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Anonymous 40600

Is it true most men are closet pedos who simply don't act on their desires?

Anonymous 40601

wat??????? no nigga

Anonymous 40606

All men in all cultures throughout history married and/or had sex with little girls as a cultural normal and it's only changed very recently and not even in every countries.
The only way it's NOT true is if somehow, all men in first world countries simultaneously evolved to no longer be attracted to children precisely went it became taboo to do so.

Anonymous 40607

That doesnt mean all men are pedos.

Anonymous 40608

Lots of them would probably at least be hebephiles if they could get away with it though.

Anonymous 40614


>and it's only changed very recently
not really

Anonymous 40617


Thinking something is cute != wanting to fuck it.

I got some serious conversation about it with my bf, he thinks that cats/muffins/kids/etc are cute, but surely he don't want to fuck them for example.

Hovever most men don't know how to act with something they think is cute. My dad for a long time said that he don't want any cat around his house, but i stashed garbage-place cat anyway. He always screamed that he doesn't want this "fluffy faggot", "furry ass flea transporter", etc coming close to him or even set a paw into bedroom.

But when i moved out with cat he was uterrly depressed, and 3 days after literally cried, so i had to leave cat with him.

Anonymous 40618

A tiny minority of men are pedophiles, meaning sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.

But almost all men are hebephiles, meaning sexually attracted to post-pubescent teenagers, which in some countries like America is legally and culturally not distinguished from pedophilia.

Anonymous 40658

>t. Lurking male pedophile.

Anonymous 40659

t. hard projecting "transwoman"

Anonymous 40675

The average age that people marry and have children has gotten older as time went on for various reasons (mandatory schooling, two-income(wide-scale female employment) families, etc.) What was a "young lady", "maiden", etc. and of eligible marrying age back when is a "teenager" now, and off limits even to guys who aren't that much older than them (graduated high school and/or in college.), mainly because of a perceived difference in maturity between them and the guys.

There is a biological factor in this. Younger=(on the whole)healthier= more fertile= more and healthier kids to pass on your genes.

So, basically, marrying at younger ages was more usual than it is now because of various causes related to the changing times, but it being usual in the past to marry at going ages (as it seems to us now) doesn't excuse people(of either gender) coveting (/lusting over) children decades younger than them because of their age. Not back then, not now.

Speaking (or typing) about this, it reminds me of an interesting story I read about a related topic that happened in the Victorian age. I'll link to it here.

Anonymous 40676

*The diminishing number of rural jobs (people being employed as farmers) and rise of industrial (/urban) jobs has to do with it too.

Anonymous 40677

Not really, I know a lot of men that are heavily into "thicc" and "milf" types.
I believe that being into people much yeonger means you are either austistic (and so because of your retarded mental age relate to parthers much younger), abusive (into the power dynamics), or an old fart in denial of his age (wants to relive its youth).
The normal, healthy thing is to share life with someone that is on your same level, at least mentally and physically.

Anonymous 40691

But what's the actual difference between having sex with a kid and with an adult if cast the laws invented by humans aside? Modern kids at 13 have bodies of 20+ adults, while adults at 20+ have minds of 13 year old kids.

Anonymous 40702

> Modern kids at 13 have bodies of 20+ adults

No they don't. You don't stop growing until you are in your actual 20s. Girls might start their periods and grow breasts during puberty but their hips won't be wide enough to give birth then, especially considering how big babies' heads are these days.

If fertility was the real reason, guys would be more turned on by stretch marks and "droopy" breasts. Nothing is a better indication of the fertility of a woman than having already given birth.

Anonymous 40704

But isn't having sex a slightly different thing from making a baby?

Anonymous 40705

True but your lizard brain isn't thinking about having for fun

Anonymous 40709

I think most people are capable of feeling sexual attraction for people of any reproductive age.
Historically, people didn't have the luxury of choice. That doesn't necessarily mean that men always married young girls; Frederick II married Constance of Aragon when he was 14 and she was 30.

Anonymous 40729


But it is a myth that it was ok to marry 12 yr olds. that kinda only happened in nobility for inheritance and political reasons and was mostly agreed upon that the consummation of marriage came way after the marriage when the bride was of age.

