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Anonymous 41368

Does anyone else here collect insects?

Recently I caught and pinned a jagged ambush bug I found on some goldenrod near my house. This is my first reduviid so I was pretty happy. They’re pretty neat looking under a microscope.

Pic isn’t mine btw, but shows a jagged ambush bug eating what appears to be some kind of hoverfly

Anonymous 41382

I don't collect bugs but that's a very cool looking one.
What's your favorite bug in your collection, Anon?

Anonymous 41385

I don’t collect bugs either, but that sounds interesting. How big is your collection?

There’s an entomology museum near where I live that I want to visit one day.

Anonymous 41400


I would post a picture of my collection, but it’s still in a crowded cardboard box and the specimens aren’t all sorted by taxonomic relationship yet (like I have some Hemiptera in with the beetles just because they fit there). I need to find a shadowbox that’s deep enough to accommodate Austerlitz brand insect pins.

Anyway, in response to
My favorite specimen so far is probably my fiery searcher, which is a large beautiful ground beetle (family Carabidae) that hunts caterpillars.

In response to
It’s not very big yet because I started collecting about a month ago. I have maybe 90 specimens including soft bodied arthropods preserved in alcohol (spiders, zygentoma, etc.)

Pic is a fiery searcher (not my photo)

Anonymous 41401

Btw I know zygentoma is an insect order. I’m just saying they needs to be preserved in alcohol because, like spiders, they have soft exoskeletons.

Anonymous 41404


don't kill bugs :(

Anonymous 41424

It’s ok, they just go to sleep painlessly in your freezer.

Anonymous 41431

Please anons, tell me how to overcome the feeling of aversion when I look at a bug's underside.

This bug looks pretty but when you turn it around, I will puke.

Anonymous 41443

Maybe you could desensitize yourself by learning more about insect anatomy and physiology

Anonymous 41504

You're still killing them! How much of a fucked up God complex to you have to have to think killing things so you can keep them in a box makes a nice hobby. Seriously, the fuck is wrong with you.

Anonymous 41507

This is how natural history has worked for centuries. Furthermore you probably kill more insects while mowing your lawn and driving than an entomologist or hobbyist takes for their collection.

Anonymous 41508

>implying accidental killing is on par with killing for sport

My friend has a bug collection and I've I've thought about being one myself. Its a really cool hobby

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