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Are trans girls allowed here? Anonymous 41307

I recently discovered the place and I was wondering if trannies are accepted here. I didn't see anything in the rules about it and not many threads mentioned it, so I figured I'd ask here.

Anonymous 41308

get out

Anonymous 41309


Or maybe pay attention to the tone of the threads that do mention transgender people.

It doesn't bother me, but that doesn't seem to be the common opinion.

Anonymous Admin 41310

It's not allowed to out yourself as anything other than female.

Anonymous 41311


based terf/gencri admin

Anonymous 41312

What is gencri?

Anonymous 41313

gender critical

Anonymous 41314

Trannies are the wedge that people use to crack open the chan to men. Also fuck trannies y'all are screwing up sports for women and then hide behind your mental illness to avoid backlash

Anonymous 41315


Take your faggotry elsewhere

Anonymous 41316


I've never understood the point of this type of thinking. You say that you are a real woman, then go to a space explicitly designed for women to say, "BUT I HAVE A PENIS." You are nothing but a man exposing himself and congratulating himself on perverting the girls' club. If you were really a woman as you claim, "transgender" wouldn't even be the way you identify yourself here, but you do, every time, everywhere you go.

Anonymous 41317

I have nothing against trans women. I genuinely don't care about them or what they do, which is the ideal. I support the T in LGBT just as much as I support every other letter. As a queer woman myself, I'd like to be treated normally. Not worse than other people, not better than other people. Just like anybody else.
Trans women are women. However, trans women experience life in a different way than cis women do. They are not better or lesser for this individual experience, but they simply did not have the female experience all their lives. By "female experience" I mean growing up as a woman, living in society as a woman, developing relationships as a woman, and having the expectations that society places on you as a woman, which I believe is a critical part of what crystal.cafe is about: giving women a place to talk about the female experience without having that be tarnished by men or by people who don't know how that is like.

Anonymous 41318

>Transwomen are women.
What a meaningless catchphrase. If I asked you to define “woman” you probably wouldn’t even be able to give a straight answer.

Anonymous 41319

You can fuck right off, faggot.

Anonymous 41320

transwomen aren't women, they're transwomen.

Anonymous 41321

>trans women experience life in a different way than cis women do
"Trans" aren't women and there is no such thing as "cis" women.

Anonymous 41322

name one solution to these issues other than transition, quickly.
someone who identifies with the female gender.
cis women aren't women, they're cis women.
cisgender is an actual word, you don't really get to invalidate its existence because you personally don't like it.

Anonymous 41323

they identify as trans not by choice, but out of neccessity. it's the same reason why we shouldn't have straight pride or white pride. these groups have never had to fight to justify their own existence, so it's unneccessary for them to feel pride in these aspects of their identities.

Anonymous 41324

>a woman is someone who identifies with the female gender.
That doesn’t answer the question. Define “female gender” then. (hint: you can’t, because your ideology makes no sense).

Anonymous 41325

feminine characteristics, not just limited to fashion but also of thd body

Anonymous 41326

this is not a place for you, really. you will not find the support you want on an anonymous imageboard full of actual women. there are other places on the internet where you can find people with the same religious belief in 'gender' the way you define it, but it is not going to be here. there's no point in even asking those questions because everyone else operates on a completely different logic from you and your bubble.

Anonymous 41327

>me reading through this fucking thread

This is a gencrit forum, which you would understand after about 20 minutes of lurking, sorry transanons. However, to throw my shitty opinion into the ring, as long as you don't out yourself (read: respond with AS A TRANSWOMEN to every fucking thing on here, talk about ur HRT, act like a cross-dressing male on fashion/period/sex forums) you should be fine.

Anonymous 41328

>feminine characteristics
>of the body
You can’t “identify” as having feminine characteristics. Especially not a MAN with XY chromosomes. What does that even mean??


If you define “woman” by this logic, then butch women aren’t women. Women who don’t wear makeup aren’t women, women who don’t wear dresses aren’t women, etc.

You have yet to answer my question properly. You can’t even define “woman.” You’re just embarrassing yourself. Lol.

