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Anonymous 44223

Anonymous 44224


Anonymous 44226

that's how men are

Anonymous 44241

thats how mafia works

Anonymous 44267

Did cavemoids have some type of consent?

Anonymous 44369

Anonymous 44537

Yes, they sniffed between your legs and if they liked the cuntscent, they took you then and there.

Anonymous 44540

Could they even fall in love?

Anonymous 44550


Can sluts/mansluts?

Anonymous 44557

Men can't fall in love.

Anonymous 44559

Men dedicate their lives to specific cartoon characters, and you don't think they can fall in love with something that can give them children?

Anonymous 44561

Funny, incels say the same thing about women

Anonymous 44565

The post you replied to was written by an incel

Anonymous 44592

many such cases

Anonymous 75106

wow, many such thread. quality right here.

Anonymous 75167

>implying systemic gender inequality isn't a product of agriculture
remove the moid-chip from your brain and join my anprim commune today

Anonymous 75208

we hunt
we gather

Anonymous 75355


Anonymous 76860

Never forget this isn't some long gone thing. I met an old lady that had like 12 children and she recounted how her husband just basically took her away one day and left town. She just had to do whatever he said from that day forward, for what I understood she never saw her parents alive again and could only reunite with her siblings when he was too old and drunk to care. This happened around the 20s. It's not a big leap backwards.

Anonymous 76879

It still happens in places like rural Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. My cousin managed to get a Ukranian girl pregnant in Kazakhstan, and she told me later that she was relieved because often Russian guys will just turn up, fraudulently marry girls and then abduct/coerce them.

Anonymous 76884

Stop reviving old threads who cares

Anonymous 79037


What is a Ukrainian woman doing in Kazakhstan

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