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men Anonymous 43030

What would be the first thing you would do if all the men mysteriously died

Anonymous 43031

There would be no dicks and balls around to smell
Pretty ugly

Anonymous 43032

Cry, most of my family and friends died

Anonymous 43039


Anonymous 43042


Wonder how do i get money now that all my paypigs are dead

Anonymous 43043

Turn to paysows.

Anonymous 43047

Horde supplies, isolate myself, and wait to see what happens

Anonymous 43108

Get ready to embrace my inner lesbian

Anonymous 43140

Mourn the death of the human species I guess, everything everyone before us ever fought and died for all for nothing. Sure I guess we can use artificial insimination but who is chosen for that? Obviously not enough to go around, human population will fall and build back up but we’ll never be the same

Anonymous 43169

>everything everyone before us ever fought and died for all for nothing
That's just the truth anyway. The human race will have to eventually die out, so if you consider us dying out meaning that this is "all for nothing" then…it will be regardless. Nothing to be so serious about, anon-chan.

Anyway, to answer OP: I'd just dread the adjustment period since it's dangerous for half of the human race to just suddenly be gone. If it was gradual (they slowly died of disease) I'd be a bit less concerned and, instead, sad because I'd miss men.
In this current scenario I'd be sad and anxious. But I'd accept it, mourn my friends, and get a wife or smth.

Anonymous 43192

Fall into a suicidal panic because my soulmate died.

Anonymous 43197


I'd need to find new people to follow on Twitch, which is the real humanitarian tragicomedy.

Anonymous 43198

how fooken tall is she, christ

Anonymous 43223

4chan is doing a raid and is trying to trigger people here. They are spamming gore and stuff. Do somthing mods.

Anonymous 43226

Take this to >>>/meta/2443 Maybe they’ll see it there.

Anonymous 43227


These raids are super boring.

Anonymous 43228

yeah, they're really not funny or creative anymore. 4chan is awful nowadays, especially /b/ has too many edgy normies

Anonymous 43234

have a party

Anonymous 43238

Blame reddit for that

Anonymous 43241

It's time to suck it up, let go of the past, and admit that it doesn't matter who is responsible for 4chan sucking. All that matters is that it fucking sucks and it's long past time to cut ties.

Breakups are hard but your relationship with 4chan is long past due for it.

Anonymous 43245

The problem is there's nowhere else to go. The good imageboards like this one are all slow and inactive, and what else is there, reddit? that's even worse

Anonymous 43247

This is why social media has no place among humanity. Nowhere else to go? How do you think people before the internet spent their lives when they weren't working?

Anonymous 43251

Well, with other people? But most people who post on imageboards are here because they don't like the people they know.

Anonymous 43258

>Well, with other people?
That's where you're wrong.
Books, crafts and hobbies.
According to some sources it takes 10,000 hours to attain mastery in an art; imagine all the hours you've spent reading and posting on imageboards instead invested in the important, meaningful and fulfilling art of writing vampire slashfic, as God intended. Previous generations of nerds/outcasts were higher level for a reason.

Anonymous 43259

problem is that the internet has killed my attention span. why would my brain know how to put effort into something when I can now have instant mindless entertainment from social media, vidya, and porn, without even having to move

Anonymous 43261

Same here. Can't even read two pages of a good book without my mind drifting off. Every second of my life is spent on staring at a phone or computer screen.

The internet should never have been unleashed onto the general populace. The existence of social media is the biggest mistake of this century. But everyone is participating, I can't just turn it off and pretend there isn't a whole virtual world out there.

Anonymous 44216

Anonymous 44218

Who would I trick into doing the dirty work and heavy lifting at my job? "I'm a dainty girl and this box is so big." Then I snicker as I watch men do my work for me.

Besides from being lazy. I would legitimately miss my Dad.

Anonymous 44296

Go down to the sperm bank to grabble up all the cummies before anyone else.

Anonymous 44345

Kill myself

Anonymous 44396

Go on a shooting spree. Somebody's gotta do it.

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