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Net Neutrality Action Day- July 12th Anonymous 4124

Just a reminder that the Day of Action for net neutrality will be July 12th.

Feel free to talk about the issue & your opinion. ITT.

Anonymous 4125

This scares the living shit out of me. So many businesses rely on the internet, it'll really kill a lot of them if ISPs start charging more for "packages" of websites people can use. Just the thought of having to pay 15 dollars a month to unlock a Youtube/Facebook/Twitter bundle is enough to enrage me for days.

Of course this administration (sorry Trump stans) doesn't care about how the little people are affected by this because apparently only the interests of giant corporations should be taken into consideration. It's also really disconcerting that a bunch of old as fuck politicians who probably don't even know how to rotate PDFs are making decisions about something as gigantically complicated as the internet.

Bring back the guillotine tbh.

Anonymous 4126

Why does shit like this come up every year? Who are these companies to think they can own, censor, and market the internet?I doubt it's gonna happen just like all the other laws and whatever the fuck else that have tried to get passed ever since the 2010s.

Anonymous 4127

actually net neutrality is in big trouble because of some of Trump's recent picks.

Now of all times is definitely not the time to sit back and assume nothing is going to happen. They keep trying because they're counting on us giving up like that.

Anonymous 4128

As for companies, every single ISP in the world will absolutely choose to give premium to large corporations if they can pay. The web isn't decentralized anymore and it would be easy- too easy, with the recent FCC picks and the Trump administration's outlook on net neutrality.

It's very easy to sit back and let everything happen but it's absolutely worth spending ten minutes or so clicking a few buttons and letting the govmt. know that we want an open web.

Anonymous 4129

I thought about Trump in office after I posted that. What's ironic is that the internet and free speech majorly helped him win the election. I want to know how the meme alt-righters and 4chan users who worshipped him so much are reacting. If this happens, this would be a major backfire because I know damn well despite all the memes, the majority of the user base is against true capitalist ideas. That's how it used to be as well back when people went to protest in their V for Vendetta masks saying, "fuck the man".

Anonymous 4130

>having to pay 15 dollars a month to unlock a Youtube/Facebook/Twitter bundle
If it came down to this, I don't think I would mind it tbh… The popular sites are pretty trash anyway.

> clicking a few buttons and letting the govmt. know that we want an open web
Like I get that, but I honestly don't think governments care. Isn't Theresa May trying to make government censored internet a thing? I have a feeling like they'll just make laws regardless of how the "citizens" feel.

Anonymous 4131

Unless you've got any better ideas I think I'll keep screaming at my government since it's the only tool for change currently at my disposal.

Anonymous 4132

This would be taken a lot seriously by people if a number of the featured sponsors didn't have references to "porn" or other questionable sites, I'm sure.

They'll argue it's for security but like…. Governments always try to enforce things without fully understanding how networking works. People already doing naughty things online will keep doing them regardless of what bullshit is put into practice.

Anonymous 4133

> If it came down to this, I don't think I would mind it tbh… The popular sites are pretty trash anyway.

I think you would care if sites like crystal.cafe literally wouldn't load as quickly as a Netflix page just because the webmaster can't pay up…

Anonymous 4134

I read your post 3 times and have no idea what you're trying to say.

Anonymous 4135

i want whatever ur on

Anonymous 4136


I completed misinterpreted what this thread was about … I'll get my coat

Anonymous 4137

I'm worried because it'll come down to the US and UK owning the internet with no regard to foreign laws and policies, which will completely decimate EU businesses and startups who rely on the internet to conduct business. In addition to that, our already flimsy privacy laws will be in jeopardy because big yank companies will be able to blackmail EU lawmakers into doing whatever they want and loosening tax policies or else they cut off their services. Even now they're only able to keep them in check thanks to people like Margrethe Vestager who loves to piss on them every chance she gets (for good reason).

Not to mention all the professionals who only got somewhere in life thanks to free resources on the internet, which includes those libertarian wankstains who support privatising the Web yet owe everything they know about trading and the 'free market' to Demonoid and pirated books responsible for overinflating their egos.

Anonymous 4138

Anonymous 4139

so anything significant happen?

Anonymous 4140

Seems like all the mainstream media has clamped down on any mention of this, at least here in the UK.

Anonymous 4141

BattleForTheNet put together an imgur full of prominent examples. Action was pretty widespread but sadly I don't know if it was enough without too much press.


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