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Anonymous 40063

has anyone successfully faked adhd to get an adderall script? any tips would be appreciated

Anonymous 40069

what good would adderall be if you don't have adhd?
it's not magic be smarter juice, it's more like glasses for people with eyesight problems.

Anonymous 40074

>has obviously never taken ritalin or adderall
it's a drug you donut

Anonymous 40078

i don't need it to treat adhd, amphetamines are the gold standard of stimulants

Anonymous 40088

you have to get a psyche evaluation, and psyche evaluations test for dishonesty
some psychiatrists will prescribe amphetamines for non-adhd related problems, but you've got to be pretty screwed up

Anonymous 40097

Surely it's easier to just buy some of someone, right? I mean, how much of the crap did you actually want?
If you just want to have fun for a weekend or blast through some uni work, buying it off someone else would be a lot less hassle. But I'd discourage you from faking an illness to get some indefinite supply and forming a dependency or whatever.

Anonymous 40103

You literally go to a specialist that asks you questions and you tell them experiences related to adhd. It's not that hard to get adhd prescriptions. They're looking to sell you shit.

Anonymous 40125

i've considered all of that but i don't know anyone in my area that has a prescription. it'd be ideal that way since i'm not looking for escobar quantities just trying to get through a huge chunk of work

what are the dishonesty tests like? i haven't heard of any tests like that in the research i've done and i can't find information about tests besides reaction tests like tova and stroop

Anonymous 40139

More like binoculars with that analogy…

Anonymous 40162

Have you tried meth?

Anonymous 40166

I take ritalin regularly
oh, you're trying to be a drug addict fuck.
that being said, ritalin and adderrall aren't 'fun' drugs, they don't make you feel particularly good, only more focused and more anxious, so why the fuck use them if you don't have adhd?
binoculars would help everyone, ritalin and adderall don't really improve much without the problem that needs to be taken care of.

Anonymous 40170

>oh, you're trying to be a drug addict fuck.
You didn't read the thread properly, she already said she's:
>just trying to get through a huge chunk of work

Anonymous 40174

>ritalin and adderrall aren't 'fun' drugs

Once again (and I truly cannot stress this enough)

>has clearly NEVER taken Ritalin or adderall before

Both those drugs have huge potential for making someone euphoric, that's why they are commonly used as party drugs

Anonymous 40215

look up the symptoms and recite them back

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