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Anonymous 44389

Do sexually dominant females exist outside of lesbian relationships?

Anonymous 44390

No shit.
The real question is where are the str8 sub men?

Anonymous 44392

Being brainwashed into traps ;)

Anonymous 44393

They are found wherever undesirable men congregate.

Anonymous 44394

>str8 sub men
you mean mentally damaged men? >>44392 like traps?
I mean, it doesn't seem like it's normal for males. I remember some anons here saying that sub men they'd been with were crazy

Anonymous 44395

Plenty of dominant men are crazy, and are also the most likely to harm or kill you. Really, all men are crazy but I'd rather choose the less violent ones.

Anonymous 44399

No,not all, really. I can assure you that both my boyfriend and my father aren't crazy in the slightest. And your post doesn't really adress my point, however maybe normal sub men do exist, I don't know.

Anonymous 44400

This, I need a cute bf to peg.

Anonymous 44403

Eh, I think most neckbeard/incel types are still doms. If not more violent.
Crazy in what way? I can handle anxiety and depression, even some clingy BPDfag shit. Just no getting off to beating and killing me thx.

Anonymous 44404

If you go to literally any gathering place revolving around fetishes you will be inundated with submissive men

Anonymous 44409

Likely hiding because society looks down on them for it.

Anonymous 44487

/r9k/ is full of femdom fetishists. 'Mommydom', yandere, musclegirl, sissy, chastity, cuckold, submissive raceplay, giantess, pegging, gentle loving femdom, etc. It makes sense that guys with low social power and influence, high inhibition, no job, etc., would be more likely to fantasize about losing control than taking it. There is this popular idea that rich CEOs are into femdom in their off hours as they are always in control and so crave being released from control. But I'm sure that is a minority of femdom fetishists and probably exaggerated by femdom fans to make them seem more alpha.

Anonymous 44488

And plenty of /r9k/ as well as red pill losers fantasize about raping, beating, and hurting women. Liking maledom or femdom really has little to no relation to someone's social status.

Anonymous 44536

Most of the fantasies about violence against women on /r9k/ are not sexual fantasies, they're primarily revenge fantasies. If anything they're angry at women for wanting to be sexually dominated.

Anonymous 44542

>are not sexual fantasies
Oh sweet innocent anon. It's a very common thing for men to fetishize hate and violence. They think all women are sluts and that's why they deserve to be dominated. It's a very common thing for a man with no power and control over his life to want to dominate women, someone who he perceives weaker and more helpless than himself. Likewise it is common for passive/lazy men to gravitate towards things like mommydom so they don't have to do shit or take responsibility for anything. That's why I'm saying social status matters not when it comes to sexual fetishes. Degenerates of all types are into maledom and femdom.

But if anything, a healthy stable man will not be into maledom at all. He will not feel like he needs to exert his masculinity or take control of a woman because he feels secure in himself. He would be comfortable with his female partner taking the lead or making decisions. He may be into vanilla or light femdom though (for example, no mommyshit/sissyshit/etc), because he isn't overcompensating faggot who needs to order around a woman to inflate his ego.

Anonymous 44545

>a healthy stable man will not be into maledom at all. He will not feel like he needs to exert his masculinity or take control of a woman because he feels secure in himself.
Right, I assume all those dominating kings, sultans and other leaders throughout history were just being insecure?

Anonymous 44546

Depends. Do you consider hubris and posturing to be true confidence and security? I find it to be the opposite. To me confidence is a silent knowing you are who you claim yourself to be, without needing to force it upon others or constantly needing validation from either your circumstances, achievements, or other people. Once people lose the title, they lose the confidence as well. They were never truly secure in themselves.

So that leads me, why would a strong man need to dominate a woman to feel like a man? Why is his masculinity dependent on controlling someone weaker than him?

Anonymous 44547

To that I'd say your premise is flawed. Doing something does not mean your masculinity or femininity depends on it. Or why don't you eat mayonnaise on fries? Are you insecure? Maybe it means you have a secret phobia of semen and want to munch carpet.