Anonymous 41329

transitioning physically changes the body
>if you define woman like that
literally said i didn't

Anonymous 41330

>transitioning mutilates the body in a way that won't make you become a woman

Anonymous 41331

explain how it is mutilation pls

Anonymous 41332

A man who takes estrogen is not a woman. An infertile man with gynecomastia and silicone in his chest is not a woman. A man with a frankenstein gash is not a woman. There is nothing about trans”women” that makes them women.

Anonymous 41333

you seem to be confusing biological aspects like chromosomes with gender. no one believes chromosomes can be changed. this is why the label is transgender not transchromosome.

Anonymous 41334

Gender is a social construct. Sex is real.


God finally someone is saying the truth about trans people. Trans women before surgery CAN’T be considered 100% women and transphobia is bullshit

Anonymous 41336

social construct =/= fake and invalid

Anonymous 41513


>name one solution to these issues other than transition, quickly.
Bullet in the head

Anonymous 41516

Violent moid detected.

Anonymous 41569

suicide rate.png

>name one solution to these issues other than transition, quickly.
Quickly, you say? The rope.

Anonymous 41570


But they're not hurting anyone!? Just leave them alone!

Anonymous 41572


It's not real.

Anonymous 41574

You need to leave. Now.

Anonymous 41588

Actually this.

I get it, when you say before sexings to a man "lol, btw i got penis also", but on fucking anonymous board why the fuck you do this?

> they identify as trans not by choice, but out of neccessity
Those who do that are not female by any chance, but they're just horny homosexual men with mental ilnesses and weird fetishes.

Anonymous 41609

I would say what gender you are is a combination of Primary sex characteristics (P), Secondary sex characteristics (S), reproductive organs (R) and chromosomes (C). It may seem kinda confusing but afaik it is pretty fool-proof. If you have at least 2 female ones and less than 2 male ones you are a female, if you have less than 1 for each gender you are intersex and if you have 2/2 you are a tranny.A man can cut off his testicles and grow out his hair for a somewhat feminine appearance, but he will still have male C and P, so he is not a woman.

Anonymous 41673


Anonymous 41677


Gender is made-up word.

Only sex matters.

Anonymous 41678


Anonymous 41680

Exactly. Anybody who has or had a penis needs to stay out.

Anonymous 41687

The obvious solution is therapy. Deep seeded mental illness won't be solved by plastic surgery lol. Transition is just their scapegoat.

Anonymous 41689

>Transition is just their scapegoat.
It's funny because transition hardly ever works anyway.
Most of them remain abhorrent as as far from women as they were before.
If anything I believe that the transition makes things work. It's like winning the lottery and discovering that being rich is not enough to achieve your dreams, a total deception (I'm not saying that the number of people who become happier after becoming rich is the same as the trans "women" though).

Anonymous 41698

Nah I'm just a proud sapphic TERF.

Anonymous 41988

Honestly I couldn't care less about trans girls or guys being here. As long as they don't say stupid shit they won't be detected so who cares.

Anonymous 41997

We might as well let normal men in here too then, as long as they don't act retarded, right? Fuck the site and its whole point, right?
If you want to talk to mentally ill men go to /r9k/. You might not care but others do.

Anonymous 42007

If you're a tranny, you're not welcome. The person who recommended it to you was probably shaming you for your penis lol

Anonymous 42012

men and women don't exist
gender is made up,it's bullshit
only penises and vaginas are objective
no one in this website is a woman for there is no such thing

Anonymous 42020

Trannies need to leave but contrarian, nitpicking retards like you should too.

Anonymous 42057


No, anon. See a therapist and love yourself for the boy you really are instead of trying to be a girl and spending thousands to look decent as one. Or be a trap. Whatever. You're still a boy, just a delusional one, so GTFO

Anonymous 42074

To be honest, she has a point. Biology gives inherent experiences, but to deny gender when it comes to trannies while being completely uncritical of it when it comes to women, especially when reinforcing and parading gender, is inconsistent.

Anonymous 42081

Like I said, nitpicking contrarians need to fuck off.

