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belle farting.webm

Anonymous 41479

A news leak says that Belle Delphine got arrested.
What a clown world.

Anonymous 41480

>implying it’s not a publicity stunt

Anonymous 41487

it seems that it likely is. I think people got bored of her and her $$$ flow went down 15% so she wanted to get her name out again

Anonymous 41489


The story sounds fake.

Anonymous 41490


Even before she posted the story what had me skeptic was the mugshot. She’s wearing an orange shirt to make it look genuine, but mugshots are generally taken when you’re wearing your original clothing? Also she looks way too put together. Like, your mascara is smeared but you’re still wearing untarnished falsies, blush, and highlighter? I don’t care how cute someone is, mugshots are always unflattering af.

She’s taking the piss and spinning it since H3H3 was speculating that she was radio silent because she was arrested. It’s funny seeing how fucking thirsty Ethan is on twitter.

Anonymous 41493

She's autistic and anything about weebs (from the thots, to the regular fans) make me cringe and extremely uncomfortable

Anonymous 41498

Do they even have orange shirts in the UK ? I doubt they'd have you wear those for what amounts to a misdemeanor. This is so obviously fake. At least the spray painted car makes for a funny picture.

Anonymous 41499

Belle Delphine wanted Belle Delphine's name on people's lips and fingertips.

Belle Delphine got what Belle Delphine wanted and this thread is further proof of it.

The more we talk about Belle Delphine, the more Belle Delphine gets free publicity and more money.

I'm aware that speaking aloud my meta-thinking benefits Belle Delphine.

Anonymous 41525

we don't have those orange shirts in the uk

she does look put together but if she's a pretty young white girl arrested for something as trivial as painting on someone's car that will wash away with hot water. the police were likely not too bad with her, again her being white and pretty and the picture was just a formality. she's not been arrested for murder or something. no need to look messed up. she probably only got a slap on the wrist for this

Anonymous 41526

so quirky!

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