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Bored with my meals Anonymous 42413

What are your go-to meals? I always find myself eating spaghetti, rice, beans and sandwhiches because it's cheap. feel free to post your grocery lists

Anonymous 42418

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Anonymous 42434


My bf's cummies

Anonymous 42436

>I always find myself eating spaghetti, rice, beans and sandwhiches because it's cheap. feel free to post your grocery lists
Same usually. If I’m craving something I just search recipes and base my list off of that and eat it for the week
Today I wanted tomato soup so I bought
>crushed tomatoes
>rosemary and thyme (I already have oregano, parsley, and black pepper)
>tomato paste
>vegetable broth
>cannelli beans
>a baguette to make garlic bread

Anonymous 42438

Baked chicken and potatoes with cream of mushroom soup on top. Shit but basic and cheap.
I really love making thai curry but going to the specialty store for the coconut milk is always a pain.

Anonymous 42452


I guess it depends on if you like cooking or not. I'm a chef by trade but I don't like cooking when I come home all the time. When I'm feeling lazy I like to have these things on hand:
-Japanese curry blocks
-Tom Yum soup paste and a can of coconut milk for Tom Kha.
-Miso Paste for miso soup base and rice or as a ramen broth.
-Mochi squares(when I can find them)
-Tteok and Gochujang for Duk Boki
-Kimchi and roasted seaweed too eat with rice and a fried egg
-Garlic for garlic fried rice and silogs.
-Nasi Goreng noodles with a fried egg
-Black vinegar, soy sauce, homemade chili oil with Sichuan chilis in it on almost anything.
-fish sauce for nuoc cham.
-Leftover fried chicken salad on a sandwich.
-canned smoked seafood and mustard on crackers with pickles.
-Umeboshi and shochu
-Beer and a beer snacks like garlic fried peanuts or nori wrapped rice crackers.
-if it's payday, nice bread and coldcuts and a soft cheese.
I suppose I should add that I usually have veggies in the house and am too cheap to buy meat most of the time so I live off veggies, carbs, and dairy.

Anonymous 42463

Same, I think I eat meat around once a month. Its pricey. Overall your meals sound amazing. Also I get the struggle with the coconut milk. Tried making coconut shrimp once.

Anonymous 42467

Same actually, can't afford anything else.

Anonymous 42470


Hahaha right? The only reason I eat meat now is cause I'm mommy's basement baby and she keeps a stocked fridge, otherwise it's tofu, cold cuts, or ground pork…or boyfriends cummies. (._.)

Anonymous 42473

this thread is full of men

Anonymous 42475

you think so? I'm wary of pepe posters but idk. Trannies gtfo out of my thread, thanks.

Anonymous 42477


I swear I'm a woman. I just happen to like pepe, y'all gave him such a bad rap, he's a pretty cool guy. eh eats tendies and doesn't afraid of anythign. Oh god, please don't make me go back to 4chan, I have to pretend to be a dude there and the cooking threads suuuuuuck.

Anonymous 42481


it k, anon. same.

Anonymous 42486


>Frequent meals (mostly dinners since it’s a 2 person household and we both work so we take leftovers for lunch)
Pastas – different variations to switch it up such as pasta e ceci, pesto and black beans, cacio e pepe, etc.
Lentils and rice (kidchi)
Stirfry vegetables with rice
Indian food + rice/naan – kidney beans/chickpeas/okra/cabbage, or paneer-based dishes
Fried rice (just make extra rice anytime you have it for a meal)
Toast with eggs, sometimes with onions and peppers
Ez tacos with stovetop fajitas, refried beans, quick-pickled onions
Slowcooker (or can be made on the stove) 3-bean chili, can be eaten with rice or bread or more vegetables
In the colder seasons, roasted vegetables, the oven does all the work for you!
Indulgent meal of homemade macaroni and cheese occasionally

>Grocery list:

Pantry: Tomato paste, pesto, lentils, chickpeas, beans (black, kidney, cannelli, pinto), olive oil, pasta noodles
Fresh veg: Bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli/cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. (Whatever you like, I err on the side of things that don’t spoil fast in case I forget to cook them immediately)
Refrigerated stuff: Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, sauces
Spices: Black pepper, cumin, red chile powder, coriander, flaky salt, garlic

For winter northern hemispherers, what cold weather recipes do you like?

Anonymous 42488

That's me, Canadian.
I made a killer meat pie the other day.
I like making borscht, with buttered bread untoasted. Also gratins are nice, just roux based and cream with whatever herbs and seasonings you wish and cheese on top.
nothing beats some homemade bread though, you don't even need a recipe frankly, try it sometime with flour, water, salt, and yeast.

Also I'm just assuming everyone has a fully stocked spice shelf lol.

Anonymous 42489


This is great, thanks anon! Also I'm caribbean and if you want a really good complete seasoning (which I'm asssuming is the allspice in your list) I recommend the Badia brand. Not all seasonings are made equal (flavor wise) and my cuban family uses it for everything lol.

Anonymous 42503


Whaaaaat?? I've never heard of it, I'm guessing it's like our "montreal steak spice" here in Canada. Got some carribean places here, I bet I could get my hands on a jar. Is it spicy? I love spicy.

Anonymous 42524

>she doesnt browse both and play both sides

Anonymous 42528


No, I totally just sit here and wait for all five users to post in these slow ass threads.

Anonymous 42529

It's for meat but it isn't spicy, sorry anon :'v It's just savory.

Anonymous 43200


So jealous of your meals. They sound so good. I really want to learn how to cook better, but just can't motivate myself.

Anonymous 43408

chicken breast (fried rice, baked for sandwich or wrap, stir fry)
ground pork (spaget, stir fry w/ eggplant or in tofu)
red peppers (spaget, fried rice, stir fry)
broccoli (fried rice, stir fry with garlic, soup)
spinach (spaget, soup, stir fry with garlic)
mushrooms (spaget, fried rice, stir fry)

since a lot of the stuff lines up I can make other dishes without too much extra

omurice- add eggs and ketchup to list, also onions or onion powder
breakfast wraps/sandwich- add sausage and a carb in addition to the eggs
but sausage isn't as versatile as ham so I usually get that instead
if I get a canned soup I can add in baked chicken, broccoli, and spinach, and garlic

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