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Anonymous 42101

>tfw porn addict bf

Anonymous 42103

That comic is dumb. Coomers are shut-in, lecherous reprobates because they have no desirable qualities and failed to develop the necessary social skills for a rich personal life, not the other way around. Without pornography they would just spend all of their time building dioramas of American Civil War battles in their parents’ garage.

Anonymous 42104

Ahahahahahhaa at least the Dioramas would still increase their chances of actually knowing their way around a women’s body in a natural way like nature intended, unlike pornography.

Which is a weird fucking concept

Anonymous 42106

> failed to develop the necessary social skills for a rich personal life
So are they the average user of this board?

Anonymous 42110

Would rather no bf than that.

Anonymous 42113


No duh it's stupid. It's supposed to be a parody. A parody of an already stupid comic.

Anonymous 42115


Can women be COOMERS too?

Anonymous 42116

Anonymous 42121

Tf is a coomer?

Anonymous 42123

tf is a google search

Anonymous 42124


Anonymous 42125


Der coomer…

Anonymous 42133

Anonymous 42140

Kind of, but they're just called "sluts" instead because for women its so much easier to get as much real sex as you want that there's no reason to become a masturbation addict like a man.
And unlike coomers, there's also a big open movement out there that tries to glorify being a slut and encourage every woman to do it, despite it having the same problems with physically, mentally, and emotionally desensitizing you to sex and love.

Anonymous 42141

>for women its so much easier to get as much real sex as you want that there's no reason to
>there's also a big open movement out there that tries to encourage every woman to do it
also wrong

Anonymous 42142


Anonymous 42143

Nope. It's totally possible for femcel-types to become coomers/porn addicts.
High libido + social inhibition + too much time online due to introversion and nerd interests + fellow internet people telling you to keep your virginity or die alone = female coomer.

I know. I've been there, overcame it, and am still a khv.

Anonymous 42144

how is this supposed to support what you said? if youre implying articles like that "encourage every woman to be a slut" youre laughably retarded. why do you even have incel images saved on your pc?

Anonymous 42145


I didn't have any of these images saved, the thread that made me think of them and I went to go save them from Google

But if you want better examples of pro slut culture there's plenty out there.

Anonymous 42146

pro "slut" culture isnt evidence for anyone saying every woman should be a "slut". its people defending their own right to bodily autonomy. it has nothing to do with telling other women what to do or not do

Anonymous 42147

have one night sta…

I can find all kinds of these things.

Anonymous 42148

you can find many things that dont support your own argument… yes

Anonymous 42150

Stay in denial

Anonymous 42151

The thing about this meme is that it preys on people's insecurities (males in particular). Almost everyone masturbates, it's healthy and a lot of people will watch porn when they do so. It's more weird if you don't masturbate at all (with or without porn).
Men will see it and instantly question whether or not they masturbate too much.
There is a difference between someone who is jacking it once or twice a day compared to a someone who's doing it 15 times a day. The 'coomer' that's depicted in the photo is a rarity and doesn't apply to anyone it's actually targeting on the chans.

It's impossible to even get into the anti-porn side of the meme without coming off as a /pol/tard, but the movement was started by Mormons.

Anonymous 42152

Eh, even someone who just masturbates to porn 1-2 times a day is still conditioning themselves to get off to only certain stimuli. You underestimate the huge dopamine rush that comes from orgasm. And if someone is in a relationship they shouldn't be masturbating to porn at all. That sexual energy can be saved for actual intimacy. Both partners should be sexually compatible and also can make enough time to do it at the very least 1-2 times a week. There is no excuse to masturbate in a relationship, unless there is serious sexual incompatibility (which should be addressed).

Anonymous 42157

Good point, but at the same time I did see some guys post that the coomer meme unironically made them work out more and study instead of jerking off a lot. In a sense, it's sorta like they see a horrible caricature of what they might become and go "nope, not gonna go down that path"

It's synonymous with farmers making threads on fatty-chan lolcows and Fat Acceptance movement.

Anonymous 42165

Nta, nor do I entirely agree with her, but it's reclaiming the insult.

Personally I see equal amounts of pressure to sleep around and stay an uwu pure virgin. Whereas male promiscuity is valued by most people (not me, but whatever), female sexual activity is really 50/50. If you do one thing guaranteed you'll be criticized and will notice those criticisms more vividly. Hence sluts feel slut-shamed while sexually conservative women such as us will feel pressure to sleep around.

