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Anonymous 43416

Who else here getting a kick from denying boys?

>be at the train station waiting for my train

>light up a cig
>cute and tall guy comes up to me and asks if I have fire
>look himnup from his feet to his head and tell him no
>"but you just lit up a cigarette"
>dont even look at him
>"get lost"
>His stature deflates as he retreats

>be chatting with friends from course

>the constantly send me messages telling me I looked cute today in class, asking if I have any plans, asking me if I want to go to the gym with them
>leave them on read and reply several hours later with one word answers
>they instantly reply when I answer them

>be sitting in college cafeteria with friends

>friends decide to leave
>sitting alone finishing my meal
>cute boy from my course comes to me
>"can I sit with you?"
>smile at him and say sure
>he sits and turns to me to start talking
>I instantly get up and leave without saying a word

>another boy from my course send me a message on friday evening asking if I will come to his party

>leave him on read for several hours and reply with "i dont feel like going out today"
>instantly replies with "awww :( thats bad, I would be so happy if you came"
>leave him on read
>later go out to a club and dance with some sororitas me and my friends met
>post pics of it on IG
>Some boy from college course likes my pics

Anonymous 43417

Anonymous 43418

Femcel power fantasy

Anonymous 43424



Anonymous 43427

I mean, it depends on what the "undesirable" thing is.
If a man is emotionally supportive and generous in a relationship, but then he turns around and rapes a child or starts beating me of course it will change my view of him. I'll still be grateful for the rest, but the relationship itself will be ruined.

I get this but also…it depends. Was this ever addressed? Otherwise it just sounds like a "naggy women, amiright fellas?" sort of thing that modern non-Muslim men express, as well.
t. atheist

Anonymous 43436

hahaha I thought I was the only one who does this

>be dancing in a club

>some guy approaches, we dance a bit
>later he asks if he can have my number
>look at him
>watch the happiness in his eyes fizzle out
>turn around and go

>sit outside reading

>some guy comes talking to me
>dont say anything, just look him up and down
>go back to my book and not look up again

I only do this with the overconfident guys though, since they're the only ones who approach me usually plus they're the most fun to break down. I think I'd pity an insecure guy too much so it wouldnt be fun, usually I'm genuinely nice to those

Anonymous 43437

Why the fuck would you be mean to people like this? Does it make you feel better in some fucked up way? Disgusting, I hope one of those guys turns into an angry incel and shoots you.

Anonymous 43441

Guys online regularly make up revenge fantasies about hot girls and rarely do they get "called out" by a fellow guy, yet when girls do this, a reverse-whiteknight appears.
We don't have to pretend that we're nicer and kinder than guys because they don't pretend either.

Anonymous 43442

They don't get called out because they're saying it in a sociopath circlejerk. Try saying it in real life among normal people and see how they ostracize you.
This isn't a man hating femcel forum. Don't project your mental problems and lack of empathy on everybody else.

Anonymous 43444

After looksmaxing, yes, I love doing this shit. Just pisses me off so much that these people wouldn't have even recognized me as a human before I was pretty in their eyes so I take pleasure in doing this.

Anonymous 43448

Define "looksmaxing" to me.

Anonymous 43449

Started dieting and working out
Learned make up
Learned style
Had 2 operations (fixed my eyebrows and nose)

Anonymous 43450

Proper diet and exercise is pretty much prerequisite to being a functioning member of society, yes, but wth was wrong with your nose and eyebrows to warrant permanently altering them?

Anonymous 43451

My eyebrows were very droopy, making me look sad/tired 24/7. Plugging didn't help because I'd have to make them very, very thin and even then it didn't help much. I wanted to rely on make up as little as possible so I decided to just get surgery.

I just found my nose to be little bit too thick so I narrowed it a little.

Anonymous 43452

I don't like where that's going, anon. I don't think anyone's going to like that.

Anonymous 43454

well if guys are hitting on her now it seems to have worked out for her

(generally tho I agree and most surgeries end up horrible.)
Tbh I would love to do as op does as well. but i think im not pretty enough, and putting myself under a knife to get there isnt worth it imo

Anonymous 43455

autismus maximus

Anonymous 43456

based stacy

seething moids

Anonymous 43457

Haha, I know it can sound bad, but trust me I look normal. Plastic surgery doesn't automatically botched (Kylie Jenner for example).

Anonymous 43460


You Pick Mes and handmaidens are outnumbered by the man hating femcels and Stacies on this board. Let's continue with the man hate stories, girls!

Anonymous 43463

>and then everyone clapped.

Heads up to anyone wanting to make up stuff like this: in reality males will often turn violent when they face rejection. They will throw an insult even if you reject them politely. Especially the "confident types" mentioned itt.

The fact that you've never encountered an aggressive response not even once makes it way too obvious that you're just a larper and that your cringey fantasies aren't even based in reality.

