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Making up a new identity Anonymous 40854

>Have you ever lied about your past?

>Have you ever made up a new identity for yourself?

I'm considering doing this.

Anonymous 40855

May I ask why? I hope everything's okay.

Anonymous 40856

Yes, everything is fine. I guess I just don’t identify with my past anymore if that makes sense. I don’t like talking about it as I feel it gives the wrong idea of who I am now. I’d prefer just to forget about it all. I really like the idea of thinking of an idealised version of myself and then becoming it.

Anonymous 40879


Anonymous 40886

Tell me more

Anonymous 40898

I hope u are safe and happy. love from ur secret /b/itchie on yo side

Anonymous 40905

Русаб луиза.webm

What do you mean?

> Get a new fb/twitter/rest online shit

Nothing wrong.
> Get new friends, tell them lies about past
Why? They can't really became friends if you don't trust them
> Change name, get new id, settle in another city
It's too tiresome.

> regards, tranny

Sudoku is the only way.

Anonymous 40909

I don't use social media but everything else, yes. I'm more of a loner anyway so it would only be acquaintances or a bf/gf.

Anonymous 40910


> acquaintances or a bf/gf.
Dating is for fun, not for bullshit history lessons or something like that.

Like, who care if a bf was abused bullied nerd in school, when he is robust chad with own business right now?

Past is past. It happend before, but right now everything is diffrent. It doesn't exist right now, so what's the problem, lol? Even if you was known as a whore who blows for weed, everything is diffrent now.

Anonymous 40930

I have a fantasy about just driving away and leaving behind everything. My family, my friends, my future. Just starting a new, and thriving in somewhere where no one knows anything about me. Obviously I can never do this, but sometimes this temptation lulls me to sleep at night.

Anonymous 40931

I'd recommend reading How to Be Invisible by J. J. Luna. There's plenty of PDFs out there. Although I don't agree with everything Luna has to say, parts of it can be useful. If you followed the book to a tee, you would have no friends, no hobbies, and no life, so don't do that. But it can be helpful when it comes to hiding who you were. If you're obsessed, you would change your name, delete all of your social media, and move across the country. There you would be able to make new socials and friends under your new name, and, provided you don't tell them where you came from, you'll be home free. Just don't initiate a missing person search. There's no better way to mess up than by having your face plastered on every milk carton and police station across the state.

Anonymous 40938

How old are you, OP? I conceal my true nature and lie by omission to the few people I come across, but I think that's fairly common.
It's a lot easier to make friends when you already have them. It's also easier to explain you are trying to improve/mature than it is to lie to cover your tracks and keep consistent. It's certainly possible to start over as a new person and leave your past self behind, but it'd be very difficult.

Anonymous 40941

Because I've spent much my of life sitting indoors on my own sometimes my voice would sound American when I was speaking, this was a source of great shame as I'm British. Anyway, when someone asked me if I was American one time I told them my mum was Canadian.

Also I gave a fake name to a farmer after I was caught trespassing by her earlier this year.

God, I'm such a flipping rebel and I don't think this is the sort of thing OP meant.

Anonymous 40944

Late 20s.

Anonymous 40946

I have this as well! It's sooo annoying when people don't believe me when I tell them where I'm from. They always say "but you don't sound British" then 5 minutes later "oh, wait, I guess you do". Like shut up and listen to me?

I've thought about doing the same tbh. Also considered accent classes. Right now I'm living abroad and learning the local language. Planning on switching to that completely when I can.

Anonymous 40949

Anonymous 44099


>Leave family for "reasons"
>Homeless in car for 2 months
>Live in shit suburb for a year waiting on employment for better job
>Change name and ditch everyone who ever knew me
>Enter new job as a completely fabricated person
Eventually made up with family and ditched the alias after about 2 years.
It's easy if you're willing to commit. That means NO ONE from your past is to remain in contact and you better have reasons prepared if asnyone asks why. I also left at the drop of a hat and had no time to prepare which resulted in pic related being almost everything I owned.

Anonymous 44108

Fuck off moid.

Anonymous 44624

>girls can't have tools
suck my dick

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79611

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