Anonymous 42166

Because appropriating slurs is a good way to deactivate them. Same reason why black culture started using the n-word.

Anonymous 42167

Blacks still get pissy if others use nigger though. Also why the fuck are you self-censoring on an image board? Unless you literally mean people saying "the n-word"
That sounds like a relationship built with huge trust issues if a girl can't let a guy coom unless he's in her hole. Granted sexual compatibility is important but when you rivet it down that tightly it feels boring and methodical.

Anonymous 42170

because your choice to be a "slut" or not is part of your bodily autonomy. but no one is anti-nonslut (unless youre a trad anon on cc and think other people having sex is a personal attack on you) so it makes no sense to protest it

Anonymous 42171

I'm starting to think male promiscuity being valued is a meme. One of my bf's friend is very promiscuous and I've seen how he gives no shits about the random girl he's fucking. I thought he was attractive and nice at first, but after seeing that all my positive feelings about him died. I would never introduce him to any female friends and would discourage girls from getting into a relationship with him, specially if it was a serious one. I can't believe that a girl would see a promiscuous guy and think "Yep, that's the kind of guy I want to be in a relationship with".

Anonymous 42180

It's less about being promiscuous and more about actually having some experience with women.

Anonymous 42184

But those things go hand in hand. You would still be dating a promiscuous slut.

Anonymous 42186

In my opinion experience is highly overrated. There are plenty of guys out there that have lots of experience with dating and having sex but they're terrible at both because they're selfish and don't care about their partner.
I think that willingness to learn is one of the most important traits that a guy can have. If a guy is inexperienced but he's willing to learn then his lack of experience is a nonissue.

Anonymous 42188

Nta, but I think a man can have experience without being a man whore (past monogamous relationships for instance). I like experienced men but total dirtbags who’ll shag anything aren’t my cup of tea.
Additionally, this is not necessarily sexual experience. Just having a sister or female friends growing up will make guys less spergy when it comes to women. Unfortunately these men are usually gay or in relationships already.

Anonymous 42189

>honestly saying getting judged for actions you choose to do is the same as being discriminated against for things you can't control like race

Wow what a delusional victim complex.

Anonymous 42190

First anon, and I never did lmao. That's why I said "insult" rather than "slur."
I'd actually compare it to people reclaiming "nerd." It's a result of one's actions and people now lovingly call each other such despite it being derogatory in the past. Although I believe cultural shift towards STEM also contributes to this phenomenon…eh, we're not talking about that. I'm sure you get what I mean.
Same with weebs I think. I've seen people reclaim weeaboo.

And how is it a victim complex if I'm a khv myself..?

Anonymous 42191

To me it's more telling that one party would rather look at porn and masturbate alone than be intimate with their partner. How is that more interesting and less methodical than actual intimacy with another person?

Anonymous 42192

>because your choice to be a "slut" or not is part of your bodily autonomy.
>defending their own right to bodily autonomy.

Am I missing something here? Is there a group of people out there forcibly locking women into chastity devices against their will? Are they breaking into women's house whenever they're trying to have sex and threatening them at gun point to force them to stop having sex?

Because if not, I don't see anyone's "right to bodily autonomy" being violated. I just see crybabies demanding nobody be allowed to hurt their feelings.

Anonymous 42198

You're taking two different statements and combining them as one point.
>To me it's more telling that one party would rather look at porn and masturbate alone than be intimate with their partner.
Fucking and masturbating can be two different levels of effort. Just because a husband has the energy to jack off doesn't mean he has it in him for sex. Just because he has the energy for sex doesn't mean a wife can't say "no, not tonight".
The boring and methodical statement is about.
>Both partners should be sexually compatible and also can make enough time to do it at the very least 1-2 times a week.
Scheduling (i.e. "making time") sex like this sets a specific bar that just feels like a chore. It just makes the other partner feel bad if they don't want to reach it but they can't just say no because now you would have to reschedule.

Anonymous 42214

>Scheduling (i.e. "making time") sex like this sets a specific bar that just feels like a chore. It just makes the other partner feel bad if they don't want to reach it but they can't just say no because now you would have to reschedule.

I agree to that, that's why I avoid doing it. I don't taste for sex that's a schedule. My GF does though, she wants to have sex quite frequently and wouldn't mind at all to plan it. I guess it's about meeting your partner half-way. You don't have to 'plan' it, but you can satisfy your partner when you notice they're feeling for it

Anonymous 42497

That image made me laugh so hard.

Anonymous 42501

What if my boyfriend jerks off to lewd pictures of me? fuckin checkmate.

