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bf material.jpg

post ideal bf Anonymous 43963

>pic related

Anonymous 46115

my ideal bf.png

im doing physics so having someone that does humanities is good because i can learn lots a new different things completely outside my field

Anonymous 46125


Unrealistic, I know. I've met guys who have some of the traits but never all at once or they'll have traits I dislike.

Anonymous 46139


This is definitely my type and there’s a boy at my uni who mostly fits this description. The arguably bad thing is that he’s very much the quiet type and he’s extremely unapproachable, but the girls who seem to know him better think he’s sweet.

Anonymous 46155

Please gimme your art skills. Your ideal bf looks adorable.

Anonymous 46162

Shucks, thank you anon!
I'm sure you, too, can draw if you are motivated solely by the need to manifest cute cartoon boys.

Anonymous 46170


Is that Domics?

Anonymous 46365

There are unironcally guys like this on 4chan's /int/ but they tend to be cock lovers

Anonymous 46375

why is this picture so weird. i can't figure out what's wrong with it exactly. is it the teeth?

Anonymous 46545

Sounds a lot like my boyfriend (except he’s white)

Anonymous 46548

Is this the same anon who posted him on /feels/?
I guess Domics fits. Domics is qt.
Aww anon you're so lucky. Cherish the boy!

Anonymous 46897

it's because she doesnt have any teeth

Anonymous 47230

miners please post more of these, theyre great

Anonymous 47248


Pls gib suggestions. I want to make the ultimate ideal germaphobe bf.

Anonymous 47254

oh my god, my boyfriend is basically this. He's adorable and I love his behavior. We pretty much always shower together and he washes me, it's very cute.

He does his laundry correctly for the most part, I have had to teach him to separate darks from lights, though. He also often does the dishes himself even though I volunteer to do that.

these boys exist, anon, i believe there's one out there for you

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