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male greeting.webm

Do straight men really? Anonymous 42894

Anonymous 42896

All men secretly desire each other on a sexual level. If a man tells you otherwise, he's lying to you and himself.

Anonymous 42899

how do you even come to this retarded conclusion?

Anonymous 42906

only the white ones

Anonymous 42909

Anonymous 42925

A man lied to you, didn't he. Don't believe their words.
Look at how they interact with their male friends and you'll know I'm telling the truth.

Anonymous 42926

Men's sexuality is very degenerate. Have you seen the fucked up fetishes they are into? It all originates from the mind of a man.

Anonymous 42931

if hes 100% straight then obviously not
ngl this got me kinda wet, is there a continued version/link to original?

Anonymous 43141

>trust me all dudes are secretly gay and your bf secretly wants to fuck your brother

Anonymous 43272

what the fuck????? lmao
this sounds straight out of a incel forum if you just exchange men with women.
go outside and have sex femcel

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