Anonymous 42082

Avoiding doublethink and having a coherent mind isn't contrarianism. If anything contrarianism tends towards exactly that.

Anonymous 42083

Lmao, this is what trannies really believe. Just fuck off to /r9k/ already.

Anonymous 42084

anon sounds more like a gender critical radfem

Anonymous 42092


Not the anon you responded to but I just wanted to say I don't consider you a woman and I really want you to leave already. We already made it clear in this thread that you aren't welcome here. Time to go.

Anonymous 42097

I'm not a tranny lol I agree with radfemanon

Anonymous 42099

ah okay, my bad. Well to any tranny reading: GTFO.

Anonymous 42336


Anonymous 42380

If society isn't going to validate your gender then it is fake and invalid. What do you think a social construct it? They live and die on the whims of society. These freaks just so happen to live in a time where it's easier to find other freaks and pretend they have more support than they do because they're zealots and will punish anyone who steps out of line.

Anonymous 42405

>heavy chains of masculinity

Anonymous 42411

I won't fall for your rhetoric. You people fuck shit up and then hide behind your mental illness exactly like you're doing in your post. Leave.

Anonymous 42419

I'm weirded out by how medicine treats gender dysphoria. We don't treat pneumonia by succumbing to it. Or depression. Or anorexia. Is it because it's more profitable to make dumb fucks cut their dicks off and install a barely functioning hole, sell them hormones and get "face feminization" surgery that also doesn't just feminize you but it changes features normal women would have too?
I'd also like to know, how can you "feel" like another gender? What, you like to conform to gender stereotypes that don't fit your assigned gender? Doesn't that go against feminism? This stuff is turning me into a terf and usually I'm not even that big of a feminist.

Anonymous 42420

We don't have the capacity to actually treat the condition in the brain as we should, so instead we have these half-ass measures that are supposed to make living with the condition easier. This is fine by itself; the problem arises when people expect others to pretend these measures are sufficient.

Anonymous 42457

They did some research but it got shut down pretty quickly. I don’t remember the name of the drug used in one of those trial though.

Anonymous 42462

images (2).jpeg

To your deleted post:
>hurr I'll continue posting in stealth in spite of you
Great. You sure showed me. I'm glad you have to hide and roleplay as a real woman because trannies will never be accepted here, outside your little inquiry thread.

Anonymous 42469

Wanting to be a tranny is a symptom, not the main disease. Treat the main trauma/mental illness and once you have a well adjusted human being the tranny thoughts will go away.
But the big pharma and feminists would rather have you stay mentally ill for the rest of your life. Makes it easier to shove bills and ideas down your throat.

Anonymous 42478

Prior to this post, that was the my only post in the thread. I think you're confusing me with someone else. I'm not trans and the entire point of my post was to point out that one cannot change sex.
I think you might also be confusing me with someone else.

Anonymous 42480

sad 1.jpg

I know I am super late to the party, but why do Transwomen always call themselves girls and not women, even though they are no teenager anymore?
It is super weird.

Transpeople should be treated for their mental illness and not be confirmed in their delusions. That doesn't help anyone.
You are born what you are and nothing will change that.

Anonymous 42505


A lot of transgender people use transgenderism as like a magic cure for all their issues, because they have misogynistic ideas of womahood like "women have it better at life cause uhhhh they can get laid easier" and similar. They think transitioning will solve all their issues and the trans cult perpetuates all these creepy trends and it probably makes these poor people think that such behavior is normal and even expected, I guess.

That being said, there are people who are actually sane (relatively anyway) and with actual gender dysphoria and there is not yet any real alternative to transitioning for the, kind of like there isn't some cure for homosexuality yet. Hopefully there will be one one day, but so far it is just much cheaper and easier to put these people on cross-sex hormones than to develop some hypothetical alternative treatment. The issue in my opinion 100% is that doctors are too care-free with giving out these meds. You cannot just walk into a hospital and ask for anti-psychotics cause you feel like you are borderline or for ritalin cause you may have add, but you can do that with hormones. I know a lot of really nice transgenders but I also know a lot of really not nice ones, I wish there was some medical procress in place to weed out these creepy ones a bit. But hey, gatekeeping of any kind would just earn you major boycott nowadays so unless this whole fad goes away you cannot really do anything unfortunately.

