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Anonymous 43201

what does it feel like to touch a penis?

Anonymous 43202

like a warmer harder boob in the shape of a sausage

Anonymous 43203

you make it sound way less exciting than i thought it would be to hold one in your hand

Anonymous 43204

Holding a penis in your hand is exciting but not because of the texture

Anonymous 43205

Like a warm silicon dildo.

Anonymous 43206

Also like this but a bit more squishy.

Anonymous 43209

I'm curious too, OP. I want to touch one in the near future ;_;

Anonymous 43210

The surface is very, very soft. I've never touched such a soft surface on the human body. And I'm talking about when it's hard. The feeling of grabbing it itself is comforting. There is thickness and it is dense.

Anonymous 43211

Its honest to god just like >>43202 said, but in my opinion its quite a bit harder than what comes to mind, like, imagine a hard piece of wood covered in thick, very soft skin (the skin kinda feels like a really thick cover for leberwurst), all of it in human temperature and somewhat twitchy. When its fully erect you cant bend it at all. Its cute and fun to play around with.


Anonymous 43212

exactly like this. It feels amazing to just hold it

Anonymous 43213

Like a bag of salty coins.

Anonymous 43214

i'm really curious to know what a penis feels and smells like. i also phantasize about licking balls, idk if that's weird or not. at the same time i'm scared of men and i want nothing to do with them. feels bad.

Anonymous 43229

not weird at all. No need to be scared of men fren, you should find a qt nervous virgin bf who you can trust

Anonymous 43230


In additition to OP's question, is there a difference between a virgin penis and a used one?

Anonymous 43231

Not really. It's the person that counts.

Anonymous 43232

Anonymous 43233

no but virgin boys are better

Anonymous 43242

It's exhilarating because like others have said, it's so soft, yet so hard and warm. Also when you look at his face you can see the tension - in your hands, you are holding his manhood, literally and metaphorically. It's invigorating to feel that power, especially from someone you love.

Anonymous 43249

something something pairbonding

Anonymous 43254


that sounds so hot. aaahhh i just want to touch a virgin peepee

Anonymous 43255

it can become a bit dry/scaly around the tip if it's used a lot

Anonymous 43257

According to a few biologists, human evolution was actually driving towards equipping human males with a physical virginity.

When I was in high school (I dunno if this is true for other people or if it was just a local thing) some girls would talk about a guy's "rope" and say that when a guy has sex his "rope breaks" and it's a bloody, painful, horrifying experience. In Sex Ed they told us that was a myth and that that part is called the "frenulum" and it's there to deliver blood to the tip of the penis and that circulating this myth was just convincing men to take razors to cut an important part of their penises just so that it'd look like they had sex (and also so women wouldn't be unwilling to have sex with them over fear of a mess).

Well according to this medical hypothesis, the high school girls were right and the teachers were less right:


The hypothesis also explains why male-dominated cultures practice male circumcision, and it's pretty much the same as the reason high school boys were cutting their frenulums.

Anonymous 43263

The frenulum is not supposed to break, wtf. If it is you're either doing something wrong or were born with one that's too short.
That article is outdated and makes claims that have been disproven. I wouldn't listen it. There is no worldwide tradition of circumcision. It exists because of religion, not because of the practice itself.

Anonymous 43265

African tribes have had traditions of circumcision long before contact with either Islamic or European societies, usually as a manhood ritual. Their forms of circumcision were often significantly more extreme than the religiously-motivated ones; it was not uncommon for boys to die as a result of various practices. To this day, African tribes engage in male circumcision rituals which can be best described as "unhygienic," not for any specific spiritual purpose, but in order to undergo a social transition into manhood.
>When I asked the abakwetha why they had to go through all this, they replied: It’s hard to be a man. You can’t buy it, or be given it, you have to be it. You have to endure pain, hunger and hardship. When times get tough in your life, you know you got through your initiation, so you can get through whatever challenge you are faced with.

European colonialists and explorers noted that male circumcision, including infant circumcision, existed among Native Americans long before transatlantic contact. Likewise Australian and Polynesian cultures practiced male circumcision.

It seems more likely that the practice originated first and then gained religious trappings than that it was born purely from religion, since it existed on all human inhabited continents rather than all flowing from a single cultural and religious source.

Anonymous 43267

If the frenulum breaks it's because the guy has phymosis or something, but that's not the norm
Don't say it as if frenulum breaking is something expected and supposed to happen like hymen breaking

Anonymous 43268

in these tribes, the reason still remains ritualistic or religious.
the frenulum is NOT supposed to break. at all. if it does, its due to phymosis or the like.