Why would medieval men impregnate a 12 yr olds? knowing that even for 18 yr olds the death rate during child labour was high as fuck? even taking morals out of the equation it is still not very smart move. Its probably way more normalized to sexualize children today than in old times, in old times it was preferable to have kids work in their teens rather than giving birth and having sex or dancing semi naked while singing pop songs about drugs and anal.

It would have been more normal to see 16+ yr olds doing it but in most of the world now 16 yr is above age of consent and is not abnormal to think of a 16 yr old teenager having sex, its only more abnormal to think of them marrying at that age.

Anonymous 40768

How can you know? Those who sexually interested in children are often immature themselves. They rather need a love doll to play with than a wife to bear their children.

Anonymous 40773

So basically that 12 yo myth is pushed by pedophiliac scrotes who want pedophilia to be normalised in modern day society

Anonymous 40774

Nigga, the most fertile and safest years to have a child for a woman is between 19 to 30, not anything below that. Childbirth complications is more common for girls under 19 than it is for that target range, which makes sense because the adult and feminine look becomes pronounced during this years. It doesnt add up.

Anonymous 40778

childhood mortality rates used to be extremely high. maximizing the number of times a woman is pregnant maximizes the number of children who will ultimately make it to adulthood. waiting until some arbitrary later point after she is able to have children just wastes possible opportunities.

it's not relevant in our modern context, but in a more primitive condition it's most efficient to have women reproducing asap. maybe younger girls have a higher likelihood of complications, but younger people also heal more easily.

Anonymous 40782

Even so thats a lie as fuck because it was around 16+

Anonymous 43828

Pedo moid detected.

Anonymous 43853


Anonymous 43907

don't want to sympathize with the moid who was in this thread but he had a point imo, pedos shouldn't be grouped with guys who are attracted to 16 yos and such. have you seen 16 year olds? it is morally reprehensible for adult men to seduce them because they are easy to manipulate and more impulsive/don't consider the long-term consequences, but on a physical level they're not much different from adult women. calling them pedos just helps actual pedos play the "victim of society" role and make it seem like a sexual orientation thing when they are actually not only morally corrupt but also mentally fucked up aberrations.

Anonymous 43929

Maybe not all men but my experience with discord and online games has taught me that the amount of men who are into extremely young girls is kind of terrifying. Because of the anonymonity of the internet they seek out their desires in ways they never would irl and it really shoes their true colours. My friend sounds about 18 and the amount of older men who try to hit on her because they think she is underage has made me think the male sex is a failed species.

Anonymous 43930

I haven’t visited 4chan in a while and so I went on /b/ and saw a thread of men saying they wish they could fuck 16-year-olds. I wish they would all die.

Anonymous 43935

That's what you get for going to /b/ in 2019

Anonymous 43975

I mean, biologically a 16/17 year old girl isn't that different from a 18/19 year old girl. I think most guys don't feel attracted to underage girls but if you took the time to read old literature or talk to older relatives the attitudes concerning what is underage and was moral and was not was completely different back in the day.

Anonymous 43979

>grown men being legally allowed to have sex with children is a good thing
Please leave.

Anonymous 43987

Begone moids

Anonymous 45160


if theyre past puberty then yes theyre going to have secondary sex characteristics such as developed breasts, curvy frame etc, things which men are specifically designed to find attractive, it's just a biological fact so let's not delude ourselves and get all outraged. And let's not act like it's not true for men too. a 16-17yo guy is underage but hes going to have muscles, be tall, have pronounced features etc. from a biological standpoint puberty is what defines us as being adult. All other definitions of 'adult' are socially constructed. Social definitions of adultness serve to protect those who may be biologically matured but are still psychologically, socially and economically vulnerable. So no men aren't just walking around thinking about how much they'd like to spank a high schooler, it doesn't work like that, so stop thinking everyone who acknowledges this fact is a 'closet pedo' or whatever. Look, there's a difference between getting a boner and wanting to fuck something, it's totally different. if you take a high school aged girl and sit her on the lap of any normal non-pedophilic male, hes gonna pop a boner, it's not a matter of choice, you don't get to choose when you get a boner it's automatic. i've literally studied boners so i know. And that does NOT mean he's a pedophile, that's a totally different set of traits with a totally different mechanism to it.
Clinical study supporting what I've said:

And yes I'm a WOMAN

Anonymous 45161

>i've literally studied boners so i know
please share more of your boner wisdom with us, what you wrote is interesting

Anonymous 45209

>He always screamed that he doesn't want this "fluffy faggot", "furry ass flea transporter", etc coming close to him or even set a paw into bedroom.
I 'm dying with laughter over here

Anonymous 45239


Anonymous 48081

this seems accurate.

