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Vegetarian/vegan Anonymous 43649

Is anyone else here vegetarian or vegan?

If so, why? For how long, and how hard have you found it? And what are your favourite foods?

I went vegetarian just over a year ago, partly because I care about animals and partly because I find most meat disgusting. It was actually quite easy for me because of the country I live in and the fact I didn't eat much meat anyway. I thought about veganism and it would be way harder for me, but I at least try to reduce my milk consumption.

I absolutely love tofu, and also meat substitutes which are made out of plant proteins or mycoprotein are great, tastier than actual meat in a lot of cases. I also drink almond and oat milks now and they're amazing :)

Anonymous 43650

I'm a fruitarian. Used to be a vegetarian but I was eating raw only so veggies aren't that fun. i kept eating less veggies and more fruits, eventually i quit all. Wasn't that hard. Fav foods: banana, avocado, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, red apple.

Anonymous 43652

I’ve been trying to reduce my meat consumption a lot this year. I go for the vegan options at work and recently found out I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve been avoiding dairy.
But damn, I fuckin love eggs too much to give them up.

Anonymous 43653

I’ve been vegetarian since May 2016. I always hated eating meat, the texture is gross and it makes me feel ill and honestly I don’t think it belings in my body. Plant based proteins like tofu and beans taste really good to me. There are also other reasons like treatment of animals and the enviroment. The thing that caused me to finally give up meat was when I was upset about some story I had read about poaching. This story upset me so much that I started to reflect a lot about the general treatment of animals around the world and suddenly felt repulsed by meat, so I switched to vegetarian overnight. I do feel a a bit hypocritical since animals are still harmed for dairy and eggs, and one day I will transition to veganism.

Anonymous 43655

I feel bad about eating eggs and dairy too, but it's easy to avoid meat compared to avoiding any product which has milk or eggs. Also, vegan alternatives to products are often harder to find and more expensive. For example chocolate isn't something I'd be able to fully give up, and vegan chocolate is really good, but so expensive.

I'll still buy vegan when I can though, since the more we support vegan products the easier it'll become for people to eat vegan.

Anonymous 43665

I've been fully veggie officially since the end of 2015, I cut out pork at the end of 2014 and then beef in mid 2015, then finally chicken and fish near the end of that year. Wouldn't ever go back to eating it, my body just feels so much cleaner without it. It always interests me how people always ask me 'well don't you miss meat?', absolutely not. If anything the idea of eating it grosses me out now, i see a rack of ribs or a whole chicken in the shop and I'm like 'ew, that's a hacked off part of an animal'. Literally disgusting.

Anonymous 43666


>kiwi fruit

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