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Anonymous 41245

what type is your dream bf

Anonymous 41246


Dream bf is just me but a cuter, smaller, man. If your type when it comes to personality isn't just your own damn self, what are you doing?
Pic related is a long boy since he's a model, but face wise? Perfect. He seems like a decent dude too, if social media means anything (it doesn't).

I'll "settle" on most of these though. The guy I'm into irl at the moment is South Asian and pretty extroverted, so he only meets the requirement of being small, but I'm obsessed regardless. And we get along somehow.

Anonymous 41248


Anonymous 41249

Pretty sure you gotta spoiler NSFW stuff outside of NSFW.

Anonymous 41250


Anonymous 41255


Anonymous 41256


Anonymous 41257

Screen Shot 2019-1…

>dream bf
Unironically, and guy that genuinely loves me and isn't infatuated with every girl or porn addicted. Yet to meet a single one. Incredible. Pic related totally my type though.

God, he's stunning. Such a shame these men have only been gay, in my experience. At least we can look at them.

Anonymous 41258

Anonymous 41260


How do I get an irl Akihiko bf?

Anonymous 41262

Idk but I just needed to compliment you on your taste.
If you're there God, I just want my protein bf who's obsessed with training and being strong enough to protect others.

Anonymous 41292


Anonymous 41294


is that luka magnotta

Anonymous 41296

The hair thining towards the ends freaks me out, it's like i can feel those split ends.

Anonymous 41299

Switch out the blond with black hair, then he'd be perfect to me.
Too bad that guys who look like this (and pose like this) are most likely gay.

Anonymous 41301


I wish

Anonymous 41342

Nta, but I reversed it, and unless he's using an alias, I don't think it's Luka. I didn't know who Luka was either and forgot to turn off safe search; I saw the body of the guy Luka cut up. I want to curl in a ball now. Thanks anon.

Link: http://hallofgaytwinks.blogspot.com/2014/10/eurocreme-aaron-aurora-and-misha-dante.html?zx=ace8037f97ea5349

Guy you posted also looks like he's wearing a lace front wig where his hair parts. My professor has a son who looks just like him, but overweight. Absolute cutie, but he doesn't know I exist and it would just be fuggin weird to say hi bc I'm taking his dad's class. He lives out of state most of the year now to rip.

Anonymous 41343

>I didn't know who Luka was either and forgot to turn off safe search
You're always meant to do a text search first, you never go straight to the image search. Next thing you'll be looking up lathe accidents or something.

Anonymous 41344

I did look up text search, and the first thing just said "charges dropped" and nothing really else about him.

Anonymous 41345


Best part of Apocalypse

Anonymous 41354

until one of the skinny little incels goes and shoots up a school, dipshit.

Anonymous 41357

>implying I'm not genetically fit enough for TWO people

Anonymous 41365

Anon we don't live in the stone ages anymore, a lot of tools can kill people without the need of strength

Anonymous 41366

>A man should be fit to kill other men, that’s what a man was man for.
Yeah, that's how civilisation got this far, endless and constant murder for any reason at all forever. That's why "murder capital of the world" is such a sort after accreditation for the world's great cities.

Anonymous 41367

What type is your dream bf?

Anonymous 41369

No, it's just logical since males can turn on their female partners. They can't be trusted, so best bet is to pick a weak one so you will either be stronger than him (for my fellow Big Bitches) or the damage will at least be less.
Also >>41357

And small men can learn martial arts, I met a tiny guy (as in 5'2") recently who does MMA and I feel threatened by him tbh.
Manlets can pull off harmlessness or power. It's really astounding.

Anonymous 41510


I didn't wanna post him because it makes me feel basic but same.

Anonymous 41520


Rurik Gislason

Anonymous 41529

anatomy of a fat d…

Anonymous 41531

I want to suck on his moobies and gently rub his belly.

Anonymous 41541

He looks like a human manifestation of a lion

Anonymous 42061


2D? Dimitri from Fire Emblem Three Houses is perfect to me on all levels.
The first time I have ever considered getting a body pillow of a fictional character because I like him that much.

3D? Kurt Cobain, Luke Eisner is Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.
I have a really big thing for boys with shoulder length hair.

Anonymous 42196


He's probably an asshole. But there's something about his hair and those eyes.

Anonymous 42225


Same as OP except mine is the skinwalker version of Jim with a thing for Native American culture.

Seriously though, it's actually scary how much Ian Astbury has a resemblance to Jim in both appearance and stage presence. He even performed with The Doors in the '00s.

Anonymous 42228


it hurts like a punch in the chest i could never have such beauty

Anonymous 42430

Is that the guy from Atypical?

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