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Anonymous 42235

>a girl who is hypersexual, watches a lot of porn, and wants to have sex as many times as possible in a day with one partner or multiple partners

Is such a thing even possible?

Anonymous 42237

1567939904679 (1).…

yeah that's a thing

Anonymous 42238

Why not?

Anonymous 42241

I'm all of that except the watches porn bit. I can imagine porn well enough in my head. Actually, my orgasms are way better that way, too, because with porn, I always skip to the fucking and it's like I cum instantly.

Truthfully, I sort of wish I could find another woman who is as into sex as I am, because I resent how violent male sexuality can be. I think me and my bf are meant for each other, but I am always scared of being assaulted in some way and I feel like that limits how intimate I can truly feel with him.

Anonymous 42242

Sorry, my point being, imagining is nice because I can imagine the people and genitals to look however I want, and I edge myself off to these mental images whereas porn is just instant orgasm so it's not as "fun" if that makes sense.

I feel like I need sex at least 5 times a day. 1x in the first 6 hours of the day in the dead of that early am, 1x when I really "wake up", 1x before I leave for work/school, 1x when I return from the daily grind, 1x before sleep,

and preferably a time in between me coming home and sleep, but eh, I understand that could be a lot for my partner. 1 sex session tends to include multiple rounds for me. I cum a lot because I cum very fast and through both penetrative and clitoral stimulation.

Of course, on the weekends, sex gets to occur even more.

Anonymous 42460

oh yeah instant orgasms suck. not as fulfilling, you need some time to stew in those hormonal juices

Anonymous 42494

I'm like that. I don't currently have a bf but I really want one.
You seem like a girl I would like.

Anonymous 42508

hard prison gay energy in here

Anonymous 42511


Well what can a female coomer do in the pearl.prison?

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