Sorry for this essay, I guess I just had a lot to say, hopefully at least some of it was helpful though.

Anonymous 42513

Any reason why there are so many trannies on Discord?
I basically stop to voice chat because of them.

Anonymous 42522


Vagina envy is real. Every man or women considers how life would be easier if they where born a boy or a girl

Anonymous 42531

again the use of girl instead of women.

Thank you ano, I know there is no other treatment, I have read a little bit about transition. The suicide rate doesn't drop down after transitioning. Trans people say it is because of no acceptance, but I am not sure about that.

It is just so alienating for me, because I have friends with mental disorders, none of them would be told that what they believe is okay and what they are doing to their body is fine.
One of them actually said something really interesting.
I can't quote her word for word but it was something like:
"If there was a friend of you, who believed he/she would be nearer to god (and so happier) if she cut eyes on his/her body so there would be scars in form of eyes left. He/she doesn't want to die, so of course he/she doesn't cut deep. Just enough for scars. Of course it will be a long process and it will be painful, but in the end, it will be worth it for him/her, because he/she finally will be happy. He/She knows it, he/she feels it. Why is this person not allowed to do that? He/She doesn't hurt anyone, he/she doesn't kill his/herself."
It not as cool as her, but I guess the main point is clear.

Anonymous 42533


I mean this is anecdotal evidence, but a lot of the nice trannies I met do get a lot better once they transition, but the weird degenerate ones usually don't, in fact I've seen a lot of them double-down on their misogyny and such. Problem is though that I feel like the "trenders" far outnumber the normal ones.

I guess ultimately the reason why trannies are just put on cross-sex hormones is that it's far cheaper. It's like, sure there is laser surgery that can mayyyyybe permanently change your eye color, but for most people the cost and the risk of going blind are just not worth it, so they just buy colored contacts instead.

I mean honestly, I would consider myself libfem but degenerates like these often make me reconsider. I'm so tired of seeing them only wearing fetish clothing and talking like they are 10 or from an anime. Those that transition for like a fetish will never be satisfied and those who just have some disorder or whatever usually end up fine, at least that's how I see it.

Anonymous 42540

All well and good, as long as they don't go demanding an atheist acknowledge them as a prophet.

Anonymous 42542

She's not allowed to because she lives in a society where that sort of behavior (mental illness) isn't tolerated. On top of that, her behavior (again, mental illness) is a slippery slope.
Good metaphor for our current LGBT problems if you ask me. Start by tolerating gays who hurt nobody, end with trannies who dictate how you should live your life in order to accommodate their mental illness.

Anonymous 42546

but gays at least don't push (for the most part) their gayness on you, by forcing you to call yourself by some arbitrary label they invented and altering your language and lifestyle so they can fit in. That's what troons want us to do, forcing us to be believers of their religion called "gender" and call ourselves "cis" if we're sane and using pronouns than don't apply or don't exist, destroying gendered spaces like sports, etc.
i don't think anyone really cares about mentally ill dudes playing dress up, it's more about their ridiculous authoritarian demands on everyone else

Anonymous 42547

True, but like I said, it's a slippery slope. It started with accepting homosexuality as an orientation instead of an illness, until it got us to where we are now. That's why you can't let a crazy person do whatever they want.

Anonymous 42553


same for the dykes smh, non trans fags also happen to have 4 times the suicide rate that normal people

lgbt is mental illness.

Anonymous 42559

no bashing, I know many gay and bisexuals and they are all nice.
I would say that lgb is fine but the alphabetical soup after this is just mental illness and snowflakes.

Trans people, Transwomen are often fetishists. I have heard them talking about giving birth is like an sexual orgasm for woman, because it is just a myth with the pain. I read that they can get PMS, which I just can't accept. Sorry, you can't get PMS without an uterus. No your hormones don't make you stupider because they make you more female. They call their medication titty skittles. They often put black women down and say to them, that they should be supportive of the trans movement because they weren't seen as women back in time too. Which is not only racist but super disrespectful of every black women who was raped.
Transmen are often rape victims, very young girls who can't handle the chances of puberty and hardcore futoshis.
The first two seek safety and want to be strong. They can't handle the looks they get nor being in their on body. It is really sad to be honest. The second will get better mostly after puberty. The first after good therapy.
The last one has read to many yaoi mangas and thinks that being gay is sooo much better. They want to be soft cute boys too. It is their fetish.

