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Cooking thread! Anonymous 40086

What are miners' favorite food? What is your favorite thing to cook? What are you cooking tonight?

Anonymous 40087


I love anything savory. I can't pinpoint one favorite food because as long as it's tasty, I love it.

>What is your favorite thing to cook?

Recently I'm loving oven-roasted chicken because of how easy it is to cook, with so much tastiness and less of the hassle of the cooking, plus a bit healthier as the fat/oil drains out.

>What are you cooking tonight?

I'm making beef stew with bone marrow right now.

Anonymous 40098

>What are miners' favorite food? What is your favorite thing to cook? What are you cooking tonight?
Instant noodles.
Instant noodles with eggs.
Reheated pizza.

Anonymous 40101

>What are miners' favorite food?
same as oven chicken anon, i love anything that's tasty

>What is your favorite thing to cook?

Fried rice with vegetables (namely: scallions, pepper, carrots, green beans, and whatever else fits) because its so easy!! just cook what needs to be cooked then throw everything into a wok, spice it up, done.

>What are you cooking tonight?

we still have some leftover oven-baked potatoes and onion with pljeskavica, so we don't need to cook, but I'm thinking of making either fish and chips or some creole rice tomorrow.

that sounds great! is oven roasted chicken really that easy? how do you make it?

>beef stew with bone marrow

Sounds nice, how is that like?

nothing beats instant ramen and reheated pizza

Anonymous 40138

I like Thai curry, red or green.
It's flavorful enough that you can stuff it with tons of veggies as filler.
I love that combo of sweet, spicy, and salty.

Anonymous 40142


Yes it is tasty, and easy to make.
However, part of why it's easy for me is that I've been doing it for a while so I can estimate how long it needs to cook.
Here's what I basically do:

>thaw chicken parts, usually a whole breast or whole leg, the bigger the size the longer it takes to cook.. pat dry if wet

>puncture chicken with fork or knife about 5-10 times in different places depending on size (lets juices and blood flow out easily)
>rub some salt and a bit of oil over the chicken
>you can also clean and prepare some potatoes if you want some baked potatoes as well
>preheat oven
>now put chicken and potatoes in and after 20-25 minutes, turn the chicken and wait for another 20-25 minutes
>in the last 8-12 minutes, check if the chicken is cooked, if it is cooked, add in finely chopped: garlic, ginger, onions on the chicken
That's basically it. You may want to put melted butter instead of just oil, and add in other spices as you want.
Maybe on your first few tries you should be watching over it to make sure nothing gets burnt, and at the same time get a feeling of how long it takes.
For me, I get to do whatever I want while waiting for it to cook. I would cook this for a bf, and they don't have to know how easy it is.
The drained fat/oil (some of it per dish) can be used for frying or to make soup-based dishes or even gravy if you want.

>beef stew with bone marrow

>how is it like?
Pic related is how it generally looks like. I have to boil the meat for a long time to make the meat soft and tender to chew. The marrow is very tasty.

Anonymous 40143

>instant noodles and egg
top tier food and a favorite of mine specially on rainy/stressful days

How do you make your pljeskavica? It sounds great and I'd like to try it.

What would you say is the difference between normal curry and thai curry?

Anonymous 40144


>reheated pizza
>she doesn’t just eat leftover cold with a bit of ranch dressing
Low tier lazy foodie

Anonymous 40150


Fried rice, sashimi, mashed potatoes, cheesecakes…food is great.
Leftover veggies smothered in sauces mixed in with spice-coated/marinated chicken or tofu
I ate out because I didn't feel like cooking today. Maybe tomorrow it'll be a poor man's shoyu since I have all the ingredients for konbu but no meat or veggies at the moment.

Fuck. Lumpia, sisig and bibingka represent. I love the threads on /ck/ decrying the alleged abomination above.

Any tips for cooking Thai curry? I make Japanese curries because of the convenience of roux and Indian curries because I already have the spices.

sage 40151

Ha! I never knew there was another miner with the same ethnicity as me. I thought I was the only one.

Anonymous 40152

>difference between normal curry and thai curry
The spices, indian and japanese curry use more cumin, coriander, and turmeric. While Thai curry uses lemongrass, ginger, and fish sauce.