Anonymous 43308

This is utter nonsense
Thank you, you broke the thread

>mutilate your dick as a baby to prove you're a man.

also Look at the loser cultures that still do it. It's obviously a sign of quality, right?

Plus it's said it males masturbation harder for the boys. Tell me, please, what is the hardest challenge for a boy, if it's not touching their dick with all the porn and sugar that's around.

Anonymous 43322

there isn't a different between a virgin and non-virgin penis. but many people have a mental attraction to virgin (pure) sexual organs.

Anonymous 43325

Yeah, circumcision was literally promoted as a means to stop masturbation.

Anonymous 43338

The main reason why frenulum might break during sex is that the woman is not wet enough and that's a problem for both involved.

Anonymous 43343

I've heard of guys ripping their frenulum trying to force their way in before the women was wet enough. Serves him right. Lick it before you stick it.

Anonymous 43706

like a candlestick

Anonymous 43712

The tip feels hot? So sexy.

Anonymous 43747


>this thread

Anonymous 43753

My thoughts on penises even though I've only see and touch one in person. . .forgive me I'm autistic
-I find flaccid penises are very cute. They look like soft little slugs
-The skin is very soft like really soft
-it's usually darker then the rest of the body
-it gets surprisingly hard and really warm
-I think it's funny how the foreskin covers the head and you can pull it back to see the head, it a game of peekaboo
-men hate it when you pull it back too far, at least mine did
-like what I assume any human body sometimes it smells nice and other times it can stink same goes with the taste, from very pleasant to really sour
-it's fascinating to feel it pulses or throbs

Anonymous 43754

That’s dirty

Anonymous 43770


This description makes me want to touch a penis. Why was I born a femcel, only to suffer? Time to go listen to more “getting murdered by ur bf” asmr I guess.

Anonymous 43794

what's a femcel?

Anonymous 43795

>female celibate
Its a play in "incel" which is involuntary celibate. People who fail in dating and or casual sex. They're usually virgins.

Anonymous 43833

Nobody is born a femcel. If you're open-minded, participate in social activities and don't live in a place where you just can't fit in, it's almost impossible not to find a relationship.

Also, don't listen to the delusional post from 12/13/19 7AM. So much LARPing these days.

Anonymous 43947

>participate in social activities


Anonymous 43955

The weirdest part is how the skin moves over top of it. Like the skin is really smooth but there's all sorts of ridges or muscle or something underneath and the skin just slides along over top of that.

Anonymous 44111


>this thread

Anonymous 44113

That's just if the guy is cut, friction in underwear causes the dryness. If you ever have male kids remember not to mutilate them ;_;

Anonymous 44204

If you go down to give him head & it stank, dont fucking do it!!!!! I did with my first boyfriend because I didnt know any better. A clean guy should not smell like moldy cheese down there!

Anonymous 44207

No not really. Its more about the individual and how he takes care it. But virgin bfs are the way to go. Guys who are in between virgin and man-whore tend to pick up weird things that they think all women are into (obviously not all). Virgin bf guarantees a fresh dick and his sexual learning will be shaped by YOUR needs & wants.

Anonymous 44213

How old is too old though? What if I'm older than him? It would be kind of weird for me to find a virgin guy my age. Aren't virgin guys at that age sort of weird?

Anonymous 44235

Like 23. If a guy is a virgin past that then there is something wrong with him and he should avoided at all cost.

Anonymous 44239

Even if I'm older than that?

Anonymous 44249

>Aren't virgin guys at that age sort of weird?
Aren't you kind of weird too?

Anonymous 44251

Weird women fumble in social situations and show up late and have weird hobbies. Weird men abduct women and lock them in their basements and abuse anyone who makes the mistake of being involved with them.

Anonymous 44252

That seems extremely unlikely, statistically speaking.

Anonymous 44275

Especially if you're older than that. You don't want to be wasting your time on losers.

Anonymous 44277

Abduction yes, abuse no.

Anonymous 44376

Why do you think so?

After browsing love-shy forums (and not those nutty online communities where male teenagers whine about not getting laid), I really think that most virgin men over 30 are just more reserved and cautious than the average person but not necessarily weirdos.

Anonymous 44381

Outer skin is like the inside of your lip and moves freely, can stretch a lot easily, it's quite easy to bend and move around when not hard. FUCK CAPTCHA
I'll get back to you witb the hard one in a bit ;)

Anonymous 44385

When hard it feels like a really swollen muscle, flexed to maximum strength, it doesn't bend at all, it's around 2 or 3 times bigger than when small and the foreskin comes off the baby skin smooth tip, although it will move on and off partially when stroked

Anonymous 44645

[/spoiler] [spoiler]

Anonymous 44952

>If a guy is a virgin past that then there is something wrong with him and he should avoided at all cost.