Anonymous 42507


Don’t like it when your bf masturbates to porn? Make your own porn. No jealousy, no ethical issues regarding sourcing the porn, no giving money to the (((porn industry))).
Yes, you’ll have issues if you break up and the images leak but just don’t break up lol. Works for me.

Anonymous 42509

True, male standards are so low it's laughable

Anonymous 42518

Why is he jerking off to pictures of you instead of pleasing you?

Anonymous 42527


We live apart, for a long time while I pursue my career and this guy has been faithful all this ti-WWoOOoaAAAaahhhh!!! Hey wait a second did you just…completely move the goal posts? Nah, miss me with that body is inherently sinful shit, thought we were talking about porn. Just crucify me on the anti masturbation cross cause you'll have to dig the curated archive of futa consentacles lewds I have stored in my mind palace from my cold lifeless brain meat. If you could crucify me upside down though, ooooh, and if you could set the cross on fire and chant the name of our dark lord while I'm toasting? I'd like to handsfree to being burnt at the stake by frothing at the mouth conservative fourth wave feminists in my last moments on this earth. Nothing turns me on like orgasm denial.

Anonymous 42598


this post confuses the fuck out of me

Anonymous 42629

Anonymous 42638

As a coomer i kinda agree.
But to my defense i grew up in extreme poverty.And my "friends" made fun of me 24/7.
Ffs had my first slice of pizza at the age 17.

Anonymous 42679

Anonymous 42886

Once or twice a day is already an addiction. People should jack it maybe two or three times a week

Anonymous 42888

tfw when y're a coomer…

Anonymous 42910

If a guy never masturbates inbetween relationships, it makes sex feel a million times better. Especially if he neverthinks about sex and totally contains all lust. Even to the extent of retaining semen during orgasmus nocturna with his anima form, or so I hear.

Male orgasms are only a few times better than a really good, enjoyable sneeze after scratching a really good mosquito bite while taking a hot shower for first time since forever, or so I've been told

Anonymous 42918

Male organisms are only good if the only time he cums is inside a woman he loves for the purpose of joint-creation. Also, he has to be exclusively aroused by said woman and otherwise abstains completely.

Anonymous 42949

this site isn't for m*les

Anonymous 42959


Don't even have libido anymore because Klonopin and Opiate addiction.

Anonymous 43006

>that imdb

Holy shit he's written 6 reviews TODAY alone

Anonymous 75108

well, i don't know how you would rate a thread like these, but, good? yeah.

Anonymous 75109

Better safe than sorry.

Anonymous 75127


What offends you more, when someone looks at porn without masturbating or when someone masturbates without looking at porn?

Anonymous 75130

What the fuck

Anonymous 75202

lurk moar

Anonymous 75203

i agree with the second part,the first part is wrong. filthy moids push their promiscuity onto women so that they can emotionally abuse them, control them, and get their dicks wet easily.

Anonymous 75205

the slut culture is a male creation to help control women. they saw that women wanted to he free so they created slut culture to replace marriage as their way to control women.

Anonymous 75206

the idea that being a slut is somehow representative of freedom and womens rights is a way for men to disguise it. its controlling. suprise suprise, the more filthy men you sleep with the more unhappy you are

Anonymous 75207

masturbation ia healthy, porn isn't. porn conditions you to develope weird fetishes and have a wrong idea of what sex is.

Anonymous 75210

Porn can teach some tricks but like… I have learned more about sex thanks to hentai than porn, most porn is gross af especially western porn it's fucking absolutely disgusting there is never foreplay, just the gross shit instantly, this is what moids learn.

Anonymous 76378

i am very interested to know what civil war diorama does that

Anonymous 76387

>learned more about sex thanks to hentai than porn
Please tell me you're joking.

Anonymous 78822

Both are. The virginin meme -the woman's worth is determined by how many sexual partners she's had and the slut-meme (if you don't put out on the 2nd date I will dump you).

They're two sides of the same coin - misogyny. What they have in common is that they don't see the woman as a human being but only a fuckhole.

The first one believes any woman that ever had even 1 boyfriend come ner her fuckhole, she is "used up goods", "trash", "a roastie". While the second one is worse at delaying gratification and want's to get in ASAP, sperm and then leave. Both are two sides of shit.

Porn sucks because it just reinforces the notion that women are fuckholes. The problem here isn't "slut culture" or "virgin culture", but that men are obsessed with women's sexuality and don't see them as human beings.

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