Anonymous 44551

>why would a strong man need to dominate a woman to feel like a man? Why is his masculinity dependent on controlling someone weaker than him?
You're the one assuming all that.
Does it not occur to you that maybe they just enjoy dominating women? Not everything is done for some underlying reason. It's sex. People will do what they enjoy. Some men just enjoy dominating women because it feels good to them.
I am submissive in bed. Does that mean I'm the opposite of those supposedly insecure men? Am I submissive because I'm insecure in my femininity?

Anonymous 44554

I like you, you have a valid point.

Anonymous 44609

t. insecure moid

Anonymous 44625

are you ok anon?

Anonymous 44638

Then change yourself

Anonymous 44697

Me too please

Anonymous 44703

Anonymous 44704


>tfw no sub bottom bf

Anonymous 44707

My bf has quite the subby side and while I'm horny I enjoy being dom, telling him what to do, holding him down and making him lick me etc. But after that I feel so strangely insecure. I can't handle with it, and I'm not sure why. It's like a part of me starts resenting him and views him as less masculine or something. Even though he is physically fine. One time I was playing with his butt and when I saw how much I could fit in here and he was enjoying it so much I just kinda stopped cause I felt suddenly very strange. How do I combat those self-destructive thoughts?

Anonymous 44708

What you're describing is the nightmare of every subby guy. Every time there's a discussion of submissive men someone says they should get over it because women can't stand men who don't dominant them. I never thought that was a real thing, but then again I've never had a submissive bf.

Anonymous 44709

Smells like a man roleplaying to meme men into thinking op is right (no dominant women exist because we all secretly desire ~alpha asshole chad to beat and rape us~.

I don't know why I continue returning to this imageboard, it just keeps getting worse with maleposting.

The other possibility is that you're both switches, which explains it more.

Anonymous 44711

where is this image from??

Anonymous 44714

I wish I could dominate my bf. I'm scared he will reveal he's one of those guys who gives shit about masculinity, which I don't give a fuck about, if I try to, though. It's also hard because I'm not confident he's attracted to me, which kills my desire to dom, which I realize is in a sense incompatible with being a dom.

Anonymous 44719

A woman not being certain if she likes something makes you suicidal?

Anonymous 44722

Moidposting will get you banned

Anonymous 44752


Plastic Girl by Usamaru Furuya. If you asked this question in another thread, same source for that image as well.

Anonymous 44757


>tfw only straight bottom I know is like 7ft tall
I don't know how to feel about this

Anonymous 44784

No. Go away.

Anonymous 44998

Feminism means I want men to express their emotions, but not their real emotions, those are just toxic masculinity. They need to express feminine emotions like letting me fuck them with a strapon.

Anonymous 44999

>real male emotions are only about power, dominance, sexual violence, and anger
AH, so you do agree with some feminists…just not libfems. Many do agree that males, by nature, are essentially violent animals who are totally incapable of deeper emotional intelligence (compassion, generosity, empathy, etc.) and thus women should separate from them.

Anonymous 45000

That is the exact same philosophy which infects educational institutions and popular media, it's good that you've recognized your bias.

Anonymous 45002

And yet you agree with the assumption, if some of your first post are taken to be your true opinion (about "real" male emotions). Though sarcastic, that's what I absorbed from it.
So is it just your opinion of what should be done that differs from female separatism/"pinkpill" ideology? That it should just be accepted that men are this way and so we all must cope with it?

I'm not sure I even agree with the first proposition tbh, I'm really on the fence about whether men have the same potential for affection and loyalty as women. Yet my female empathy wants me to believe there is hope, and yes, of course they do! They're human! But I will never be sure since I am not a male and so it will always be nagging me at the back of my mind when I interact with them. "This person cannot perceive the emotional concepts that you can…no matter what he says and no matter how much you love him. And he will always be on the brink of touching a child inappropriately or killing you in cold blood."

Anonymous 45004

Male problems require male solutions if they are to retain what makes them male in the first place.

It could easily be asserted that most female-focused societal issues would be solved if we taught women to think, act, and feel more masculine. But applying male thoughts and emotions to female-focused issues is not what most women want for themselves. You're approaching this topic with absolutely zero understanding of people's wants and thoughts.