Wouldn't be surprised if these were just male trolls trying to paint women as bitches and males as poor innocent victims.

Anonymous 43465

Maybe we should make Ms paint comics out of them like people on 4chan do with those made up fatphobia tumblr stories.

Anonymous 43466

They clearly aren't. Most threads here are about lonely girls who just want a bf and friends. The other anon is right, you sound like a larping male.

Anonymous 43467

What do you mean with Pick Me?

Anonymous 43468

This so much. Even politely rejecting or blocking or trying to ghost men get angry and violent.
They say to use a more direct approach like "sorry I'm not interested" but men don't respect you for it or appreciate it. They chimp out and call you rude things and threaten you or try to devalue you because in their mind theyve been rejected by an object they already thought they were entitled to

Anonymous 43469

where are you from?

Anonymous 43470

>not having the slightest grasp on satire
I have a pussy, jsyk

Anonymous 43472

I'm in the US in a major city but I don't really see why that makes a difference.

Anonymous 43678

its pick-mes, ie girls who say they are not like other girls ans like baking and unreciprocated oral sex so that men will marry them instead of just use them for sex or as a practice girlfriend

Anonymous 43689

way to go

Anonymous 43695

I did the “get up and leave after someone sits with you” several times out of anxiety, am I Stacy now?

Anonymous 43697

I don't say I'm not like other girls but I do like to bake and don't mind giving unreciprocated oral.

Anonymous 43701

I don't like oral performed on me. And I've cummed from oral, too. I don't mind giving oral to a partner who is appreciative of it, I don't see how that is pickmeitis.

Anonymous 44088


Anonymous 44131

That rules out a lot of guys who actually like giving oral sex. More for the rest of us I guess.

Anonymous 44194

I agree with this 100%. Got treated like shit in middle school and high school because I didnt have style and didnt put the effort in but now that I now how to look good fuck these pigs. People do treat you differntly when you lose weight/dress better/get puberty zits under control. The rest of the world then treats you like a human being but when youve been treated less than that, you know that a lot of the people (especially guys) wouldnt treat you the same if you didnt improve drastically.

There was this boy I liked in middle school but he rejected me. Years later he said he had feelings for me but I was long over him. Felt good to tell him off.

Anonymous 44195



Anonymous 44196



Anonymous 44197



Anonymous 44198



Anonymous 44199



Anonymous 44200



Anonymous 44201



Anonymous 44202



Anonymous 44203

Same, makes me feel gross. Ive only let my boyfriend do it a few times. If I was in his shoes I wouldnt

Anonymous 44260

yeah >>44200
lmao, is this OC?

Anonymous 44261

Absolutely based and pinkpilled

Anonymous 44263

this is such a moid tier cope

Anonymous 45158

these girl memes are funny as fuck

Anonymous 45163

Oh I think I recognize you, you are that anon who writes incel talking points with inverted sexes, aren't you?

Anonymous 45166

When and how did NOT wearing makeup become a sign of being desperate for male sexual attention?

Anonymous 45170

Have sex ASAP

Anonymous 45171


Pick mes BTFO

Anonymous 45172

Except the nerd girls ignored me in high school just as much as the Stacies.

Anonymous 45175

Is this how bullies cope? Pretending they were never bullies in the first place and it was their victims' fault for being ostracized?

Anonymous 45176

Most bullies don't have any psychological need to cope, according to Dr. Jennifer Wong bullies just naturally have unusually high self-esteem, high aggression, and no remorse. This is actually more along the lines of a bully's peer circle, who need to justify their social attraction to someone who embodies traits they are told to deplore.
Sometimes there is some limited justification, but it's only required at the very beginning of a lifelong pattern of victimization. Dr. Kipling Williams' famous paper "Ostracism: The Kiss of Social Death" began with a description of the start of six years of bullying for a typical girl victim:
Subsequent justifications did not have to be made by her tormentors; she was the outlet of their cruelty since kindergarten and nothing more was needed. Justifications would, however, be made by her peers, usually consisting of her acting like an abused person and having behaviors and mannerisms that abused people develop instead of being normal and therefore worthy of inclusion and the protection that brings.

It's also more likely to be a victim's cope than a bully's cope; the victim's social environment changes a great deal when attending a new school, whether junior high, high school, or college. This breaks the cycle of ostracism and victimization, but if the victim is capable of returning to a normal social life they will value their new social bonds enough that they have to come up with a story justifying the moral distinction between their new and their previous social environment. Self-blame is extremely common, so the victim must pretend that their internal state caused their previous ostracism from the very beginning, even though an even more extreme, traumatized internal state did not bring out the worst in their new social environment. This is one of the reasons intense hostility to victims, to identification as a victim, and to the concept of unjust victimization is typical of the Victim Complex. That's also one of the reasons you see anti-feminist women and female MRAs who hate "pathetic crying victims" while they themselves were raped and abused by men for their whole lives.