I just use premade paste and coconut milk that I can get cheap at the asian store.

Anonymous 40201


I scanned my favorite Thai curry recipe (the instructions are cringey but I swear it’s good). I also have a separate recipe for making your on Thai curry paste if you’re interested.

Anonymous 40202


Anonymous 40203


Anonymous 40207

I use something sort of like this
I've never bothered with cilantro because i hate it, and thai basil is annoying to find.
Just a pound of pork/chicken, 50grams of paste, a whole can of coconut milk. And a couple tablespoons of fish sauce and sugar at the end. Usually with zucchini or cauliflower because they soak up the sauce real well.

I never put potatoes in curry because your serving it over rice anyway.

Anonymous 40217

I’ll put tofu, bamboo shoots, broccoli, and red bell pepper in mine. IMO lemongrass makes the biggest difference in flavor, but there’s only one place that sells it and it’s 50/50 on whether it’s in stock or not.

Anonymous 40262

my god that beef with bone marrow looks like a piece of sin itself, so good. ill definitely use the chicken recipe, thank you!

its an long recipe but still fun. its good to bake with more than 1 person, and make lots of it for family dinners.
you take minced meat (pork and beef mix, about 300g from each, feeds ~4 very hungry men) 3 onions, 1 garlic "head", some pepper, some bacon (like 50g), and some (4-5 medium) potatoes to fill up the "oven pan" (forgot the name rn) and whatever spice fits.
>mix onion (only 1), bacon, garlic (all in very small pieces), the meats, salt, pepper, (and whatever spices you think fits) with some oil (1 ts),
>Mix it all together with your hands
>put the mix in the fridge (preferably overnight, but 2-3 hrs is already enough).

then after waiting the time you want to wait:
>im unsure on how much to preheat the oven, but i think 150c? i recommend asking someone who knows knows their way around the kitchen
>cover the oven pan in a fine coat of oil
>cut the potatoes kinda country-potato like, make sure to leave the skin on them bc it tastes great
>cut up the rest of the onions in long slices
>spice the potatoes and onions (i like adding turmeric to the potatoes, the guy who taught me prefers adding mustard but i find the taste too strong), then put them on the "pan" (dont add salt on them though, makes them shrivel up. you can add salt later on)
>get the meat and form burger shapes with them, i reccomend making each burger the size of your palm.
>place them on top of the potatoes
>throw it in the oven and let it bake for 2ish hours, check here and there to see how its going and take out sooner/later if needed

disclaimer: this recipe is balkan, so they might have some different spices they use. i know mine never tastes like the ones the guy who taught me do (they still taste really hecking good), because he uses serbian spices in it.

Anonymous 40287

thanks for the recipe!
i'm saving it and i'll try it out as soon as i can

Anonymous 47427


but Jolly Spaghetti(TM) is the epitome of spaghetti. nothing will top this.

Anonymous 51863


I love Jollibee’s/Filipino-style spaghetti.

Also love Japanese spaghetti napolitan, so I’m just not a pasta purist in general.

Anonymous 70156


I just got hold of some exotic sweet potatoes (Japanese and non-Okinawan purple), any good recipes to use them with?

Already tried making a drink out of them, it was great.

Anonymous 70164

I got some silken tofu for the first time. I'm not experienced with cooking tbh, but I already opened the self stable pack and I need to use it (scrambled like 1/3 of it w a fork to see how it mixes). How do you use your silken tofu? I was thinking of just mixing it with porridge or something. The raw taste was kinda vile though.

Anonymous 70177


try making ube halaya! I love this stuff. goes well on toast and ice cream.

Anonymous 70180

Is it like taro?

Anonymous 70248

That looks delish and will do great as cake filling, thanks for the tip!


Never had Taro, unfortunately…
Looked it up, Boniato = Orange Sweet Potato. It’s not like that, Boniato is more like ‘a vegetable that is starchier than taters and tastes kind of sweet’, Purple Sweet Potato (Stokes variety) is more like a fruit that just happens to grow underground. It tastes like a flower, like you think perfume is gonna taste when you drink it in preschool.

Anonymous 70955

Scrambled tofu!

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