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Anonymous 42978

if your longterm boyfriend wanted to make a sex video, without the intention of ever uploading it somewhere, and you trusted him, would you do it?

Anonymous 42979

Well yeah. If I could trust him completely. I mean who knows, maybe we would want to watch it someday when we are old and crusty.

Then again I would make sure he puts it somewhere safe so that it never gets seen by the NSA, or someone who finds it.

Anonymous 42980

Yes. Voyeurism is my fetish.

Anonymous 42983

No, unless you're into it. There is so much risk on your side.

Anonymous 42984


Just make sure Disney+ is playing in the background so if it ever gets uploaded to the internet Disney attorneys will immediately have it taken down ;)

Anonymous 42989

Imagine you're recording something and then it ends up like this.

Anonymous 42990

No thanks. Two words: Revenge porn. And women whose private sex videos get leaked deserve no sympathy.


Anonymous 42991


best response

Anonymous 43001

Yes but only if it's just to see once what we look like having sex and it's my phone recording it.

Anonymous 43005

>longterm boyfriend

So your husband? or are you some type of concubine being used?

Anonymous 43029

That's unironically pretty hot and I definitely masturbated to that

Anonymous 43034


second best response.

Anonymous 43061


Anonymous 43065

Go for it girl, make sure he licks your asshole when you fuck! that way he wont upload it to net… nobody wants their face licking butthole on the net!

Anonymous 43069

>longterm boyfriend
>sex video
>without the intention of ever uploading it
LOL. enjoy finding porn of yourself online after your bf dumps you for someone younger.

Anonymous 43072

i'm not comfortable with it, but im also not that comfortable with anything sex related most of the time.

Anonymous 43075

He could just edit that part out. The Disney channel background audio failsafe seems much more effective.

Anonymous 43089


femcels leave this thread
i just want answers from fellow stacies

Anonymous 43090

None of use are stacies and you know it.

Anonymous 43091

Are you kidding me?my butthole is all over the internet!

Anonymous 43271

do YOU want to? do you honest to god want to film yourself with him? when you hear that, do you feel curious/look forward to it or cringe internally? i think if you know the answer to this then the answer in general is pretty clear.
now lets imagine the worst case scenario: the video gets uploaded to the internet, and someone in your neighborhood found it. it gets spread like wildfire, and before you know it everyone and their sister and her coworker knows you let james put it in your ass.
lets say you feel self conscious about your boobs. everyone saw them. lets say you make a goofy face during orgasm. now everyone knows that. everyone now knows that you like it in the ass. depending if theres kink involved, now everyone knows you like wearing a collar like a dog or that you like being called names.

in my workplace, one of my coworkers cheating husband went on her phone to send to our group chat (made up of nearly everyone who worked there) a masturbation video she made for him. they were married for almost 20 years and he was cheating with the babysitter.

do you genuinely trust your bf? with your reputation? do you trust him not to commit social murder? do you trust him to not fuck up your reputation at the workplace? do you trust him not to blast your naked body all over the internet?

these are all things to consider.

Anonymous 43273

Hard nope. No digital anything. Secure files in the modern day are an illusion, any digital thing can reproduce asexually and can never truly be un-made. I'm absolutely not willing to have to worry about that shit for the rest of my days.

Anonymous 43324

I've made many sexual videos with my partner, but having said that it's a hard no if he would blackmail if the relationship were to end.

Anonymous 43339


Old anon (32) reporting in. My bf wanted to make a sex video with me when we were dating and I said no, and he was totally cool with it. He brought it up again when we were engaged and I said no again but suggested he could take pictures of me wearing sexy stuff that made me feel pretty and good about myself. He didn't complain, but instead was super enthusiastic and even offered to take me shopping if I wanted to pick out something special for the occasion. His first birthday after we got married, I offered to let him make a sex video with me, and he insisted on making sure I was comfortable with it before enthusiastically accepting. Had a great time, actually had a lot of fun, it was both hot and also weirdly romantic. If a guy wants to and he is pushy if you say no, then definitely don't, but if he wants to and is respectful if you don't want to, then you can trust him, and I encourage it, because it's actually really fun and hot.

Anonymous 43342


>>everyone now knows that you like it in the ass. depending if theres kink involved, now everyone knows you like wearing a collar like a dog or that you like being called names.

Would those things be so wrong?

Anonymous 43368

NO, taking it in the butt or wear a collar is nothing to be ashamed of!

Anonymous 43369

It's only bad when expectations for people rise to the point that everyone is supposed to take it up the butt

Anonymous 43373


I agree with this, and will add that being really kinky should not be carte blanche for a guy to push beyond your limits. Like there is more than just “vanilla” and “literally anything goes.”

Anonymous 43410

you know a persons butt hole is like their finger print, it's completely unique in the wrinkles it has

Anonymous 43438

Well the day the cops pull me over and wants me to spread my buttcheeks to identyfy myself has yet to come. As long as my face is not in the film im pretty sure im safe!

Anonymous 43440

Crooked bisexual cops: from "spread your feet" to "spread your cheeks"

Anonymous 55847

Real Stacies get married instead of that cuckquean shit.

Anonymous 56307

i’ve done it in the past and i’ll do it in the future. i’m in a career that won’t fuck me over for having nudes leaked. who gives a fuck. life is absurd. my legacy will live on.

Anonymous 56329


Nah I'd just go over and fuck him. Guys who care about that masturbation fuel shit don't matter. Only actual skin on skin contact does not a video of you moaning and trying not to be worried he'll upload that shit someday.

Anonymous 56347

Absolutely not.

Anonymous 56365

Sure, I’m a yoga teacher so I work hard to look good so it’s be fun to show off but idk… couldn’t have my face in it and would have to be posted somewhere hard to find

Anonymous 56381

You could always do so on condition that you get to store and then delete the video file, and you leave ir saved on an encrypted USB that only you know the password to. Depending on how technical your guy is, you might also want to look up ways to make sure the deleted file cannot be recovered. (Programs like bleachbit, what Hillary used to wipe her email servers)

Anonymous 56394


>trusting a man

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