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suggestions! Anonymous 43687

What are the most fucked-up websites?

Anonymous 43688


Anonymous 43690

All of them, internet is an addiction

Anonymous 43694

The new Cannibal cafe (cant post link use Tor)
The new DD site (cant post link use Tor)
Bestgore/documentingreality (feel free to browse)

Anonymous 43696

What are those first two?

Anonymous 44174

Anonymous 44177


Anonymous 44190

Oh god

Anonymous 44191

There is an imageboard dedicated to professional pics of young girls in swim suits and sexually suggestive costumes/outfits. I cant remember what its called something like Candy Doll Collection or Candy Doll Chan or something. Its disgusting and since they arent nude it isnt illegal. Its really sick because the fact that they are being put in that situation in the first place can lead anyone to wonder what else is going on.

Also I once came across this Russian Photo storage/sharing site that had similar types of things sprinkled in the NSFW category. Except they were more amateur and a lot of the photo albums were password protected. The rest of the site was normal stuff but that was definitely eye opening.

Anonymous 44192

Second one is imgsrc . ru

The stuff that was found was under the nudity category. From the looks of it, they have cleaned up a little bit.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79613

Moved to >>>/x/2633.

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