Anonymous 42566

I mean, it's the same shit. Most gays and lesbians went through sexual abuse or some shitty abusive relationship that left them scarred. The rest are acting out a fetish of wanting to be the little submissive girl or the manly man. Most of the time it always comes back to some trauma or obsession that they had as kids. Trannies are just gay fetishists on drugs.

Anonymous 42575

> Most gays and lesbians went through sexual abuse or some shitty abusive relationship
any source on that?

I don't think homosexual relationships should be put in the same box as transgenderism. Being gay was considered a paraphilia, yeah, but so is sadomasochism and a bunch of other stuff that is not considered 'abnormal' but can cause some suffering to the person if it's undesired. The suffering coming from being gay came from social and religious pressures that are almost absent now. The DSM is not a book on morality, things are only disorders if they cause suffering. Gender dysphoria on the other hand causes suffering by definition, so it will always be a disorder, not unlike the other kinds of body dysmorphias. imo moralfagging about gays and lesbians and trying to tie it to transgenders only gives troons more power to play the victim and make us accept their mental illness.

Anonymous 42580



everything lgbt is equally retarded for me, is all intrusive, based on fetishes and they force themselves on everyone else despite only being 3% of the population, its supposed to be about atraction which no one gives a shit anyways, but gays make it about culture and everything has to pass through their thought filter. I see almost no difference between a troon and a normal dude or a butch dyke, they are all genderspecials that are like walking on eggshells to be around. Almost every lesbian is a bpd and all gay males are exponentially more perverted and gross than regular males.

>The suffering coming from being gay came from social and religious pressures that are almost absent now.

yeah, and they are still mentally ill and killing themselves regardless, is almost like homosexuality its corelated with mental illness simptoms even when they live in accepting inclusive communities and have equal rights and conditions as straights, ummm…

Anonymous 42581


*between a troon and a regular gay dude or a butch dyke

Anonymous 42585

But there's no such association though, we need hard numbers to say that. I agree that pride circus gays and dykes are mentally ill clowns but there's plenty of men and women who feel attraction towards the same sex and don't make a spectacle out of it or base their whole identity on being gay. "Lgbt culture" is the worst thing that happened to gay people tbh

Anonymous 42591

>all gay males are exponentially more perverted and gross than regular males.
I Learned this the hard way. Cannot unlearn the things I know now….have you even seen /r9k/ and /b/?

Anonymous 42594

no, leave

Anonymous 42595

Is that an acknowledgement that at least 80% of crystal is larping men who haven't outed themselves?

Anonymous 42599

I ain't afraid of no scrote

Anonymous 42608


worse, i´ve met homosexual men irl

Anonymous 42611

>went to an infectologist
>the doctor isn't there yet
>only two gay men and me at the clinic
>the start chatting
>as far as I understood they didn't know each other
>mfw both of the go to the toilet together
>mfw I could even hear the sounds

It is amazing how gay men can't behave at all. I have a theory.
>men are always seeking sex 247
>women aren't
>that's a powerful check and balance for straight men to not fuck 247
>two gay men however won't have this constrainment and they'll both want sex all the time
It's gross how they are promiscuous and don't seem to care about diseases or hygienic at all.

Also they are always intrusive and think they should be our BFF just because they are gay. I remember two of them on the college who thought they could slap ouy butts just because they weren't attracted to us. I don't want to sound homophobic at all, but all my experience with gay men were terrible, I just wish they were funny and cute like in manga and TV series.

Anonymous 42617

I agree with you about women keeping male sexuality in check.
In fact I believe the both the perversion and les "bpd" >>42580 mentioned is caused by this. It isn't necessarily homosexuality alone being mental, but the effect of gender differences in action.
Women get invested very quickly, are more sensitive, etc. which I believe is generally present in a lot of lesbian relationships. All these feelings result in higher rates of domestic abuse.