Anonymous 48107

So other men murder pedophiles because they're…projecting?

Anonymous 48131

Actually true

Any guy I’ve met who strongly prefer much younger women fall into one of those three categories. Trying to fuck or getting into a relationship with a 13-17 year old is too far for the modern 25+ man, even if we assume they were attracted to the minor and you were to take away legal reasons to not do it (dealing with teenager shit, no potential second income, pissed off parents who probably hate you, all of your buddies roasting you for being a pedo for the rest of your life).
Any man who would still go for a young girl despite these massive downsides just wants someone who will be impressed by him and knows he’s too pathetic to get anything else imo.

Anonymous 48307

Probably. The people who get the most outraged are the most guilty of all. It would not surprise me of the majority of men were interested in fucking girls 14+ and up. Any lower than that would be unusual though.

Anonymous 48324

That was the norm for the majority of history.
Nature wants fertility, it doesn't care about brain development.

Anonymous 48333

natural =/= good
fuck off, pedo

Anonymous 48334

I didn't say it was good

Anonymous 48364

>much ancient civilizations were fucking little girls
Retards. Most civilizations not based on Islam had similar rules to each other. You could sometimes marry young girls, but to fuck them was either prohibited or extremely shameful. Usually this was done so the man could call dibs early, and wait till they grew older. The want for virgins and younger women was to ensure the child born was the man's, and not anyone elses.

Anonymous 48370

What about cavemen?

Anonymous 52033

>Probably. The people who get the most outraged are the most guilty of all
By that logic, what does this say about the majority of posters in this thread?

Anonymous 52034

Pedophilic moids are a huge part of the reason why I want to kill myself. All the mansplaining is really making me contemplate it tonight. How are you attracted to a literal child??

Pedos need to be castrated or shot in the head. I have no remorse for them and I get joy when I see stories of pedophiles getting raped or beat up almost to the point of death in prison. Pedophilia is not normal and never will be. GTFO if you think pedophilia is normal because you're fucking retarded and sick in the head.

Anonymous 52037

no its not you sick piece of shit

Anonymous 52074

most men aren't pedos, but from what i gather nearly all men are hebes/ephebs. there's a lot of publicly available data from tinder and okcupid about how the most attractive age to men stays at 18 (as low as the app's dataset goes) their entire lives and it was eye opening. i don't think it's malicious necessarily, just that men stay retarded and are genuinely happy with a girl working minimum wage who just wants to play video games and eat mcdonalds with them forever. peter pan syndrome is very prevalent in men from what i can tell

Anonymous 52083

Agree with most of this apart from the Peter Pan syndrome. Men want someone they can control. They know what they are doing. A young woman who doesn't know any better or isn't very smart (even if just due to age) is perfect for them. The Peter Pan thing is an act.

I dated a few creepy older guys when I was younger and didn't know better and they all made a point to emphasise how much smarter they were than me (and how dumb I was in comparison) so they could control me and pressure me to do things I didn't want to. Men these days still think they are entitled to a female slave and will do anything they can to make it happen.

Anonymous 52084

i'm sorry you went through that. i don't know though… i think a lot of men really are satisfied with a girl who's as perpetually adolescent as they are, which is why you have so many men in their 20s on discord with underage league of legends gfs or whatever. i don't think they're acting, they just really don't care. i know some men are into milfs but men in general seem to be not really affected by the ambition or security a woman has.

Anonymous 52089

I don't think they are acting, some just inherently entitled and believe their partner should look up to them. Women their own age demand that their own feeling and needs be acknowledged but men don't like that and so don't date them.

Anonymous 52090

that could be, i think usually it's more so that they're losers and that women their age don't want to date a dude who just plays video games and lives at home. guys have no problem dating women who do the same, at least my ex-bf didn't mind that i'm a neet

Anonymous 52106

>there's a lot of publicly available data from tinder and okcupid about how the most attractive age to men stays at 18 (as low as the app's dataset goes)
I wonder what the most common/preferred age for female users was.

Anonymous 52108

Not her but I saw a similar study (maybe it was the same she saw) and for women it tended to be about 5 to 10 years older than themselves. So for examples for 20 years old women they would seek men between 25 and 30. For 30 years old women it was men between 35 and 40. And so on.

