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At what age should you stop allowing your son to rest his head on your breasts? Anonymous 43114

Anonymous 43117

Why should you stop?

Anonymous 43119


Because it may become inappropriate as he ages. It's not good for your son to be too attached to you, especially physically, because then he won't grow on his own and found his own family and life. He will be too in love with you and eventually eschew proper social life in favour of wanting to marry you or permanently remaining in an early stage of your relationship. This isn't good for either of you.

At the same time, restrictions may be taken as rejection and be bad for him (and down the line, you).

Anonymous 43120

If you don't copulate with your son you're doing something wrong.

Anonymous 43124


Anonymous 43126


Anonymous 43131


Anonymous 43137

>That old guy on the right..
I wonder what was going through his head.

Anonymous 43139

>fuck bro I wish that were me

Anonymous 43155

Idk, 4? 5? as soon as possible, really
I hope all these girls who want to spoil their children ITT are not serious, do you seriously want to mommy your boy all the way through?
Fuck no, the little shit should be grateful i even bothered to give birth to him and feed him, now it's his turn to man up and deal with shit until i kick him out once he's 18

Anonymous 43157

>tfw your breasts aren't big enough to let someone comfortably rest their head on them

If I had a son, poor him would grow up without a boob headrest. Another reason not to have kids.

Anonymous 43158

I still do it at 24. I guess it's seen as less weird if you're a girl.
I also rest my head on her lap and link arms when we walk. I love my mom.

Anonymous 43159


I’m 18 and I do that too. We cuddle sometimes as well. If I were male I could see that as being really strange, lol.

Anonymous 43161

Good luck ever becoming a mother with that mind disease of yours.

Anonymous 43172

Ilu, fellow momma's girl anons.
I feel like a nerd for it but I love my mom so much.

Anonymous 43173

Just do pushups til you have pecs. Problem solved.

Anonymous 43175

unironically the best post in the whole thread.

Anonymous 43177

Girls your sons have to grow up, think back about when you were teens, what if you knew your HS crush was cuddling with mommy? Id say at like 8yo or so you should encourage them to detach

Anonymous 43178

I don't even disagree with most of the post. Just your assumption that physical contact somehow "spoils" the child. I don't envy that poor fucker that might eventually pop out of you.

Anonymous 43181


Anonymous 43182

Yes, and? I didn't say to grow breasts. Just make pecs so they have something to rest on. Problem solved.

Anonymous 45197

you do realize that ppl who don't get lots of affection in childhood turn out to be mentally fragile and emotionally unstable in adulthood right

Anonymous 45222


see >>43161 I still can't get over how good that post is.

Anonymous 45225

I'm 23 and I cuddle all over my mom until she gets mad at me lmao

Anonymous 45240

That looks like his sister

Anonymous 45382

what exactly are u saying here

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