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why do i have to work? Anonymous 42117

why can i not be a spoiled neet like most of the girls here? or at least just focus on education for now. my parents push me to work but the anxiety is overwhelming. im jealous of the girls who just get money and support from orbiters or selling photos. should i partake? my parents wont let me find an online job or do something comfy like dogsitting. i try to reason that work is good for me but seeing all of these girls able to sit home makes me jealous.

Anonymous 42126

>why do i have to work?
Because you are not married.

Anonymous 42128

I don’t think most of us are NEETs. The percentage of people who live like that is far smaller than you think it is, and it’s not a glamorous life.

Your parents push you to work for the sake of your future. It’s a bit morbid, and might seem far off in the future to you, but they will die one day and won’t be around to support you forever. Will you have the skills and savings to survive then? You can sell photos if you’re attractive, but that’s a young girl’s job. The income stream won’t last when you get older, and you’ll be left with no useful skills and gaps in your resume.

Work is hard. I’ve been in your shoes before and I know what it’s like to struggle with severe anxiety, but for the reasons above, you’ve got to keep putting yourself out there and apply to jobs.

Anonymous 42130

don't listen to >>42128
>The income stream won’t last when you get older, and you’ll be left with no useful skills and gaps in your resume.
>Your resume
meaning your slave description
>The income stream won’t last when you get older
only if you're a dumb hoe and burn it all on a lavish lifestyle.

Here's what you do if you are at least somewhat attractive.
1.You get a new phone number, you create snapchat, instagram and tiktok accounts.
2.You post shit that's somewhat sexual but not so sexual you become a basic hoe. Your posts need to be hinting at lewd stuff without you actually saying it. This creates mystery and drives men crazy. Again don't go too hard on the sexy because you'll end up a basic hoe and the only thing you're going to get will be attention from poor plebs. Your target here is the fedora tipping "intelectual" that wants "that special girl" in his life. The kind that thinks he's lot smarter than he actually is. You need to play the meta game. Be "ironic hehe xD" in everything you do. Think early days Belle Delphine.
3.You keep making daily posts for a few weeks, slowly building your orbiter base. This is the difficult part. You need to make sure the fags feel special. Give each of them just enough attention to feel like they are on top of your list. Because they know how it works. They know you are a girl online and you have at least a dozen other guys talking to you. Make them feel like they matter more than the others.
4. ????
5. Profit (if you got to this point and you built your army of betas then the rest is smooth sailing)

Anonymous 42131

god now im back to being conflicted with the previous post and this one :( ive had a good amount of work experience thus far and still contemplate education further than after my A.A., so i don’t know for sure about the resume stuff but i agree with the skills and such to support myself if im left alone

that being said i think id want to do the e-thot belle delphine stuff i just worry regarding fame and putting on this image to make money, but i guess thats business. what about not showing face and wearing a mask or something? that might even be more appealing. i just am unsure about putting myself out there but i so dislike this wagie stuff, especially for the future and a silly 9-5 job…. just makes me sad when i see so many spoiled girls not having to work. perhaps ill suck it up for now and just marry rich and be supported, i guess it really is just temporary and i can always make the switch to other means of money.

sorry ive said so much i just contemplate this stuff a lot. i guess right now i dont want to worry too much because i lowered my work hours to only 15 max a week (i may even work less) and all other time is my own. im working with people every second otherwise i wouldnt mind it all that much. being a woman is something else though…i feel like we have a great option to take advantage of with the clientele of horny men

Anonymous 42134

Are you OP or >>42128?
>what about not showing face and wearing a mask or something? that might even be more appealing
in theory yes. But ironically it breaks the spell because you're now obviously hiding meaning you're obviously trying to con them. You need to get in their mind. Understand their needs and sell them hope.

Anonymous 42136

What this anon >>42130 is saying
Also I've found that many guys online just want someone to give them the feeling like they matter.
These dudes have felt that they're invisible and virtually non-existent for years, sometimes forever.
They do pretty much anything for someone to reliably listen to them and acknowledge them.
I have a few now that I talk to and they pay me for it, sort of like (unprofessional but cheaper) therapy.
It's not enough to completely live off of it but it's definitely a nice cushion.

Anonymous 42137

Christ that is bleak lmao

Anonymous 42138

except it isn't. It's glorious. We are living amazing times and if you don't cash in you are really missing out on one of the best opportunities this universe has to offer

Anonymous 42153

Ah yes being a whore who solely exists to please incels is truly a great opportunity. Get some self-esteem and hobbies, everyone who always stoops that low is an empty shell who has no confidence, no personality, or things they enjoy.

Anonymous 42154

what makes you think this is "my only reason for existance"? What do you know about my life?
We're both here on this website instead of hanging out with normies, so yeah, maybe we're both involved in internet culture.
But I sure as hell have other things going on.

Anonymous 42156

Eh, not saying that it's impossible to make it as an internet hoe, but it's just like any other risky freelance job, as in like, only a small percentage become successful, and the vast majority struggle to pay their bills. Most internet hoes (the normal ones, not the 1% belle delphines) also have irl jobs as escorts or strippers or have irl sugar daddys.

Online sex work became a huge meme in my country because usd were much more valuable compared to local currency. You just had to know decent english and be attractive, easy enough. A ton, and i mean a TON of girls in my country became internet whores.

All the hoes i know are broke af though. They earned a bit during the first year or so, but nowadays they're all broke, as in like, any regular freelancer makes way more money than them.

Once the new hoe stops being a novelty and once orbiters realize that they will never have an irl relationship with her, they know can get more bang for their buck elsewhere. There's always a hoe willing to do more and charge less, to humiliating extents. Only a very small percentage becomes successful enough to have a stable and sufficient income without having to do stripping/escorting/have a sugar daddy.

I sincerely hope that you're part of that small percentage, but it's not nice to mislead people into thinking that sex work is a goldmine. I know this girl that has been a hoe since 2016 and even though she was trying to lay low it was found out and it went kind of viral, she has had 3 suicide attemps since then.

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