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Anonymous 4304

A Scottish YouTuber faces a year in jail for teaching his girlfriend's dog how to "sieg heil" as a joke for YouTube.


The video is a year old and some of you may have seen it, but Markus just recently got busted by Scottish police and even lost his job over the video. People are comparing it to the Pewdiepie youtube scandal that happened back in January.
What are your guys' thoughts?

Anonymous 4305

I think jail time is over the top, but he's a complete moron for finding that kind of low-level edge humorous in the first place.

Anonymous 4306

I think it's stupid.
All of it. The whole damn issue.
Tbh I wanted to teach my cat to do that because I am a complete moron who finds that low-level edge humorous ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But I wouldn't have put it on youtube because thats my private enjoyment - however sending someone to prison for being an edgy lil shit sounds over the top.
He's stupid for posting it, police is stupid for arresting him

Anonymous 4307


I'm surprised to hear about this level of stupidity coming from a developed nation, although I really know I shouldn't considering the existence of SJW-life.

It reminds me of a story from Nigeria, about a guy who went to prison for naming his pet dog after the muslim president, Buhari (cultural note: Nigeria is 1/2 Christian, 1/2 Muslim and a lot of Muslims don't like dogs so it was seen as an insult – and probably was, although the dog owner stated he named his dog after the president because he loved the president lol).

Pic related.

Anonymous 4308

Holy Shit. The UK is becoming a literal police state at an alarming rate.

Anonymous 4309

What's backwards is that Britain just free'd 7 muslim members of a sex abuse ring from prison who trafficked and raped many underage girls. The police would've caught these men sooner too but didn't investigate them before for fear of being called "racist". The police are total cowards.

Anonymous 10041

I hope it's okay to bump this dead thread, I just wanted to vent about this.

This case has now been pushed to March and he could face up to FIVE years in prison. This fucking insane, he shouldn't be in any legal trouble at all let alone potentially face five years in prison. I've seen some leftists saying he deserves prison or to be beat up, it's like a bad south park episode has come to life. I can't believe this is happening, I know it may seem petty to be upset about this but it's terrifying to think you could get your life ruined over a silly joke.

Anonymous 10045

What annoys me is that Muslims think they own the country. Christians were the majority of Nigeria.

Anonymous 10048

lmao the dogs named Buddha ffs

Anonymous 10052

That's depressing. Meanwhile real pieces of shit are free to be spread actual racism.

Anonymous 10058

That's going over the line. Isn't it illegal to even research WWII in Germany?

Anonymous 10063


Germanon here, it absolutely isn't. You can't do the Hitler salute in public or yell Sieg Heil or Heil Hitler or deny the Holocaust happened. But talking about it, researching, everything is totally fine. It's not like we ban movies like Inglorious Basterds, lol.

>mfw I showed my American bf vid related www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lu0ef and he asked if that is even legal to watch in Germany

Anonymous 10064

>Isn't it illegal to even research WWII in Germany?

How can you get out of bed in the morning knowing you're this dumb?

Anonymous 10066

>Isn't it illegal to even research WWII in Germany?
Anon, sorry but there's no hope for you in this life.

Anonymous 10067

NTA but in her defense, maybe she had a brain fast and typed WW2 when she actually wanted to type Nazism. Which is still wrong, I suppose, but would make more sense.

Anonymous 13979

This is really sad. I'm not a nazi or anything and honestly the joke he tried to make was stupid. but prison? for what? a bad joke? ridiculous.

Anonymous 14655

The fact that he's an immature edgelord is entirely besides the point. Forget about him; he's an insignificant insect in the grand scheme of things. Think about the bigger issue that this represents.

If the government can throw him in prison for making an inappropriate joke, they can throw anyone in prison for making an inappropriate joke. And then the question is, what exactly is inappropriate? Why, whatever the government says it is, of course.

Free speech just has to win. We can't give an inch on this issue. The stakes are too high. We have to support this edgelord now because some day in the future it might be one of us in the hot seat.

Anonymous 14679

I agree. He should not be in jail for a stupid joke.
I'd probably feel differently if it was some guy who was actually peddling Neo-Nazi propaganda and truly advocating killing, but this? Horrible.

Anonymous 14694


Jesus Christ. Why do they not care about their own citizens? What's the benefit of appealing to immigrants/not your own people rather than actual Europeans?

Anonymous 14715

That's how all criminals are treated in the UK, with leniency, maybe use google instead of trying to turn this into an us vs them situation

Anonymous 14724

maybe use ur head before replying to obvious /pol/bait

Anonymous 14983

My dog does this too, but I call it a hanging hi-5 though the resemblance is obviously there. Am i gonna go to jail? What would someone do if their dog does this gesture? Why is a dog trick such an issue when people are actually peddling nazi beliefs beyond a silly joke?

Anonymous 14997

He was fined because he said "gas the Jews" two dozen times, not because he taught his dog to do an edgy trick. If you don't have even the most basic knowledge of this case, why are you pretending to care?

You can stop bumping this thread now, btw. It's pretty easy to tell what's a sincere bump and what's /pol/fags trying to stir shit.

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