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images (2).jpeg

Crystal Cafe's Official Cat Breed Anonymous 42620

What breed of cat is CC's favourite? I like siamese meowmeows

Anonymous 42622


I’m not familiar with breeds but I love black cats. This cat at a shelter I volunteer at is super pretty tho, I don’t know her breed but she’s got super long legs and blood orange eyes

Anonymous 42623

what a cutie!! you aren't lying, his eyes are beautiful <3 His whole 'color scheme' reminds me of fall

Anonymous 42624

oops its a she my bad

Anonymous 42633


boyfriend wants a calico cat at some point, I really want an oriental shorthair because they have the siamese alien build but come in different colors, so combine that together, and hopefully in the future we can get a calico oriental shorthair after saving up.

Anonymous 42636


Siamese are amazing.

I love black cats too! Oh wow that kitty is very pretty. She looks like she knows some secrets.

I also adore Russian Blues. There was a stray Russian Blue that would always visit my house for me to feed her. She was quite feisty, but had her moments where she was sweet. I miss her.

Oh my goodness they look like a little goblin. I love it.

Anonymous 42641

I love it's face lol. Also calicos I think are most fit to represent CC since they are female 98% of the time.

Anonymous 42642

every Russian Blue I have met has always been a very nice kitty, almost dog-like

Anonymous 42643

Domesticated Shorthairs are pretty cute

Anonymous 42644

Have a black kitty but Russian blues are really elegant and sweet looking.

Anonymous 42646

images (3).jpeg

I wonder if black cats with blue eyes exist. Not sure if picrel is real but yeah

Anonymous 42647


I was going to post a Russian Blue too. I had one and he was dog-like yes. Very good boy.

Norwegian Forest Cats are also very cute. They look like rich ladies with expensive coats.

Anonymous 42648


Also pure white cats of any breed. They look like angelic creatures. Many are deaf.

Anonymous 42651


Pic is her being a sweetie. We had other stray cats that would come by and when it was feeding time, she would bully a striped cat while they were trying to eat even though we would give her her own food. So we had to feed them far apart from each other so they wouldn’t fight. But she was such a cute babie she was the only stray that would let us pet her.

That would be incredible if they were real. I also would like to know if cats like this exist.

Look at that floof!!! I would love to snuggle with one.

Really?! I never knew that. Do you know why that is?

Anonymous 42652

owww yeah she looks like she trusted you. Beautiful.

Anonymous 42653

They can but it's apparently a rare gene.
White cats can be deaf because of some weird gene linkage but I think it's more common with blue eyed white cats.

It's surprisingly complex how cat colors work.

Anonymous 42654


Yup, the W gene which causes the white fur is pleiotropic, which means it influences several traits at the same time (in this case eye pigmentation and the internal ear). However there are several other genes involved which allows for some variation. Most white cats with eyes other than blue are not deaf, but they can also be. If a cat has one blue and one yellow eye, he's probably deaf on the blue side.

Also a fun fact, white cats have an underlying fur pattern but it is hidden by the dominant W allele. A white cat with blue eyes might be a Siamese with a masked pattern.

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