All this said I'm bisexual and am always open to a girlfriend. Despite it sometimes being ~toxic~, I think only same sex couples can truly connect emotionally.

In fact I'm sure a wife would be healthier for me since men are frightening to me and I'd be more likely to beat a male partner than female heh.

Anonymous 42625

This thread is an eyesore with that tranny flag in the OP. S a g e

Anonymous 43170

Why are you even bumping this subhuman garbage of a thread? Just let it die

Anonymous 43663

Do threads even die on cc yet? I thought they just go lower down the list.

I thought I was done seeing this thread and I'm done with transgender people. For people who claim to break gender roles they are the ones who reinforced it even more! I touched a Barbie doll once so I'm a girl. I touch a toy truck so that makes me a boy. No it doesn't. I saw someone post about genders is just another way for girls to say "I'm not like the other girls teehee." It's true.

Anonymous 43664

are you a male? Get out

Anonymous 43707

You should go back to your tranny discord. Nobody cares about your excuses.

Anonymous 43708

were you born with a penis or a vagina

Anonymous 43711


This thread restored some of my faith in the world.
Thank you based crystal.cafe anons.

Anonymous 43732

i guess you have to stay steadfast to some material bearing of gender since that is the very foundation of this website

Anonymous 43752

The material takes precedence over the psych.

Anonymous 43773

Gender isn’t real. Sex is.

Anonymous 44181

There is /lgbt/ for you on 4chan. Go there, penis-haver.

Anonymous 44183


Daily reminder a woman lost her job in the UK for saying this man is a man and not a woman. This is what trans"women" support.

Transwomen are men. Transwomen hate real women.

Anonymous 44184


His name is Gregor Murray and he is the local Labour councillor in Dundee, Scotland. Don't point out he is a he or he'll get you fired. He got Maya Forstarter, a charity worker, fired for calling him a he and refusing to play his pronoun games.

This is what trannies support. Trannies are evil men. Trannies are men and they deserve to be hated and shamed like the evil men they are.

Anonymous 44248

Troons are cringe but do you think your mantras aren't?

Anonymous 44254


I think if a woman loses her job because this man doesn't want to hear he's a man, tranny "acceptance" has gone too far.

Anonymous 44310

the sheer amount of butthurt this causes is hilarious

butthurt moar

Anonymous 44338

>doesn't bother to transition
Genderfluid whackos aren't trannies.

Anonymous 44386

I don't give a rat's ass whether you have a dick or a vag, anon, unless you are going to be a bitch like this fam


Anonymous 44438

>trans girls

Anonymous 44938

kill yourself

Anonymous 44958

Statistically speaking that's pretty likely

Anonymous 44962

Nobody sounds particularly scared, moid.

Anonymous 44965


Anonymous 44990

>h-haha you’re all sooo b-butthurt
You’re trying really hard to seem unbothered, aren’t you?

Anonymous 45054

Anonymous 48373

most likely

Anonymous 48423

Lesbian relationships have a higher reported incidence of domestic violence for the same reason married police officers do. Consider this a riddle

Anonymous 48428


Anonymous 48437

This was debunked

Anonymous 48442

Fucking go nuts, this website is overrun by males anyways.

Anonymous 48456

Since when?

Anonymous 48537

>Are men allowed here?
>Are men who wear dresses allowed here?
>Are men with mental illness allowed here?
>Are men who have no functional genitalia allowed here?

Anonymous 49369


Anonymous 49539


Anonymous 49553

So you showyourtru…

>Huh, this message board have different feel than your usual cha-
>Get to this thread

Anonymous 49580

Anonymous 49581

Lurk moar, scrote.

Anonymous 49584

And who might those degenrates be?

Anonymous 49586

the fuck were you expecting on an all female board?

Anonymous 49587

I would tell you to kill yourself but chances are you want to do it anyway.

Anonymous 49599

>Bu-but I cut my penis off for this!

Anonymous 49638


Leave troon. Your fetish posts are not welcome here.

