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Anonymous 40947

How many orbiters do you have right now? It's just 2 for me (;一_一)
There was another guy but he told he doesn't want to be with me because I lie too much (o-_-o)

Anonymous 40948

4 full orbiters (that each think they're special to me) and another 4 or 5 casual orbiters that I ghost half the time but that I could easily convert to full orbiters if I could be bothered.

Anonymous 40951

One. Maybe more of a stalker. It’s weird because I haven’t seen or spoken to him for 5 years. I don’t even social media he can stalk. Yet he tweets and makes videos about me and seems to think I was in love with him or something.

Anonymous 40952

proof or larp

Anonymous 40953

Stupid question but how do you tell the difference between a genuine friend who happens to be male and an orbiter?

Anonymous 40956

if its on discord its an orbiter

Anonymous 40959


Anonymous 40966

I used to have them but I don't as much anymore. Maybe 4 or so at my "prime". I have noticed I don't realize I have orbiters until someone else points it out to me so who knows how many I have had at this point.

Stacy leave

Anonymous 40967

Active orbiters? 3 main orbiters about 4-6 mid tier orbiters (regularly talk to me without any reciprocation) and infinite white knights. I wouldn't be able to keep count of all the people who orbited me and gave up or message me occasionally, hoping I've changed.

All online. In person I'm practically invisible. I wish I could trade all of them for even one irl friend.

Anonymous 40968

How the hell do you all have so many ? I don't think I've ever had one.

Anonymous 40969

Are you guys talking about irl guys or internet orbiters?

I have two guys I'm friends with in real life but I wouldn't call them orbiters. I don't know.

Anonymous 40970

Zero. I don’t have any male friends, so no orbiters for me.

Anonymous 40974

You type like a lolcow frequenter

Anonymous 40975

2 orbiters, i think.

And last, but not least, at least 1 cyberstalker.

Anonymous 40984

I think I don't have orbiters. Even in my group discord with around 40 active posters I'd say, everyone refers to me as the local aunt and nobody ever paid special attention to me. I guess it's because everyone knows I have a boyfriend, nobody ever crossed any lines or showed any special interest. On the other hand I've had people stalk me in an mmo but that's only related to my ingame character so that hardly counts.

Anonymous 40987

They might be making stuff up? And by the way, this thread makes me afraid of befriending guys lol.

Anonymous 40990

Just talk to lonely guys on the internet and say how lonely you are and how two of you are alike. And poof - the guy starts thinking there is some delicate connection between you and perhaps he is somehow special to you.

Anonymous 40997


Anonymous 41001

Yeah I'm pretty sure most of the people saying they have a bunch of orbiters are just larping robots or trolling to piss off lurkers.

Anonymous 41003

they're not orbiters if they're from the internet, so stop flattering yourselves

Anonymous 41005

I think I had one, but it felt weird so I stopped being his friend.
He was nice but he'd call me cute when we hung out and always seemed to be low key hitting on me.

On the other hand I am currently orbiting a guy myself. Or it's mutual and we're both too awkward and cold to fully admit it. Either way.

Anonymous 41010

>he'd call me cute when we hung out
um that's not lowkey he was hitting on you

Anonymous 41074

I once had a stalker who was able to know stuff that they shouldn't know about. Like where I went and who I'm with. When that person knew whenever I had phone credits to make SMS messages and calls with, was when I genuinely got creeped out.

Anonymous 41081

I had three irl orbiters, one of them moved out and the others I won't see so often anymore since I am changing jobs

Online I have a few that come talk to me with meme or something but I ain't about that so I end up ghosting them most of the time.

irl orbiters are much better, it's so lovely that they bring you chocolate milk and find excuses to talk to you when they see you. Gotta get some new ones.

Anonymous 41092

goddamn its just like they say… the larpers are all posting with each other, just like the saying that all these 50yo pedos are rping on omegle with other 50yo pedos….. just nature following its course, but still absolutely stunning to see with my own eyes.

Anonymous 41106

What does orbiter even mean? Is someone courting you or a glorified slave?

Anonymous 41113

You're all disgustingly manipulative
No better than m*ids

Anonymous 41115

It's the fault of m*ids. They shouldn't let themselves be manipulated.

Anonymous 41117

Yeah, that's basically how I understand it. Someone who courts another but especially if they know it's not reciprocated yet they still pursue.

Anonymous 41122

I reckon most of these along with OP's post are just larps.

Anonymous 41221

5 million and counting

Anonymous 42063

Whenever I get an orbiter I ghost them.
I don't want that type or attention and I don't need the validation.
They're incredibly mentally ill and annoying, I don't know why anyone would ever want to be orbited.
Seems insecure, attention whorish and slightly manipulative to want them.

Anonymous 42078


3 irl atm, but not sure how many online as i’m not sure what the distinction is between follower and orbiter when you stream 🤔
how tf does everyone here have so much? not to be rude but i thought most of this site’s frequenters were lwk neets lol

Anonymous 42095


Why are people responding to this? It's clear this post is bait

Anonymous 42096

3 atm. It feels really good to have them pay for my things. I find the hardest part to break them of when they get to close, cant have them acctually thinking they can make a final move!

Anonymous 43278


Are they still a orbiter if you accidentally have sex with them when you get really tequila drunk?

Anonymous 43281


Nope, you fucked up

Anonymous 43288

t. orbiterlet

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