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Anonymous 42549

what was the sluttiest thing you ever did?

Anonymous 42550

Shake hands with my (male) coworker.

Anonymous 42551

hopefully you washed it aftewards

Anonymous 42552

If I had the courage to do slutty things, I wouldn't spend my time on imageboards.

Anonymous 42554

Got a crush on the big tiddy goth girl when i was already having a crush on the cringe jacob black lookalike fuckboy back in middle school. Slutty i know. Idk how i never got stds.

Anonymous 42556

Once I wrote in one of those friend fill-in-the-blank books that my secret crush was some guy who happened to be in his early 20s and married. I was 7 at the time. My mom humiliated me over it. Meanwhile, my sister and friend had written they had crushes on dogs. I think their choices were sluttier than mine, tbh. At least I stayed in my species lane.

Anonymous 42564

I posted my tits on /soc/ when I was 18. I wish I saved the pictures tbh, they were some nice pics.

Anonymous 42578

sucked off my dad

Anonymous 42600

If I was extremely attractive I’d be such a slut. I honestly wouldn’t know how to act. I think that’s why I was born ugly because if I wasn’t I’d be too powerful.

Anonymous 42603

I think the assumption is they’ll grow out of a crush on a dog but you knew exactly what you wanted

Anonymous 42627

Sucked off a guy in (hidden) public place

This. Most of what controls my sluttiness is that fact that my appearance would make sure that I would not have a positive response if I went full cheap slag

Anonymous 42632

fair point.

hehe, I was right though, it is fun having a crush on a man in his 20s. Just not married, though.

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