533


That, and I wanted to add to >>41502 (my previous post), that shotacon isn't even inherently sexual for me, I just love cute anime boys and sometimes they happen to be shotas.

Anonymous 41535

Shotacon isn't a sexual preference like LGBT. People aren't born liking shotacon. It's a kink, and kinks can be learned or discouraged enough to be unlearned.

Otherwise you fall into arguing that pedophilia should be a letter in LGBT+.

Anonymous 42379

Neither of those are illegal in the states.

Anonymous 42401

T shouldn't be a letter on LGBT either

Anonymous 42404

>kinks can be learned or discouraged enough to be unlearned
How do you suppose? My understanding is that a lot of kinks trace back to early childhood insecurities or Freudian fixations: fear of being eaten alive, not understanding certain body functions, loss of autonomy (bondage, transformation) etc. I think they have to tap into something buried in order to arouse people, you can't just decide whether or not to have that response.

Anonymous 42406

"greentext shit" Like how in horror movies made for men it's often women who get gorily dismembered, so that the men can feel outraged and threatened… yeah its like that stupid film jaws! its only made to make sharks fell threated by humans (witch by the way is true) but its still not the truth!

Anonymous 42484


>not being a unironic pedo because you know that you can get away with it as a girl in her 20s

Tranny gtfo

Anonymous 42583

shota is great and drawings aren't real people

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