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Anonymous 43015

>Men consider this the ideal male
do you agree?

Anonymous 43019

he's black so absolutely

Anonymous 43021

I mean, I suppose so, but then again I’m not really picky with body types as long as they’re not morbidly obese.

Anonymous 43023

Disagree. I like muscles, but he definitely pushed himself too hard. I prefer men with rough edges.

Anonymous 43024

Needs more body fat.

Anonymous 43025

This guy is kinda like Dolph Lundgren in that his masculinity is maxxed out and men put them on a huge pedestal compared to women who dont especially prefer them

Anonymous 43026

No, I like small skellies or small thicc boys.

Anonymous 43027

Not really. Smooth muscles or lightly fit body types are better-looking.
What is this ribbed stuff all over his man boobs? Veins?

Anonymous 43028

dk vs bengals.jpg

he is not that overly chunky looking for his height though, he looks kinda lean because of his height

Anonymous 43036

He looks like he is about to snap into a roid rage tbh

Anonymous 43037

The ideal male body is armless, legless, suspended on a meathook and well refrigerated.

Everyone knows that.

Anonymous 43046

Living or dead?

Anonymous 43059

He seems like a chill guy calm down with ur racism

Anonymous 43070


No, THIS is the ideal male.

Anonymous 43073

I don't think guys consider black the ideal.

Anonymous 43074

>Men consider this the ideal male
>he's literally black

Only serves to prove my theory that white men fetishize black men

Anonymous 43076

yea not white people i guess

Anonymous 43083

Some might, but I would not call them men.

Anonymous 43084

Can this Picture be spoilered? I find it offensive.

Also which man would think a black that spend all his life in a gym is an ideal male?
How about Isambart Brunell, Werner von braun, Napoleon, Neil Armstrong, the guys that work on the fusion reactor, etc.

Also 1,6% bodyfat equals death.

Anonymous 43132

Yeah. You sound very legit.

Anonymous 44210


Here is the ideal man too bad we will all be dead and never experience beauty of the future

Anonymous 44948

>I find it offensive
Scrawny white beta males be like

Anonymous 44979

Nobody wants to be black unless they're tricked into thinking so

Anonymous 44988

I think you meant to post Joseph

Anonymous 44996

no, fumbles too much

Anonymous 45034

wouldn't say that at all, alot of white guys are whores for black culture

Anonymous 46293

even Michael b Jordan ?

Anonymous 46299

Nah, black men are waaay cuter if they're thin with minimal muscle, or slightly chubby. This is too much, even if it was a guy of any other race.

Anonymous 46306

no ew he's too muscular, too tall and black

Anonymous 46311

I think he's pretty hot. You know he'd dick you good. Stop lying about your deepest desires.

Anonymous 46317

he looks ridiculous

Anonymous 46325

Isn’t subversion supposed to be subtle?

Anonymous 46333

I want to feel safe in his strong black man arms.

Anonymous 46338

Absolute butterface plus I doubt his dick even works anymore after all those steroids

Anonymous 46359

I don't agree and I don't think men consider that ideal either, other than the few who push all that cuckold nonsense like this guy >>46311, >>46333.

Anonymous 46367


>cuckold guy
What an insult to my biological womanhood.

Anonymous 46370

It's unfortunate that men get it in their heads that the ideal male form is some he-man level ripped dude. It may be off base, but it seems to genuinely make them feel bad when they see people that fit. They seem to think that female sexuality is exactly like male sexuality in how obvious traits/curves that are pronounced create arousal, but that has limits.

I only really started to like bigger / more fit looking dudes after someone explained that they could handle more during bdsm (rather than skinner guys- you may be able to dominate them easier, but they’re also more frail so you have to keep the balance). The super veiny obviously strained looking bodies are disturbing, I would generally prefer a light layer of fat over everything to round it out. If I’m going ‘big’, I’m thinking ‘teddy bear’. A little cheeky T&A could be nice, but I’m not into the ‘roid look.

Anonymous 46377

I heard someone recently say that "dad bod" was an insult and bullying men. I never heard any women use it in a context that wasn't complimentary? I thought it was cool that we were embracing different body types (even if men won't extend the same courtesy to us…), especially since a lot of the women complimenting it have husbands in their 30s+ who are probably dads and I think it's sweet that they're letting their partners know that they're still sexy to them? My bf has what might be considered a "dad bod" and I've thought he was hot at all kinds of weights. I honestly don't think women have this very specific, universal body type they want in a partner like men do. I see men saying they will not talk to anyone who is over 110lbs on their dating profiles, it's fucking bizarre.

The guy in the OP looks great. My bf looks great.

Anonymous 46379

>1.6% body fat
Being below 3% bf would kill you
This guy is not even close to contest shape, he's 8% at the very least

Anonymous 46383

>I would generally prefer a light layer of fat over everything to round it out. If I’m going ‘big’, I’m thinking ‘teddy bear’
Exactly the same anon. I always had a thing for skinny dudes and my boyfriend is a perfect lanky dude for me but another type of body I'm also into and would not mind is what you described. Roided out bodies, or generally just muscle dudes with low body fat look unappealing. Either twink mode or bear mode for me.

Anonymous 46556


not butter face , just not that attractive face wise

Anonymous 46557

wtf happened. What i said was not butter face , just not that attractive face wise

Anonymous 46568

On men it's called a buttisface.

Anonymous 46576

That looks more like the kind of guy i would scream rape if he came near me at night.

Anonymous 46586

rapists are usually that ripped ? well damn

Anonymous 46592

they are called muscle striations
perfectly normal

Anonymous 46594

He wouldn't need to rape anyone, he'd just seduce them.

Anonymous 46595

You need at minimum 3% bodyfat to live, no way that guy is 1.6% bf.

Anonymous 46596

He's ugly as heck. I don't see that going well for him.

Anonymous 46598

heap of black women would be into him and his face isn't even that ugly in proper photos

Anonymous 46694

Even if that were true, a whole human is different than a dick. I'm sure there are some ugly ass motherfuckers who are packing.

Anonymous 46709


>Men consider this the ideal male

where? dude got a roid gut going on already plus his core is too short, everything's looking bunched up. He wouldn't be very fortunate by bodybuilder standards

Anonymous 46710


low subdermal body fat from trenbolone, striations on muscles. You can see individual fibers.

Anonymous 46871

Are you saying you dont love dolph?

Anonymous 47569

Cam newton.jpg

Cam newton is the only attractive NFL player

Anonymous 47573

Oh no no no no

Anonymous 47582

I don't think liking the most popular subculture in the world means you want to be black. Do you think black guys who speak normally and get good normal jobs want to be white?

Anonymous 47585

>do you think black guys who speak normally and get good normal jobs want to be white
Hollywood sure does.

Anonymous 47613

>1.6% bodyfat

Holy shit some people are so retarded

Anonymous 47628

To be fair, black people have more bone mass, so technically its not "too* incorrect.

Anonymous 47633

You are so incredibly stupid it makes me laugh

Anonymous 47634

No, this guys proportions are all out of wack + he's black

Anonymous 47635

No human can get less than 5% body fat, not even the bigest roid adict. Also, bloated abs are Even worst than being fat.

Anonymous 47641

>not christian mcaffrey

Anonymous 47677

So fragile.

Anonymous 47689


This is the ideal male body in 2020.

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