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Anonymous 44163

Transwomen are men.

Anonymous 44165

But they have a bagina

Anonymous 44167

No, they have a putrid gaping wound where their penis is supposed to be

Anonymous 44172

One bad apple doesn't invalidate transwomen. There are awful people in every group.

Anonymous 44176

>invalidate transwomen
You can't invalidate what don't exist. Is this bait?
You are on entirely the wrong website, moid. Fun fact, YWNBAW.
Now fucking leave, you are not wanted and you would know that if you knew anything at all about this place

Anonymous 44179

I'm sorry, I was thinking about transmen.

Anonymous 44182


This is the transwoman" who got a woman fired for calling him a he.

Anonymous 44185

Scumbag if it's true.

Anonymous 44187

Look like an average man, get treated like a man. Even masculine-looking women experience this.

The world isn't and has never been ready to look at a bearded, half-bald face with a pudgy male-shaped body and not make assumptions about ""their"" gender. Why do trannies not understand that?

Anonymous 44193

You know, I've thought about it a while ago and I really do agree transwomen aren't women in any way, no matter how much they sculpt their penises to look like vaginas and how many hormones they take (both of which need to be kept up or they "relapse").
And then I realized I have to be very careful with whom I share this opinion.
It's a strange feeling, I've never been in a position where I should think thrice about where and how to voice my opinion.

Anonymous 44209

How can women even compete with that rare beauty

Anonymous 44212

The saddest thing is that these men need mental help but the medical advice they get tells them to mutilate themselves and ruin their hormonal balance. The same thing happens to women as well, although I believe it is less common. It's terrible that these ill people are treated this way because of a political agenda, and as you said people are silenced for going against it.

Anonymous 44220

Encouraging male posting is against the rules, so technically this thread shouldn't be allowed. I think one tranny thread is enough.

Anonymous 44231

Transwomen are just caricatures of what they think a woman acts like and how they should act like. It's just a facade with no real substance. It's getting worst because we gotten to the point they don't even pretend to be a woman. They still act, dress and look like men but demand to be called women.

I don't even know what's going on with the harry potter thing.

Anonymous 44232

My bf better not lurk here. I would cry at the thought of him jerking it to some dummy tHiCc thot

Anonymous 44233

>no one has the right to compel others to make statements they do not believe
I hope she has family to rely on because the lefist mob is not gonna let her go now that there is blood in the water.

Anonymous 44237

I think I'll stay right where I am, thanks. Different and varying opinions were allowed here, last time I checked.

Anonymous 44240


Trans is blackface.

Anonymous 44244

What makes someone a woman besides being born one? It's innate, you can't become one. It's insane how they think they're victims and expect us to bend over backwards to cater to their mental illness.
I'm guessing you're trans? Maybe get some therapy

Anonymous 44246

>2020 might finally be the year society collectively gets tired of putting up with trannies bullshit

Things are looking up.

Anonymous 44253


How good a troon supposedly is is completely irrelevant to their sex. Gender is a fabrication used by men to infiltrate and control female spaces. Gaslighting women into thinking you are one of them and assisting other males in this endeavor does not make you a good person. What trannies want is contra womens interests:
1. You want to get rid of all-female spaces for victims of rape/abuse/violence.
2. You want womanhood to be defined by how much clothing/makeup/surgery you can afford, reducing women to a caricature.
3. You want to declare anyone who disagrees with this a hate-filled transphobic bigot.
4. You want to be congratulated for not killing yourself and/or harming women when you are exposed.

Today, most trannies are not mentally ill. They are opportunists. Manipulators. They get off on the thrill of sneaking into female spaces. They do not want to be women. They want to be better than women, no different from a man who wants to assert dominance. There is no tranny who is good for women.

Anonymous 44292

>Why do trannies not understand that?
They understand just fine. The thing is, none of this is about actually genuinely wanting to be women or trying to convincingly pass as one.
It's a power trip, they get off on the high they feel from being able to force other people to cower and bow down before their every demand, and ruining the lives of anyone who defies them.
That's why the make up new genders on a daily basis, so no matter how hard you try to keep up they ALWAYS have something to be offended at you over not knowing.

Anonymous 44330

Anon I've been thinking the same thing. Especially since I'm already left leaning, as someone who is bi and generally against xenophobia. I don't like the idea of shitting on people who have a disadvantage in life, and I'm honestly still conflicted about how I feel about this issue, but so much of it is contradictory and offputting.
I've wondered why men identifying as women has become so socially acceptable in liberal/leftist spaces when Rachel Dolezal was crucified a few years ago for doing something similar and I've come to two conclusions:
1) Other races wouldn't put up with this shit, while women are constantly expected to be comforting and accepting/passive.
2) Piggybacking off of lgb rights. I know that trans people in America fought alongside gays during the Stonewall Riots/AIDS epidemic, but it was commonly accepted back then that they were "men wanting to become female" or vice versa, not "i've always been a woman my male body is actually female". Even feminists in the second wave back then agreed that they weren't women while fighting for their own rights in the workforce. Anyways, with the ruling of gay marriages becoming accepted and overtime gay people becoming more accepted, trans stuff was inevitable.
I'm wondering what America will look like in 15 years, things are getting interesting.

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