Anonymous 49702

Not to really bring up a dead thread, I know I'm tired of seeing I've been thinking about this topic.

>Can anyone who openly confesses as a MtF or anything other then as a female post?

The short and simple answer is NO!

Personally I have conflicting thoughts on transexuals. But I don't want to encourage them on this board. I have my own personal reasons and they been similar stated before. I know there are exceptions. To everything, but I don't want to hear the exceptions, this is about the majority.

They are still men. They are raised as a man. Been treated like a man for what I'll assume of a majority of their life. I do not come to cc to hear a males introspection, I could go to any imageboard for that.

Encouraging them will just encourage other males! It's bad enough about the attempted raids and this site getting occasionally leaked. But I feel if we encourage open MtF then it will bring in males questioning their sexuality. To males thinking it's okay to post.

Once again I come here to cc to get (what I think is) other women's perspective not a males. If I wanted that I would post elsewhere. As far as I am concerned they can make their own imagine board.

Anonymous 49809

"30.4 percent of same-sex cohabiting women reported being victimized by a male partner, whereas 11.4 percent reported being victimized by a female partner. "

" Data from previous studies investigating the prevalence rates of lesbian domestic abuse have varied greatly. For example, reported levels of physical and emotional abuse have ranged from 18% to 60% and 81% to 95% respectively (Loulan, 1987; Bologna et al, 1987; & Kelly & Warshafsky, 1987). Tuel and Russell (1998) sampled 23 lesbians and 17 female heterosexual survivors of violence in relationships using a self-report questionnaire containing the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965), the Beck Depression Inventory (Beck, 1967) and the Index of Spouse Abuse Revised (Hudson & McIntosh, 1981). Heterosexual participants reported higher levels of both physical and non-physical (e.g. emotional) abuse, however no differences were found in reported levels of depression and self esteem between groups. There are, however, a number of possible explanations for the greater levels of abuse reported among the heterosexual sample. For example, male heterosexual abusers may victimise their partners more than lesbians. However Tuel and Russell noted that heterosexual participants reported that their relationships lasted significantly longer than lesbian relationships suggesting an escalation in abuse and violence with time (e.g. Renzetti, 1992). "

Anonymous 49901

Are trans men still women?

Anonymous 49906

they're more likely to actually have the mental illness where a ton of the men trying to turn themselves into women just fetishized the idea of being a woman and get off sexually to their own feminization. why else do you think so many of them identify as lesbians? they're still men with a typical male sexuality they just have a fetishistic desire to have their own body be sexually attractive to them as well.

Anonymous 49907

Anonymous 49910

No shit Captain Obvious

Anonymous 49913

But what about FTM folks which like men? And FTM folks which like women?

Anonymous 49914

Vast numbers of FTMs have sexual trauma and internalized misogyny

Anonymous 49917

Why would transexuals want to be on this site? They have plenty of other places to go.

Anonymous 49918

FTM shouldn't be accepted here either

Anonymous 49921

>trans girls
Get the fuck out.

Anonymous 50599

Anonymous 51036

Why do trannies insist that they look like anime characters? And why is it so prevalent from male to female and not female to male?

Anonymous 51040

>Why do trannies insist that they look like anime characters?
Because they get their idea of “womanhood” from anime and porn.
>And why is it so prevalent from male to female and not female to male?
Men just have a higher potential to become pornsick. There ARE some FTMs who transitioned to fulfill ~gay~ yaoi fetishes. If someone calls themselves “mlm” it’s basically a giveaway that they’re an FTM.

Anonymous 51053

Why do trolls still bump this garbage even though OP was already answered.

Anonymous 51077

Agreed. This thread has turned into a sort of "general complaints about trannies" thread. Having a designated thread to discuss them, rather than having a new thread asking the same question every few months, would be a good idea.

Anonymous 51080


I would honestly rather have a tranny hate general than see this one.

Anonymous 51227

no you’re not allowed here

Anonymous 51298

This lol

Anonymous Admin 51348

OP's question has been answered long ago. For future discussion of general trans-related topics, please use this thread: >>>/b/9156

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