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Vegetarian/vegan Anonymous 43649

Is anyone else here vegetarian or vegan?

If so, why? For how long, and how hard have you found it? And what are your favourite foods?

I went vegetarian just over a year ago, partly because I care about animals and partly because I find most meat disgusting. It was actually quite easy for me because of the country I live in and the fact I didn't eat much meat anyway. I thought about veganism and it would be way harder for me, but I at least try to reduce my milk consumption.

I absolutely love tofu, and also meat substitutes which are made out of plant proteins or mycoprotein are great, tastier than actual meat in a lot of cases. I also drink almond and oat milks now and they're amazing :)

Anonymous 43650

I'm a fruitarian. Used to be a vegetarian but I was eating raw only so veggies aren't that fun. i kept eating less veggies and more fruits, eventually i quit all. Wasn't that hard. Fav foods: banana, avocado, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, red apple.

Anonymous 43652

I’ve been trying to reduce my meat consumption a lot this year. I go for the vegan options at work and recently found out I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve been avoiding dairy.
But damn, I fuckin love eggs too much to give them up.

Anonymous 43653

I’ve been vegetarian since May 2016. I always hated eating meat, the texture is gross and it makes me feel ill and honestly I don’t think it belings in my body. Plant based proteins like tofu and beans taste really good to me. There are also other reasons like treatment of animals and the enviroment. The thing that caused me to finally give up meat was when I was upset about some story I had read about poaching. This story upset me so much that I started to reflect a lot about the general treatment of animals around the world and suddenly felt repulsed by meat, so I switched to vegetarian overnight. I do feel a a bit hypocritical since animals are still harmed for dairy and eggs, and one day I will transition to veganism.

Anonymous 43655

I feel bad about eating eggs and dairy too, but it's easy to avoid meat compared to avoiding any product which has milk or eggs. Also, vegan alternatives to products are often harder to find and more expensive. For example chocolate isn't something I'd be able to fully give up, and vegan chocolate is really good, but so expensive.

I'll still buy vegan when I can though, since the more we support vegan products the easier it'll become for people to eat vegan.

Anonymous 43665

I've been fully veggie officially since the end of 2015, I cut out pork at the end of 2014 and then beef in mid 2015, then finally chicken and fish near the end of that year. Wouldn't ever go back to eating it, my body just feels so much cleaner without it. It always interests me how people always ask me 'well don't you miss meat?', absolutely not. If anything the idea of eating it grosses me out now, i see a rack of ribs or a whole chicken in the shop and I'm like 'ew, that's a hacked off part of an animal'. Literally disgusting.

Anonymous 43666


>kiwi fruit

Anonymous 53216

Cut out meat since early 2017 when I went on a WFPB diet to lose weight, but these days the ethical reasons take more precedence. Surprisingly I don't miss meat at all and sometimes I forget that most people's diets contain it. Not a dig at OP but it does feel good to not spend exorbitant amounts of money on meat substitutes.

I do feel slightly guilty that chocolate & rarely being able to swap out diary products in fast foods & takeouts are preventing me from adopting a fully vegan diet.

How long have you been doing this and how do you currently feel?

Anonymous 53220

Did anyone actually get healthier body thanks to this, not like lost weight but is their skin better for example? I saw too many people that look sickly while vegan/vegetarian.

Anonymous 53294

My energy levels improved but I think that might be associated with weight loss


Vegan of 5 years. For the animals, the planet, and my health. Didn't try to be healthy until like half way through. Overall my taste for plants has expanded.. like I used to dislike many vegetables but now I can't think of one I don't like.

Anonymous 53334

i went carnivore once for 4 months and lost alot of bodyfat. i was very slim and people asked if i worked out even but i didn't toucht a weight during that time.
good times. now with my studies i'm too stressed and i eat as much meat as possible because carbs make me extremely depressed. i just ate a pizza the past two days and look where the fuck i am posting again haha

Anonymous 53336

I've been vegan for 3ish years. My favorite food is tofu, marinated in (bulgogi-style marinade? idk, this lemon/soy sauce mixture thing my mom makes), cooked with roasted onions.

it's not really that hard if you don't have too strong of a relationship with food. ive always seen food as something you rely on for sustenance and not necessarily something that brings desire ( i know for some people, food brings emotional comfort).

