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Anonymous 40275

are you learning any new language?

Anonymous 40276

Yeah, I'm learning to verbally communicate in brainfuck.

Anonymous 40282

I would like to learn russian but i'm not sure where to get good educational material for it

Anonymous 40286


I've been learning Russian myself.
Start by learning the cyrillic alphabet and how they sound.
Then learn numbers and expand your vocabulary with anki.
While doing that, /t/orrent some PDFs concerning grammar and cases.
Once you're confident, interact with other russians.

Anonymous 40292

German. God, it is the Devil's language…

Anonymous 40309

Why is that?

Anonymous 40314

I'm currently using the free online Russian course offered by the news company RT, the link of which I cannot post, and I recommend it.

Other resources I use include memrise for vocabulary, and the book Teach Yourself Russian, which I torrented like the anon above suggested. There are plenty of sites and PDFs available, and it's one of the top 10 languages worldwide, so there is no dearth of resources.

Anonymous 54577


I want to learn czech cuz of pic related,but will probably never bring myself to cause am lazy

Anonymous 54598

That's the best reason for wanting to learn czech I've ever seen. godspeed

Anonymous 54618


learning mandarin chinese.

Anonymous 54619


我目前正在学习中文 :3

Anonymous 54621


فارسی دارم یاد میگیرم

i noodle around a little with french too. i'd also like to pick up russian some time this year, and latin some time this life.

Anonymous 54672

Evet. Been practicing Turkish on duolingo.

Amazing. Did she leave any writings behind, or do you just want to scour old news archives in their original language?

Anonymous 54701

Been learning Japanese. I used to study Russian but I stopped and forgot everything except for how to read cyrillic lol

Anonymous 54754

i'm interested by how many miners have an interest in learning russian. what's motivating you guys? for me it's for travel - i've got plans to take a really long trip on the trans-siberian railway, making lots of stops and detours along the way.

Anonymous 55575

Technically been learning English for some years. Spanish is my 1st language.

Anonymous 55583

Ive been learning English and French. Russian is next, then Japanese.

Anonymous 55595

Enjoy your shitholes and drunk men

Anonymous 55598

Yes! I’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo since before Ms. Corona and have recently added Scottish Gaelic to the mix because of all the spare time I have.
I had my doubts about Duolingo actually working until I started to be able to understand Spanish memes and YouTube comments a few months ago. Shit’s fire.

Anonymous 55707


Going to do Polish, Dutch, German and Arabic at uni this year. wish me luck miners

Anonymous 55844

Please be careful anon.

Anonymous 56064

im learning english, italian and japanese. i want to learn french too one day

Anonymous 56065


I've been attempting to learn hiragana, I'm still just revising on it since katakana scares me

Anonymous 56083


Anonymous 56084

There's no reason it should scare you. After learning hiragana it may actually seem quite easy.
The trick is to enjoy learning it and to practice writing on paper.
Seeing your work after you write them down gives you a boost of confidence and makes you want to learn more.

I'm learning Japanese as well. Grammar is giving me a headache.

Anonymous 56085

What scares you about katakana? It's kanji that are the real pieces of shit.

Anonymous 56160

Look online for a pictograph chart you like or make your own image/phrase to remember the katakana. It helps a lot with the similar-looking characters.

Anonymous 56162

Yeah, be careful if you ever visit Russia. A friend of mine had a good time there, staying with a college girl, but one time, a sketchy car pulled up behind them as they were headed into their dorm, and they had to make a run for it. The dorms all have body guards at the lobbies for that reason.

Anonymous 56248

i'm casually learning japanese, chinese and russian for entertainment :D

Anonymous 56249

thanks for the advice, guys. it won't be my first time visiting, though, and i'm going with open eyes.

Anonymous 56360

You can learn to recognize all the kana in an afternoon or two if you can concentrate hard enough.


Anonymous 56866

My first language is English. I'm currently studying Japanese and Spanish. I don't have any hobbies so language learning is what I devote most of free time to now.


I'm working on grammar using Bunpro and Jalup. I can recognise most of the Joyo kanji already as I went a bit crazy with Kanji Damage a while ago. Recently I switched to WaniKani as it has sound and more vocab. My speaking is really bad so I started taking lessons with a tutor going through Genki 1 as I want to get used to saying the things I already know. I keep meaning to pick up Assimil and finish book 2. Eventually I want to start doing fan translations of manga when I finish N3. I also want to take the N2 exam. Maybe N1 too after reading lots.


I'm learning lots by speaking with a native speaker and watching movies together. I need to finish Assimil (old) for this too, as well as Destinos, and review the tenses. After that I will do all the other Assimil Spanish books. I want to take the C1 exam for this and then C2 after several years of immersion.


I learned a lot of French at school. I don't feel like I have forgotten much and was casually tested at B1 before. For some reason my high school didn't teach us the liaison so I will have to really work on that with a tutor. I want to take the C1 exam for French.

Probably Italian will be language 5 as I love the sound it and it should be too hard to pick up after Spanish and French. I think I will aim for B2 minimum. Other languages I want to try are Korean, Arabic, German, and Russian. I tried Chinese a tiny bit before as I find Chinese culture really interesting, and while the characters were easy for me, the tones were impossible beyond recogising them individually. I will probably try again in the future. Unless I particularly fall in (or out of) love with any of these, I will aim for about B1 for them all.

I also want to do a Masters in translation, hopefully with some interpreting courses too. I come from a very monolingual place so being (somewhat) close to being a polyglot is pretty exciting for me.

Anonymous 57054


>tones were impossible beyond recogising them individually
I hate how hard Chinese tones are. 14 and 40 sound the exact same to me when spoken fast. Their language is a "short sound / syllables" language while I'm used to "long sound" languages.
This made Japanese pronunciation easy to learn and their words are also easy to identify but I don't understand Japanese grammar at all.
I'm a dum-dum, sobs.

Anonymous 57056

Japanese grammar is the hardest part for me. I have to keep relearning the same things over and over. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to remember all the te forms and I still don't feel completely confident conjugating a new verb when speaking.

Anonymous 57059

I've been learning Ukrainian since last year, but after I get to a more advanced level in it, I want to learn hassaniya arabic and MSA

Anonymous 57060



Anonymous 57067

Haha, I actually think it was the lack of output actually. Since I started using Bunpro where I have to fill in sentences with the right conjugation, I'm remembering things a lot better. Before I would just skim over the te conjugation in texts, recognising what it meant but not paying attention to how it was formed. I also wasn't speaking much at all and things are solidifying in my head more since I started with a tutor.

I do think input is important but maybe more at an intermediate level.

Anonymous 57068

I should add to this, I mean output that is corrected instantly. Talking to yourself or writing things that are corrected later (or not at all) is not helpful. Same for input where there is too many unknown words.

Anonymous 57071

I really wanna learn Korean, but I am too socially anxious to go to a language school and interact with other people (and it also takes way too long that way). Can I learn it myself somehow?

Anonymous 57073

Yes, try Assimil.

Anonymous 57076

Just remembered I bookmarked this a while ago:


The whole tumblr is a nice read, by a college student taking a year out to study Korean. It progresses to her studying interpreting in Korea.

Anonymous 57077

any esperanto speakers here?

Anonymous 57081

> Their language is a "short sound / syllables" language while I'm used to "long sound" languages.
Actually this, this is one of the reasons that I don't like Asian tonal languages in general, I prefer long words, I don't know it just sounds better to me.

So I kinda like tonal languages outside of Asia, mainly those in Africa like Somali(Well we can debate all day if it is a tonal or pitch accent language but I digress) and Wolof

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