Anonymous 52175

What separate men from boys in civilized society is men know self-control and don't act on a whim. If you take a critical look at not only raising of children but also education big part of it is to train self-control and teach delayed gratification. This is why boys have harder time in school when it comes to rules anything they are forced to do is polar opposite of what their feelings tell them to. If there is not a civilized society boys grow into savages. This is why when you look at some random african shithole you will find a child militia usually consisting of teen boys and led by a young men whos only concern is how they can kill the men of the nearby village and rape the women. Savages. Right now you are probably asking yourself
>how can a trust a man if they are all like this
Let me tell you. Knowing what is acceptable and what not and trying to suppress it is better than avoiding and burry your head in the sand. The most greedy, evil or narcissistic people don't realize they are greedy, evil or narcissistic.

Yeah 15 yo with D cups may be 15 and underage but your brain tells you otherwise. When I made a family tree as a kid a noticed 2 of my great grandmothers had their first kid at 16. One was second marriage to my great grandfather whos first wife died from spanish flu. He was twice her age. This was normal less tha a 100 years ago and in a history term this is like yesterday.

Anonymous 52177

I feel bad for straight women.

Anonymous 52216

Yes this is very true. When society allows it and there is no stigma they all become pedos, just look at Muslim countries, that is men's nature. We need eugenics to fix men's pedo genes.

Anonymous 52232

This is because of Muslim culture. In many other cultures, they do not exhibit such behavior.

Anonymous 52237

>In many other cultures, they do not exhibit such behavior.

yeah keep kidding yourself. people love to blame culture, race, religion, geography literally anything before admitting that the real problem is men.

Anonymous 52239

Yeah, all men are pedos and awful, is just a fact

Anonymous 52242

imagine believing this when all matriachies in history practised pedophile behaviour.

Anonymous 52255

I'm being sarcastict lol

Anonymous 52256

I'm not sure if all matriarchal societies did (and it may depend on what your definition of "pedophilia" is) but when people act as if sexual assault, abuse, and child abuse are "male problems" it disregards and invalidates the boys and girls who were victims of predatory and abusive women.

Anonymous 52257

Is almost as if there is assholes in both genders

Anonymous 52259

Of course there are, hence why I say it's not specifically a "male" problem. It's just that there'd be some people here who believe any and all of society and humanity's problems are because of men.

Anonymous 52260

no it's just that statistically most violent/sexual crimes are committed by men.

Anonymous 52264

is that still a good reason to generalize all men or forget about boys/guys being abused by women? From what I heard, the statistics of domestic violence are getting pretty close to each other.

Anonymous 52266

That isn't an excuse to disregard the experiences of victims of predatory and abusive women, especially when claiming to care about abuse victims. 2018 statistics show that in the United States, more black men were arrested and incarcerated for violent crimes than white men - according to your logic, this means that violent crimes are a "black male problem", disregarding what anyone who was the victim of a violent crime committed by someone who wasn't black, male, or a black man has experienced. The "x problem is entirely (group)'s fault" approach is simply refusing to acknowledge reality.

Not only boys who were abused by women, but girls who were abused by women as well. Apparently their experiences don't matter, since that situation invalidates their conveniently easy "men are the entire problem!" narrative.

Anonymous 52267

Exactly, even if it sounds memey the problem is because of S O C I E T Y.

Anonymous 52279

i was sexually abused by women but i still understand how statics works.
the issue that you're describing is us centric, meanwhile men commit sexual crimes proportionally more than women world wide. i think what you described is more of an economic issue than a race issue. i think unless white men and black men has the same living conditions you can't make the race analogy.

funny how i never said anything about disregarding the experiences of victims of predatory women or denied the existence of predatory women, you're just offended by basic pattern recognition.

Anonymous 52285

no, anon. "men" are not a coalescent entity. children aren't sexy to non-pedophiles lol

Anonymous 52289

>the issue that you're describing is us centric, meanwhile men commit sexual crimes proportionally more than women world wide. i think what you described is more of an economic issue than a race issue. i think unless white men and black men has the same living conditions you can't make the race analogy
This is a fair point, though there are likely other countries besides the US where there are statistical differences in crime rate between ethnic groups, the point being that a specific act can't be labeled a "(group) problem" if people not within that group are equally capable of committing that act.

