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Anonymous 42657

Have you ever asked a guy this? How would you react to the answer?

Anonymous 42660

Nah, but I have masturbated to 73% of my male friends at least once so it would likely be mutual. Not that I'd want to pursue something with any of them ha.

Also sauce?

Anonymous 42664


Anonymous 42666

Anonymous 42667



Anonymous 42668

I have never asked, but I have been notified of it anyway.
Also, I am currently reading Self right now. It is very interesting, insightful and educational. I recommend it. Thank you for letting me know of such a gem, OP.

Anonymous 42676


Anonymous 42766

I've asked a few times. The answer is always yes.
Someone told me that if you have a male friend guaranteed they've masturbated to the thought of you at least once.

Anonymous 42860

I can't imagine that's true, but then I'm not attractive. I assume most men don't jerk off to the thought of women anyhow. Don't they all use porn or pictures instead?

Anonymous 43051

you underestimate the male sex drive. Guys can't just wank to the same girl and fantasy over and over. They have to constantly push the boundaries. It's an evolutionary drive. So even if you look weird, it's extremely likely that a dude has jerked off to you least once.

Anonymous 43055

I asked my boyfriend when we first started dating if he had. I was kinda suprised he said yes because he hadn't even saw me naked yet at that point. I kinda felt flattered in a way though.

Anonymous 43060

Lol people can make good guesses about how bodies look underneath clothes, haven't you done it before?
Especially if he's into some hobby/livelihood that involves spatial awareness (engineering, visual arts, etc.).

Anonymous 43062

yes but only to a boy i was interested in. He said he often used me as wank material and i was flattered that he thought i was that attractive

Anonymous 47277

Would feel flattered. If i am causing a hard-on, means i am winning.

Anonymous 47278


I remember once a few guy friends admitting to masturbating to most of their female friends' Facebook photos and it freaked me out so badly. Fucking gross and desperate.

Anonymous 47287

I did, he said no and it turned out it's because I featured in his sex dreams as a killjoy cockblock who'd always get in the way and ruin the dreams at pivotal moments.

Finding out I was just a complete non-entity for him sexually or romantically was surface-level reassuring, but pretty hurtful too.

Anonymous 47289

Anonymous 47315

I did, he said yes, I felt disgusted but deep in me liked it.

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