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High school popularity Anonymous 40992

Were you popular in high school?

If yes:
>What are you doing now?
>How has your popularity affected your life?
>How do you feel about it looking back?

If no:
>Who was the most popular?
>Where are they now?
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?

Anonymous 40999

nope. I was an invisible loser.

the most popular girl was skinny, blonde, pretty, good at sports, had one of the 'hottest' boyfriends. all the teachers found her charming too. she wasn't a bitch or anything either which was nice. can't say the same for company she kept though. she married the boyfriend and they have a few kids. they're farmers.

I can see why she was liked tbh but there were moments when I disliked. one afternoon our class was put on hold for around 15 minutes because she was crying about an argument she'd had with her boyfriend and of course the whole world had to stop revolving whilst she made a scene. lmao but no hard feelings towards her now

Anonymous 41002

I went to a sort of weird high achiever highschool(which I dropped out of lol) where everybody was mostly academic focused and there really wasn't much of a hierarchy.
Maybe there was and I was just too much of an outcast to realize I was being left out, but it didn't really seem like it. I don't know what happened to any of those people. I'm sure many of them are dramatically successful by now compared to me.

Anonymous 41036

No, I transferred to another high school my second year. I already had a friend there so I thought along the lines of "I have one friend already so there's no need for me to try socializing".
I didn't bother talking to anyone and no one bothered talking to me for the most part either. I didn't pay attention to anyone else aside from my friend so I don't know who was popular or what they're doing now.

Anonymous 41050

not. but:
>some girl i split up with early on in hs for various reasons.

>married to this ugly dude with a kid. dropped out of her

college. we're both only 20. she seems happy but damn son i wouldn't have expected that from her (and from my pov it seems miserable. i'm secretly glad she's growing into yet another basic disney loving marvel obsessing harpy)

>ultimately hollow; i wish i hadn't let her bitching and nagging and general awful attitude of her and her cronies get to me.

Anonymous 41054

Due to how my countries high school works we didn't really interact with people outside of our class much so I'll only speak about my small class of 17 people. I was the girl with the best grades but I was friends with pretty much everyone. Guys always kind of ignored me though. The concept of "popularity" is not really a thing here I feel, we were all friends with each other more or less with some drama here and there because we were high schoolers.
There was only one incident that would indicate just how much guys ignored me, one of the guys in charge of making the t-shirts we would all wear on the last day of school forgot to put my name on it. He was genuinely sorry and bought me a beer but ngl it did hurt.

Anonymous 56780


Anonymous 56784


Nope, I wasn't. I was/am the ugly loser with pimples that didn't even had top grades. Now that I am in college things are almost the same, less pimples and less fat I guess.

>Who was the most popular?

My class was very big, +35 people. All people there were friends or at least in one of the two major friend groups of the year. So there was the group of girls and the group of boys, and they would match together. Funny story: the most popular girl (quite pretty, rich and excellent grades) used to be my best friend in middle school. She peaked and became a Stacy and I got fat. Yeah, I'm bitter.
>Where are they now?
Most of them in college, university o whatever you call it.
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?
Well, everyone was part of those big groups, I guess it really shows how little effort I put back then in order to be nice to others, study or make friends. I probably hated them way more than they did care at all about me. They were actually really nice to me sometimes. All this is very disappointing to remember, having in mind I was cool in middle school.

Anonymous 56799

>Who was the most popular?
There were a few popular girls. They tended to dress sexy and be loud, especially around guys.

>Where are they now?

Most of the dumber ones are stay at home mothers (not saying all stay at home moms are dumb, this is just how things worked out from my school with the popular girls). Some went to the capital and seem to work boring jobs now. Others went other big cities and also work boring seeming jobs. Only one is in a vaguely exciting job but it's not one I'd want for myself.

>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?

I can see why I wasn't popular, I had really bad social skills and was super quiet. I think some of them might have been mean to be out of nowhere because they had their own issues.

Anonymous 56854

I went to two high schools. I was fairly popular in both schools considering I was looked up to by younger students because I was in the school council, an honor student and (attractive); few girls had confessed they were insecure of me because they think I have it all-beauty and brains but honestly, I've always been insecure and no amount of compliments can change it as I always look up to incredibly high standards I can never achieve. Anyway,

>What are you doing now?

I have a college degree in a medical field. I lived a lay-low life when I got into college, I deleted all my socmed accounts after graduating high school.

>How has your popularity affected your life?

I'm an introvert and kind of regret hanging out with the popular kids in high school, it gave me the leverage to even be known more. I hated being given attention I didn't want. I struggled being "different" to other popular kids only because I was less sociable and had niche interests (but niche in only in normie standards), I was sent to the principal's office for not being cheerful or unenthusiastic while in class lecture. I was not invisible. Even outside school, I was being watched upon and talked about.

>How do you feel about it looking back?

I still feel embarrassed every time I think about how many people who I never even met or talk to know my name, age, family, where I live and other personal details. I've suffered anxiety and paranoia since-it drove me to becoming a total shut in.

I never really wanted it. Kinda my fault though because I was an academic achiever and ran for a position in student council but tbh, I only needed it for family validation lol

Anonymous 56855

before any grammar nazi attacks me, i just proofread everything now and I cant edit my reply anymore, before anything else, English is my 3rd language.

*niche only in normie standards
*nor enthusiastic
*nor talk to

Anonymous 56900

No, I wasn't popular in high school. I was one of the most quiet kids and a weeaboo with a small circle of friends.

>Who was the most popular?

The more extroverted ones were most popular. The ones who got elected as class and student representatives (dunno what's the correct word for it in English) and always participated in school activities.

>Where are they now?

Leading normal lives like the normal people they are. Studying for Master degrees, some got married, some are working for well-known local companies.

>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?

The same I felt back then, namely nothing.

Anonymous 56903


I liked the way the character was styled (clothes and hair), Terabithia was a cool movie, but nope. I didn't like much Luna. I'm straight. Well, actually I didn't have any crush from terabithia or HP… well… this one.

Anonymous 56920

Not exactly popular, but I interfaced with the popular crowd occasionally. E.g. I was friends with older people they were interested in, and they were interested in me by association.

>Who was the most popular?

The smart jocks/cheerleaders.
>Where are they now?
Teaching high school.
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?
Nothing at all.

Anonymous 56921

>few girls had confessed they were insecure of me because they think I have it all-beauty and brains but honestly, I've always been insecure and no amount of compliments can change it as I always look up to incredibly high standards I can never achieve.

holy hell, that feel. i got fit and lost a lot of weight in high school, and since then, it's been all stares and compliments, but nothing could mend growing up in a broken home 40 IQ points higher than your classmates, always been an outcast by my own choice

Anonymous 57302

I was invisible in high school. I didn't know who was popular and nobody knew who I was. At least I wasn't actively bullied.

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