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alfa romeo.jpg

Anonymous 43048

This is my new Tesla car
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Anonymous 43049

sure is 1980s in here

Anonymous 43087


Looks good to me.
would pay $40,000.

Anonymous 103442

I always liked these boxy cars.
80s era and early 90s era cars were simplistic but great.

Anonymous 103453

80' were great but the peak was in the 90' because the manufacturers were creating the projects on the computers but weren't fully trusting them so the cars were built slightly better than in calculations to avoid premature malfunctions

Anonymous 103458


Or the original Toyota MR2

Anonymous 103492


My dad had a Mazda GLC. I cried when he sold it.

Anonymous 103496


You're similar to my sister then.
I remember she cried when my dad sold the 3rd gen civic. It was such a good car. But it was a tiny 3 door hatch.

Anonymous 103500


anyone want a ride

Anonymous 103557

Imagine Alfa Romeo and Nissan collaborating on a car and deciding that they’d be best off getting the Italians to build the body and the Japs to supply the engine. Predictably, it was as dull as ditchwater to drive and it rusted in seconds.

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