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Lucid dreaming Anonymous 43320

Have any of you tried to lucid dream before? If you succeeded, what did you do in the dream?

I’ve lucid dreamed before, but not on purpose, and I usually wake up soon after I realize I’m in a dream.

Anonymous 43321

I was actually really interested in it when I was younger. I intentionally managed a few lucid dreams through the method where you become aware within the dream (I think it's called MILD?) They usually weren't very vivid dreams, but I always used the opportunity to fly, and sometimes try to transform my body (like have wings or turn into an animal.)

I get sleep paralysis quite a lot recently and I could probably use that to go into a lucid dream, but I'm always too panicked and just want to wake up.

Anonymous 43328

I don't know if it counts as lucid dreaming, because it always feels like I make the same choice over and over again. Whenever I figure out I'm dreaming I tend to just start trying to fly and jump around. It's an intoxicating feeling. I kind of want to try doing other things while dreaming, but, it just doesn't come to mind. If I'm always making the same "choice" while lucid dreaming, am I really lucid dreaming?

Anonymous 43335

If you're aware it's a dream then it's lucid, but there are different levels of lucidity. If your brain is still working the weird way it does in a dream, then it isn't very lucid. There are ways to improve that though

Anonymous 43402

I actually managed to randomly lucid dream a few weeks ago after a long series of those wake up for 5 seconds than go back to sleep again weird dreams.
So I tried to imagine my husbando, but every time it wouldn't come out clearly. It's like the conscious mind coming out in the lucid-ness brings out my bad visualization skills.

Anonymous 43433

I can lucid dream pretty reliably, but it always brings me to a weird dream state where I'm unable to experience things I haven't experienced in real life. For example, I've never been stabbed, so if I were to stab myself with a knife in one of my lucid dreams I would feel nothing.

I think that it kind of defeats the point.

Anonymous 43646

I have something sort of similar
>suspect I'm in a dream
>"right, what's the first thing I should try?"
>"jump out of the balcony and fly, naturally."
>"but wait, what if it isn't a dream and I end up killing myself?"
>decide to test it out by trying to make an object levitate with my mind
>wake up
I had several dreams following that pattern, I don't know what's up with that.

Anonymous 43647

Every time I become fully aware that I am dreaming the dream gets really wired and starts to fall apart. Or the dream switches completely and I forget that I'm dreaming. Although in most part I think I'm fully involved in decision making in my dream. So I do have a powerful influence. Such as one time in my dream I had to choose one of two paths. I went down one path and I got stabbed. I said that sucks and reversed time in my dream and chose the other path.

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