It is possible that female bullies specifically do at some point begin creating elaborate justifications, because even though all bullies start out with higher than normal levels of self-esteem, female bullies actually continue to gain even more self esteem throughout life, whereas male bullies tend to be more or less static.

But it seems unlikely that a bully would make this specific kind of justification.

Anonymous 45187

No. You're just a basic shit tier narcissist and you will be for life because it's a genetic trait. Don't believe me? Take the Big 5 personality test and see where you fall on the Agreeableness Spectrum. That is hard coded into you DNA so congrats, you're a cunt for life. A basic bitch.

Anonymous 45198

>bullies just naturally have unusually high self-esteem, high aggression, and no remorse
Is this so. I thought most bullies came from shitty households and had sad "backstories" (hardly things that would strengthen their self-esteem) and that's why they start bullying other people to feel better about themselves.

Anonymous 45224


>Evidence indicates it is the “pure” bullies, however, who account for 80-90% of bullying, yet are more socially adept, more popular and fly more under the radar, says Volk.
>Some of the differences were not statistically significant, but bullies — about 11% of the group — came out on top on three main outcomes: they scored highest on self-esteem and social status and lowest on depression, says Wong’s paper in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.



Bullying early in life predicts a pattern of bullying throughout life, and it is pretty well known that bullying is actually more common both before and after high school than during. Workplace bullying is significantly more common. One of the career paths with a particularly high concentration of workplace bullying is Nursing. Nursing is an interesting field for studies of bullying, for quite a lot of reasons.
Nursing is stressful, but high status, and nurses tend to be confident, self-motivating women with healthy self esteem, from functional if status-oriented backgrounds.

One of the more modern theories on the nature and significance of bullying is that bullying is itself socially oriented, status-elevating behavior, rather than the frustrated lashing out of the lower social orders.

Anonymous 49408

fascinating. pure bullies have higher rates of machiavellianism

Anonymous 49412

>nurses are psychopaths
more at 5

Anonymous 49419

Is that a well-known stereotype or what? Do patients get bullied by nurses, too?

Anonymous 49431

>come to CC once every 12 hours just to post retarded rape fantasies
Fuck oath and never come back again!

Anonymous 49453

I am not posting rape fantasies, I despise rape

Anonymous 49454

not the one*

Anonymous 49467

This is how incels are born

Anonymous 49474

Playing a dangerous game there, OP. Besides manufacturing incels, you are just baiting for the one time you find a creepy violent psycho.

Anonymous 49499

One of these days you’re gonna do this to the wrong guy and something bad will happen to you.

Anonymous 49506

Who cares about "the dangers of failed males aping out" lmao

Anonymous 49507

Do moids make these? Seriously, what the HELL?

Anonymous 49508

You will care when one of them chimps out on you and hurt you.

Anonymous 49521

Do you need a hug?

Anonymous 49525

chino has contract…

mental illness thread

Anonymous 49545

Mental illness board.

Anonymous 61170

Do you normally lie on the internet?

Anonymous 61189

your coward hero. You dont even have your own views, your the same likenesses of the oogie boogie man just a collective hive mind.

Anonymous 61298

I like to take it a step further by flirting with the guy first, get him all interested then when he makes a move I shoot him.down and say
"What why would I ever be interested in a loser like you"

Really kills his self confidence

Anonymous 61311

>"What why would I ever be interested in a loser like you"
Moids are such coomers that they've sexualized being rejected like that too.
There is porn out there of pornstars calling the viewer a loser and males get off to it.
There is no refuge from coomerism.

Anonymous 61325

ngl you're living the dream op

Anonymous 62200

I did have a moid get off by me telling him how pathetic and small his dick was, so yeah they really are fucked in the head

Anonymous 62201

People like that have been around longer than spoken language. It's better to ignore them than pretend they hold any majority. You'll never know if they're exhibitionists on top of that.

Anonymous 62202

Yeah I don't doubt that, it's kinda disgusting though
I like my men to be men,not pathetic little boys
But even calling them pathetic gets them off
Though I've started to see the songs and can avoid it a bit better

Anonymous 62251

YES. My friends always get so mad at me for not being "mean" when guys make me uncomfortable, they're always like, "just tell them to fuck off, kick him in his balls," as much as I'd love to, I don't wanna get murdered or raped. I try to put people down as nicely as possible, coddle that ego, tell him, "you're attractive, but I have a boyfriend," shit, I'm 5'1", and we're in the middle of nowhere, fuck no, I'm not gonna tell someone to "fuck off,"

Anonymous 62396


>”Buddy, I SAID: FUCK. OFF.”

Anonymous 62409

>Itt femcel power fantasies

Anonymous 62444

O shit, you're right. I need one. LOL. I have a stun gun and pepper gel, though. The stun gun is so loud just when activated, I feel like that'd scare them

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