>funny how i never said anything about disregarding the experiences of victims of predatory women or denied the existence of predatory women, you're just offended by basic pattern recognition.

Nothing in my post targeted specifically you. It was in reference to the sentiment expressed in past posts, like >>52216 and >>52237, saying "we need eugenics to fix men's pedo genes" and "admitting that the real problem is men". These particular claims do, quite literally, attempt to erase the fact that there are female pedophiles (and abusers of all kinds) and that there are victims of female pedophiles.

Anonymous 52411

This is a pretty pathetic argument all around but men statistically commit the most crimes overall in pretty much every category. Even if you use the argument that female pedos exist they still don't to the extent of males, and female pedophiles are often victims of abuse themselves, unlike men.
inb4 but some men are abused too!
Yes, but not significantly enough in comparison to women. You can keep going on with this circular logic though.

Anonymous 52413

> female pedophiles are often victims of abuse themselves, unlike men.

Really? that bias is peeking over there. Not defending pedos though, neither moid or woman.

Anonymous 52420

>unlike men
This simply isn't true.

Anonymous 52421

yes, but you can't deny that, broadly, men's sexual attraction tends towards youth (see: terms such as barely legal, the "teens" genre, general trends of age differences between couples, old billionaires with the stereotype of young hot wives). The opposite of this does not exist for women. If anything, women seem to tend towards older men.

Anonymous 52422

teen is over 2x more popular than milf, the second most searched term

Anonymous 52423

Yes, men commit more violent crimes than women, and no one in this thread has denied that. The past posts in this thread have been explaining why it's imperative to respect people who were also the victims of female abusers and predators, rather than erasing them by pretending that violent crimes are solely a "male" issue. Did you not read any of the posts prior to yours before replying?

Likewise, there will always be men attracted to older women and women attracted to younger men, even if they aren't the majority group within their sex.

Anonymous 52426

Well, this works out doesn't it? (As long as both persons are adults obviously). If men and women both preferred younger partners, or both preferred older partners, it'd be hard to find a partner.

Anonymous 53345

i guess men do like younger girls, but not pedo tier. that's biologically unlogical since they're not fertile so it wouldn't make sense. but yes hebephile is true for MOST men, but i know guys that wouldn't mind a MILF either.

altough i like younger guys, or a guy that looks young but isn't. but i am just an outlier i have noticed as my friends always call me a pedophile for thinking some random 19 yr old guy is kinda hot.

Anonymous 53346

>my friends always call me a pedophile for thinking some random 19 yr old guy is kinda hot
As a 19-year-old, your friends sound weird.

Anonymous 53347


If you just show men pictures of women and don't tell them the age and have them rate attractiveness they will always pick girls age 14-16.

here is a chart from OKcupid when the owner did statistical analysis on what ages men prefer by how long they look at profiles and who they want to message, All men of all ages want women who are 20 and the only reason the age of 20 is represented here is that is where it started and they don't have 15yos on the site.

It makes sense the healthiest age for a woman to have a baby is age 15-20 and that is the age most men want to fuck women

Anonymous 53348

to continue most men are not "pedos" in the sense that they want to fuck prepubecent girls, most men want to fuck girls after they have had their periods which actually does make sense, that's when apes find other apes sexually attractive

Anonymous 53349

>the healthiest age for a woman to have a baby is age 15-20
>most men want to fuck girls after they have had their periods which actually does make sense, that's when apes find other apes sexually attractive
Anon, watch out. Some posters here will accuse you of being a "pedo moid in disguise!1!" because you've cited… the average age of hormonal development in humans, and biology.

Jokes aside, I'd like to see a survey like >>53347 for women. I imagine the results wouldn't be vastly different.

Anonymous 53351


That is reasonable from an evolutionary perpective, men can have kids just find in their late 30s, women have far far increased risk of complications and birth defects after that age.

If you are a teenage girl it make sense to find an attractive fit successful male who is 10+ years older and can take care of you to get you pregnant. If you are a man of that age it makes no sense to fuck older women

Anonymous 53352

Screen Shot 2020-0…

women are most attracted to men of their same age as shown by who they view and message on dating sites

it makes sense as men can have babies at ages when women cannot and women judge mates more on how they can provide and how successful they are vs. age since age is not the main criteria for if a man can have kids

Anonymous 53353

>it makes sense as men can have babies at ages when women cannot
Lol anon you should educate yourself more.
After 30 guys have increased risk of getting retarded children. Their sperm start to lack quality.

