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Anonymous 43136

>be me
>very nervous and anxious
>fren posts emberassing/teasing stuff about me on a discord server
>i lose it and bite my skin until it bleeds
>cannot help but tell him what i did and end the text with a happy smiley

am i crazy?

Anonymous 43138


>i lose it and bite my skin until it bleeds
w-where did you bite at?

Anonymous 43154

learn some healthy ways to cope with embarrassment you freak

Anonymous 43471


OP you clearly have some issues. You should try fixing this cuz this can develop in even more serious forms of self harm.

Anonymous 43556

>discord servers
>not imageboards
ok normie

Anonymous 43598

next time when you feel really strong overwhelming feelings try holding ice cubes or putting a cold washcloth on your face for a few minutes. this helps our bodies calm down.

Anonymous 44055



Anonymous 44057


FWIW I tried deleting this once I realized it was against the rules but 30 mins had already elapsed

oh well w/e

Anonymous 44062

ur adorable and i hope you find someone to hug and cuddle you to calm your anxiety


Anonymous 44083

t. tranny

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