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How To restrAin your haTe (and fake nice)? Anonymous 43634

i am not generally a hateful/violent/spiteful person but there is one exception that makes me not be able to think clear

i need to move back to my abusive/toxic/unlikable parents in order to study for my uni entrance exams.
>inb4 get a job and study at the same time
im too much of a brainlet,id be a miracle if i passed altogether t b h.

A part of me wants to confront them and ask for an apology but really that would be risky. So i am thinking of kissing there ass and praying theyll help with uni

so how do i fake nice with em?im autistic so shit like this is hard .Last time i couldn't even function around them but i need to stay mentally strong this time

Anonymous 43635

First step: learn to write.

Anonymous 43636

seething rn

Anonymous 43637

Imagine wanting to pretend to be nice just so you can take advantage of people you dislike. Grow a spine and get a job or they're right and you suck.

Anonymous 43638

I am poor living in a poor country ,the exams are so hard that everyone here is forced into extra schooling to pass and i need a degree.

i am sorry but i am not privileged enough to act above .i do not feel any pitty for them after what they have done to me, they deserve much worse than being tricked into providing me a future

Anonymous 43639

What country?

Anonymous 43642

i dont think slightly doxing myself would be wise in this thread

Anonymous 43643

Unless you're living in Sealand announcing a country isn't really doxing.
>oh boy I've narrowed down who you could be from a number of billions of people down to millions of people

Anonymous 43644

I dont feel comfortable announcing sorry fren uwu

Anonymous 43645

Can you try to avoid contact with them as much as possible? I.e. hiding in your room most of the time. Or is your family the type to relentlessly bother you?
I can somewhat relate, my mother was a piece of work. I hated my mother and living with her. When she wasn't home was the best part. When she came home from being where ever the fuck she went I would try to hide from her at all cost. Or not be home myself and go to a near by park.

Anonymous 43686

i understand anon sorry you had to go thru this

i will try tho im an indoors person and sure dont like when they bust into my room and start monitoring what am doing

ugh i ll try

Anonymous 43691

As a person with not-the-best kind of parents,

Don't confront them about anything, BUT, also don't kiss their ass too much or at all if possible.
Be neutral about most things. Give simple short answers to questions. Don't fake being nice, just be neutral.

Might be bad advice but if they're REALLY toxic and bad for your mental health, don't feel anything with them. Try not to talk to them unless you have to, don't let them start an argument if they try.
Say a bunch of "Ok"s and "Yeah"s.

Sounds extreme, but since you said they're abusive I think it's a good way, and it works.

Anonymous 44788

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