Anonymous 44954

My current boyfriend and last boyfriend were both late to have sex/a GF.
I think some men are legitimately shy and too reserved to date. They're also both heavily involved in their careers in male-dominated fields.
I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a guy having little to no experience, as long as you can see a reason for it. If they show evidence of being bitter and hateful toward others (lack of empathy) then drop them though.

Anonymous 45096

I think it's looking at me…

Anonymous 45201

Surprised nobody's mentioned how much dick skin feels like eyelid skin.

Anonymous 45206

Like soft, moisturized eyelid skin? Or "it's mid winter and no, I do not moisturize" eyelid skin?

Anonymous 45227

I just tried touching my eyelid and hurt my eye

Anonymous 45229

i think anon means the way it glides over the firmer surface beneath it

Anonymous 45257


Anonymous 45265


What a coincidence. Today I decided to go on google maps to browse Russia, and lo and behold I saw the same fucking signpost

Anonymous 45267

oh they're not the same I'm just a moron. Anyway sorry for slightly derailing the thread

Anonymous 45296

gtfo back to wykop you fucking normie scum
i'd kill you with my bare hands if i had the chance to do that

Anonymous 45341

Pretty good :DDD
ahahah benis!

Anonymous 45344

What's it like to touch a penis with your mouth?

Anonymous 45353

A weird combination of both soft and hard. The skin is almost nice, but it's actually a pretty gross feeling.
>>43204 said it perfectly. It's more about feeling close to the guy.

Anonymous 50203


Touching this must feel so lifelike.

Anonymous 50259

Bag of salty coins

Anonymous 50333

Dummies stop responding to smelly males for God's sake

Anonymous 50341

PLEASE. Stop giving them attention.

Anonymous 50490

>thinking you deserve better when you're no better than them

Anonymous 63786

That is not what a normal penis looks like. It's way too veiny.

Anonymous 63814

Like very soft pink velvet.

Anonymous 63969

also if you ever have a baby boy, remember to make him stretch their skin when they are young. be prepared for them to hurt a lot but it´s worth it doing it younger rather than older as it prevents phimosis. remember to check with your doctor as well

>t. little brother did it and came out fine while a highschool friend that grew up without a mother and didn't do it had to get circumcised in his teens

Anonymous 63970

quoted the wrong post >>44113

Anonymous 63972

Why are moids like this. My bf says absolutely nothing and I hate it so much. I like it a lot more when I can see the enjoyment.

Anonymous 63974

>grab his dick
>lean in bite his ear
>whisper “moan for me you fucking slut”
Bingo bango Bob’s your uncle

Anonymous 64025

maybe he doesn't actually feel good? or good enough to moan.

Anonymous 64038

my bf makes a lot of noise and i love it so much

Anonymous 64039

He would cum in 1 minute if it were up to him, pretty sure it feels fine.

Anonymous 64040

Tie him up and force him to moan.
Use whatever means necessary.

Anonymous 64041

Feed him a little first

Anonymous 64148

tenor (4).gif

D-does that really work?
Asking for when I lose my virginity.

Anonymous 64153

Yes, actually just approach random men on the street and do that to them if you want to lose your v more expediently

Anonymous 64216

Why is fp always bp?

Anonymous 64217

It's not that they are retarded by nature, it's that they all started watching porn during puberty, before they had sex. So they think that women want men to act like the guys in porn who rarely make pleasure noises or say anything besides "yeah I bet you like that bitch" which might work for some but makes them seem autistic to most

Anonymous 64220

squeeze his penis after he cums
watch the moid squirm

Anonymous 64236

>big numbers

Anonymous 64238

On one hand I feel like you could reach several dozens of GB of normie porn quite easely if you want real high quality stuff and want to download a collection of specific series, actresses etc to keep it fresh, compared to those poor pornhub quality that are only 3 minutes clip
It'd be high for a normie who can barely use google but for some guy with internet addiction that'd be beginner size, my JAV folder is 12GB at the moment and it's only old 480p videos that have half finished downloading

On the other hand when I was deep in hentai my folder was almost 100GB big, and those were pretty small files (100mb per doujin), which is pretty fucking degenerate if you ask me

I lost the point of my message but I don't think 20GB is an insane amount seeing as a single high quality file of a hour long video can be 5GB by itself

Anonymous 64240

20 GB really doesn't seem like anything, assuming it's a video. Full HD 1920 x 1080 is 149MB for a minute. That more than doubles for Ultra HD / 4K at the same length. If it's actually like a porn movie style of video that seems like it'd be a gigabyte even on the low end. Not that I don't think that sort of stuff is kinda weird in of itself.