Anonymous 53354

not at anywhere near the rate women do, men can have kids just fine after 40 or 50 when women literally are in menopause

on average a 45-50yo man having a kid with an 18yo woman is going to have a more healthy kid with less problems (or even have reproduction be possible vs imposssible) than a an 18yo man having a kid with a 45-50yo woman.

men can donate sperm after age 40 women are not allowed to donate eggs after 25>

Anonymous 53355

Damn, you should hide yourself better, scrote.
That's not how this work pathetic male. Quality of sperm decrease after 30, even if you can have kids after that age it's dangerous.

Anonymous 53356

Thanks anon, I needed this graph again to snap me out of falling back in love with a guy.

Men are incapable of being long term partners.

Anonymous 53357

>Anon, watch out. Some posters here will accuse you of being a "pedo moid in disguise!1!"
It took literally 24 minutes, kek.

Anonymous 53358

nope men in their 40s are fine to father kids

>Older sperm donors 'just as good'


NOT so true of egg doners of the same age!

Anonymous 53360

Anon-chan (and others who do this here), what is your goal in telling us that men will always prefer younger women (with proof of biological reasons)?

I can hypothesize:
>convince us to be trad and pump out babies asap
>turn us radfem/pinkpill
>push bi anons into being exclusively gay
>just make us feel bad for sadistic reasons

I always wonder.

Anonymous 53361

Why scrotes are not banned? I thought it's a women imageboard.
You really should hide better. This bait is weak af.
Sure, try came up with another ideas to fuck children pedos.

Anonymous 53362

>I thought it's a women imageboard
Indeed, entailing that women are allowed to share their honest ideas, opinions, and beliefs here. Why frequent a female-only imageboard to engage in critical discussion if at any point when a woman disagrees with you, you accuse her of secretly being a man? Your ideas will never be challenged nor will you ever experience an opportunity to learn and grow from other women's contributions if you pretend that all women who think differently are men.

Anonymous 53432


My mom gave birth to me at 47 and I had no birth defects or anything of the sort. My life is good. Dumbasses like you should be extinct already.

You're probably the kind of little baby bitch that gets pissy if the woman is older than the man in the relationship, which is also the case for my parents. Dad's 3 years younger.

Eat my entire ass, pedo-enabler.

Anonymous 53447

Don't fly too high to the sky, anon.

Anonymous 53477

Almost no women can give birth at that age with a natural conception and delivery. It does not count if she had to use IVF. Men can have babies into their 50s without issue

Anonymous 53478

Screen Shot 2020-0…

odds of having a tard baby by maternal age

Just ask Sarah Palin…

Anonymous 53479

No they can’t. This is a myth. Men have a biological clock as well and their sperm gets dusty from 35. The difference is that the woman’s uterus can correct the problems of old sperm. Why do you think old creeps are always knocking up 20 year olds.

Anonymous 53480

nope men in their 40s are fine to father kids

>Older sperm donors 'just as good'


Anonymous 53481

If you can’t have a baby, nature is trying to tell you something.

Anonymous 53482

Anonymous 53487

Yeah idk why we're arguing about this? It's true and intuitive that women's fertility and chance of having a healthy baby decline at an earlier age than men's. Women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have, as time passes, more of them become damaged/unhealthy (see >>53478). Men age too but they make new sperm every single day. The time needed for cellular damage that causes shit like down syndrome just isn't there. For older men my understanding is that fertility begins to decline at least initially due to reduced sperm count/motility, not lack of quality. It's not a sexist myth trying to justify 55 year old dudes impregnating 20 year olds, it's just the truth.

My genuine question about this is why would evolution steer men's sexual preference towards girls who are nowhere near done developing physically, but more importantly emotionally and neurologically? Why would teenagers be the most fit mothers when they notoriously have impulse/emotional/social/decision-making difficulties due to their developmental stage?
I might be retarded. But I raise this question because I think it's possible to acknowledge the very real and logical reasons why men are attracted to younger women while still pointing out the influence of pedophile/porn culture on people's unconscious preferences. I'm not gonna ree about men preferring women in their early 20s or even jailbait, but I'm also not gonna pretend that a bunch of men rating photos of 14-16 year olds most attractive says something about the inherent nature of male sexuality. You can't divorce that from culture's affect on what people find attractive, and I'm still actually curious, does that preference even make evolutionary sense?

