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Anonymous 42068

idk if this is the right board or not, but does anyone have a good brownie cookies recipe that doesn’t involve brown sugar? or even just brownies?

Anonymous 42069

good ol babby (dont do the cake one tho)

Anonymous 42465


Ever tried WHITE chocolate brownies.. or should I say.. blondies?


Anonymous 43946

They wouldn't be BROWNies without BROWN sugar!!

Anonymous 43960

The difference between white and brown sugar is negligible in baking. Just replace any brown sugar in brownies with white. Worst case your brownies might be a smidge less moist.

Do you mind if I ask why you don't want to use brown sugar?

Anonymous 43967


No op, but brown sugar is kinda a pain to work with if you don't bake often. It turns into a rock if you leave it for too long.

Anonymous 43984

You can just shake the bag and punch the sugar rock to break it up again. Good as new, and good exercise to boot

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