Anonymous 53343

I have been considering going vegetarian for quite a while now, but honestly I like meat too much to give it up. I also really like cooking and eating and feel like cutting meat out of my diet would make findging good meals to make much harder but they also would not be as tasty. But I also feel really bad for the animals and it makes me feel guilty that I cannot cut it out :/

Anonymous 53350

I'm vegan only because I'm lazy as fuck and slightly prefer the taste of greens over cooked meat. I don't care if anyone else eats meat, people from either side of the argument that have superiority complexes over their choices are lame.

Anonymous 53425

I feel the same way, I have a lot of respect vegans for making their own contribution to reduce the overall amount of suffering in this world but I've been very carnivorous/drawn to meat since I was little and eating is one of the very few pleasures I have in life, so it'd extremely hard to give it up. This may be related to my autism but the texture and 'feel' of food is a major factor in whether I'm able to enjoy eating something or not and most greens and vegetable-based meals are absolutely unbearable to me in that aspect. Like 'I get gag reflex if I so much as smell it' tier. I don't know what I'd be eating in place of meat.


Well anon, maybe slowly check out vegan meat stuff in the frozen isle. Like boca chicken patties are great, as well as any "meat" by gardein.

Anonymous 53439

The availability of such products is very limited where I live but the gardein stuff looks good, thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if there's some equivalent of this that I can order in my country.

Anonymous 53441

I tried vegan for a month from eating low carb.

I cooked all my meals. I rotated around oatmeal, berries, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, brown rice, chickpeas, kale, arugula, and spinach. I switched from whey isolate to pea + rice protein powder. I found it /really/ difficult to find vegan omega-3 DHA/EPA sources that had a comparable dose and bioavailability to eating fatty fish.

I gained a bunch of fat, my acne flared up on my face and all over my body, and my adhd symptoms worsened. Slightly better performance in the gym I guess ¯\(ツ)/¯

So it didn't work out for me personally, and I ended up switching back to eating low carb high fat (mostly eggs, fatty fish, chicken, broccoli, leafy greens, whey isolate). I'd like to retry it when it becomes practical and affordable to do a low carb vegan diet.

Anonymous 53486

>thread for veg*ans
>filled with meat eaters talking about how much they love eating meat
Every time

Anonymous 53564

I've been vegan for just over 8 years. Originally it was for environmental reasons but now it's animal liberation and humanitarian reasons too.

Honestly it's been so long that it's just habit at this point, and I've totally adapted to it. The idea of eating animal products really makes me feel unwell.

Anonymous 53589

I've been vegetarian since April this year. Going into it I thought I would miss meat and that this would be an overwhelming lifestyle change, but I really don't and it really hasn't been. I rarely think about not eating meat when I go to make a meal. This post is probably the most I have ever thought about it because now it seems so self-explanatory to me.

What makes it easy for me is that I have unlearned this narrative we're fed that the meat on our plate is not worth considering, that it's like any other food and that it hasn't come from a living being. All of this.. I suppose meat eaters are either unaware of its falseness or choose to ignore its falseness. Of course, anyone over the age of 5 is aware that beef comes from cows and that bacon comes from pigs, but what I mean by 'unaware' is that they don't see the animal's life as they eat. They don't make see that their food was once an animal that had the capacity to love and care much like we do, which of course it once most beautifully was. The most they will think as they eat, if anything, is something like: 'mgdmmkmfmmndmg…chicken..mmm :)'.

I should hope that any compassionate person would be more open to vegetarianism/veganism once they start habitually re-evaluating their thoughts at the sight of meat or when eating it.

Anonymous 53590

Same here. Biggest surprise was how quickly I got used to it and how little I missed meat.

Anonymous 53792

I've started slowly cutting out animal products recently. Red meat has always grossed me out so it's not too hard for me to avoid it. I used to drink a lot of cow milk growing up but I've found that I enjoy oat milk way more :-)

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