I don't think we should accept at face value the assertion that because muh fertility, men just are scientifically biologically innately most attracted to girls who are both not developed enough to be the best mothers and who are at an age where many are vulnerable to being manipulated/coerced/traumatized by having this kind of relationship with someone much older than them.

>If you just show men pictures of women and don't tell them the age and have them rate attractiveness they will always pick girls age 14-16.

So? This says just as much about what people have been conditioned to find attractive as it does about an underlying biological preference for that specific age range. And I'm sure that male OKcupid users truly represent a balanced cross section of cultural experience… but of course they don't because it's a group biased towards internet users and probably other factors.

I'm a fucking retard but I really feel the need to push back when I see people treating study findings as some sort of objective truth.

Anonymous 53489

>why would evolution steer men's sexual preference towards girls who are nowhere near done developing physically

Pedo cope

Anonymous 53513

they just want to have the uper hand and the last word, their fragile ego demands them to allways be the better ones. Plus, they project all the romantic reject they got on strangers telling them they will eventually get to knoe their "suffering"

Anonymous 53514


this is real, it is nut a niche fetish, it is very common. I guess that the actual biological benefit is what you just seid:
"an age where many are vulnerable to being manipulated/coerced"
The ability to easily manipulate or even phisically dominate a young woman is what makes her atractive in male eyes.
Remember, men dont need to risk anything to be fathers, they can just rape you and leave you, they can do these a hundred times without having anything to lose. The woman is the one who got to do everything if the bastard decides to disapear, even if he stays he doesnt risk his life by getting pregnant. With this exposed, what do you think? they will go for the most suited partner, or rather they will go to the one who is unexpirienced and vulnerable? This is the same reason why rape happen so much and almost only is males raping women. Man desire from the bottom of their instincts do use us and discard us, it is the easy way for them. Only emotionally mature and honorable men get to grow up and becamo lovely and suporting partners and fathers. We were born this way, vulnerable, and they were born their own way, with the desire of using, abusing and leaving for the next pray.

Anonymous 53566

By your logic being emotionally mature means going against your nature for men. Which is the opposite of emotional maturity. If what you said is true being emotionally mature would mean just wanting to rape children for men.

Anonymous 53568


We all have a terrifying instinctive side. Life is killing or getting killed. Is the way it is, it doesnt matter if the implications may soun awfull. Man are born with this temptation within their nature, getting what they want by force, naturally being mature means deciding to do the best for everyone. That bullshit of being yourself just means being an animal moved only by instincts and desire, not moral, admiration or spiritual well being.

Anonymous 53571

Yeah, certainly a jail is were you will find more emotional mature people by your definition. Go defend the devil elsewere satan

Anonymous 53577

You know, I always saw it as creepy how similar is the logic that posters use here to the one that posters in /rk9/ use. Like, you could take the exact same problem and both /rk9/ and CC would spin to make it seem that the other gender is evil, using practically the same line of thinking.

Anonymous 53746

Peak fertility in women is early-to-mid 20s, not 15-20, anon. That’s when women on average have the most available eggs, healthiest babies, easiest births, and most biological desire. I’m not sure if this thread is full of trolls or what…

I can pull up the studies but it’s pretty well known in the medical world that early teen pregnancies have significant risks associated with both the baby and the mother.

The average man isn’t naturally attracted to teenagers. This is just societal conditioning in the age of incels and the internet. Most men who are offline, living their lives in reality and not on the computer all day consuming media, they don’t think about it like this at all. Obviously men who trawl dating sites 2 hours a day in between binge watching copious amounts of hardcore porn are going to be attracted to teenagers, and maybe those men are increasing in volume as society becomes more and more polarized.

Anonymous 53748

depends what you mean by pedo do men find pre pubescent children attractive god no, after puberty younger girls can be attractive but they are insufferable to be around and sex is more mental than physical so age is defiantly important when it comes to wanting to fuck someone

Anonymous 54100

You're on here.

Anonymous 54452

I think they end up like that because of their porn addiction

Anonymous 54479

hajnal line.png

it is true of most places. western europe was the sociological anomaly (and this article says parts of se asia had similar marriage patterns)

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