Anonymous 64241

It's a rabbit hole, I did read them all and hoarded them throught a year, it feels good to have things "at hand" all neatly organized and stuff
had it on an encrypted drive and planned on burying it somewhere if I ever killed myself so that future archeologists in the year 3000 could discover high japanese culture but I deleted it all a few years ago and never looked back

Anonymous 64242

>most men
>>moids online

that´s a lot of confirmation bias

Anonymous 64258

>this thread was posted 10 months ago
>still never touched a penis

Anonymous 64281

Reading 100gb of hentai is a big achievement imo. I have 2gb and it's already hard to browse.

To be fair, the past 8 months have been very uneventful for most people.

Anonymous 64303

like rubber,no kidding
first time I touched a dick I laughed out loud because of that,which was very tough to explain later

Anonymous 64307

I hope you apologised for hurting his feelings.

Anonymous 64308

But boys don't have feelings. Only girls do.

Anonymous 64311

Want some advice? What country are you from?

Anonymous 64312

a boy's urethra gets stretched out every time he has sex

Anonymous 64328

Lmao what? That is patently untrue, if it was wouldn't all guys dicks except for uncles be like 20" long?

Anonymous 64329

incels* guess I don't shitpost on my phone enough

Anonymous 64332


Anonymous 64335

>wouldn't all guys dicks except for uncles be like 20" long?
They do??? Have you never touched a dick before anon.

Anonymous 64338

Have I???

Anonymous 64358

I think she means the tip gets more exposed, not that it gets longer.

Anonymous 64689

Anonymous 64692

This is a dead animal. Do not insert it in you.

Anonymous 64703

A post of me appears. I'm famous lol

Anonymous 65827

This entire thread is adorable

Anonymous 65830

I don't know and I don't want to know. Gross.

Anonymous 65842

It's like, when it's erect, it's warm and hard when you grab it, but your hand slides so easily over it like the skin is super smooth. When it's soft, it's just like that - soft, squishy, still really smooth though. It's a lot of fun to play with, though he never understands my obsession to just play with it non-sexually.

Anonymous 65859

>psychotic (censored slur) women can make threads that reach bump limit about how they want to torture and kill cats and dogs.

Err, anyone knows what she's talking about? Where do we have threads like that here?

Anonymous 65871

This thread makes me realize how much of a virgin I really am.

Anonymous 65875


Anonymous 65881

That's caused by circumcision
It makes their penis numb too

Anonymous 65894

The male is a retarded female, penises start as clits in the womb, clit exists solely to give pleasure when penises are used to rape women and children to death. Most women think dicks are gross (or neutral at best) and it's natural to think so. I'm very sceptical of "women" who fawn over dicks like this, you sound like a scrote. Scrotes love dicks and draw them everywhere, it's their homoerotic fixation.

Anonymous 65895

Have sex.

Anonymous 65908

I do have sex

Anonymous 65915

Anonymous 65917

It's a mistake to assume that women with low opinions of men are bitter female incels.
On the contrary, most develop negative opinions of men as a result of having had extensive and intimate contact with them.

Anonymous 65918

>not fucking scrotes means you don't have sex

Anonymous 65925

Sure. And I'm certain many incels developed their opinions of women from having interacted primarily with bitches. Many of them have terrible relationships with their mothers. That doesn't make their opinions right
You just need to find men who aren't assholes. Go outside your immediate family, for starters. Maybe check out a college campus

Anonymous 65927

Nta but I'm only sexually/romantically involved with women now. I didn't have to be dicked down and abused in a relationship to know the truth about men and to decide to never pursue them. I've seen and heard enough both irl and on the internet. The wast majority of men watch porn and I'm pretty sure they don't see women as fully human, like they see other men. Women who still chase scrotes in hope for a "happy ending" are fucking delusional. Don't compare women who reject men to incels who want to force women to have sex with them through enforced monogamy lmao.

Anonymous 65934

not everything's about you dyke

Anonymous 65939

I'm bi. Also, have sex is not a valid argument in the first place. I know heterosexual female separatists who are less fucked in the head than women who live with scrotes. Fucking men literally makes women dumb kek.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 65995

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3118.

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