Anonymous 45007

Sort of like how men approach porn addiction with "shit! it gives me ED, fucking is less enjoyable so I need to stop porn" whereas women approach it with "shit! these women are possibly trafficked or had some past trauma that lead them to this path so I need to stop porn." Or even the severity of female-on-male child rape when compared to male-on-female? Men seem to rarely suffer from the first and women are the only ones who cape for these boys, it seems. And some men believe rape of anyone to be no big deal since they just can't relate.

However, this doesn't put my nagging thoughts at rest since the fact would still remain that men function without compassion and it's disappointing that I could devote my life to someone who never feels affection.
Just…sad, anon. What is the male way to fix this, in your opinion?

Anonymous 45008

If a man kept dating women that functioned without compassion, he would probably start looking in a different place or swear off women altogether.

Anonymous 45009

men have countless times protected their loved ones with their own lives, how can you say they feel no compassion? It's the most selfless act you can possibly do and men do it a lot more often than women. I know they seem cold and distant often but when they love someone or something they really do love it, at least from my experience. They just have the stupid need to keep up this tough appearance because society sees them as less masculine if they don't

Anonymous 45010

You say society when you really mean "women and stronger men"

Anonymous 45020

Bitch boys aren’t hot to me though

Anonymous 45059

Ok if you insist

Anonymous 45061

Everywhere. The problem is that most submen on Tinder aren't very good.

Anonymous 45099

On twitter

Anonymous 45410

uh jannies

Anonymous 45414

'Mods pls'

Anonymous 45427


Anonymous 45428

Usually in their bio they might hint at it

Anonymous 45430


Anonymous 45432

So all you can confirm is that one submissive male has serious mental issues. You can't speak for the rest.

Anonymous 45550


Anonymous 45551


Anonymous 45552

Why don't the pale girls fight back?

Anonymous 45571


Is male sexuality really so suggestible?

Anonymous 45579


>"This person cannot perceive the emotional concepts that you can…no matter what he says and no matter how much you love him. And he will always be on the brink of touching a child inappropriately or killing you in cold blood."

What emotional concepts specifically? Are you saying that men are bad because they experience different emotions than women? You do realize that each gender is equipped with the necessary emotions to survive right? For a woman this may be compassion, empathy, bonding etc and for a man it may be protection, providence, desire of a physical kind etc. Don't fall into the fallacy of thinking that one gender has more or less superficial emotions than the other, just because male love differs from female love doesn't mean it isn't love or that it isn't just as emotionally heartfelt in either case.
It seems to me that your real issue is of a sociological sort… males becoming dysfunctional from living in a postindustrial domestic setting, but the same occurs to women, neither gender is immune towards losing their most desirable traits en masse as a result of an increasingly individualistic and atomized culture.

Anonymous 45594

they're boys

Anonymous 45595

Anonymous 45597

yeah they do exist but finding one that isnt taken is like impossible, ik from experience. at this point im about to quit

Anonymous 45598

Regardless, why don't they try to fight back?

Anonymous 45624

They're kids. It's not olympic-level wrestling, if there's a significant difference in skill then the loser isn't going to have a bunch of tools and experience to get themselves out of a losing situation.

Anonymous 45704


that's the thing with a good wrestler, she can make it look like you're not even trying to escape the submission, but in reality you're fighting for your life, that's how fucked up you are, that's how little control of your body you have when a good grappler gets a hold of you

Anonymous 45993


No, they do not
If you're lucky then maybe you could find a girl that loves you enough that she would be okay with doing these things with/to you, but otherwise it simply won't feel natural to them and so they would never get into it on their own

And I strongly believe the ones that claim are into that is only because of insecurity and self-esteem issues, they either believe that they're not 'worth' finding a 'normal' man or maybe they're scared that men that aren't submissive might hurt them or even worse

Life is suffering

Anonymous 45999

>I'm a submissive woman so all women are!!1
Not everyone is you.
And people who are not exactly like you are not mentally unsound.
Good grief.

If it's any proof at all, I've had even non-sexual-but-pre-sexual interest in male submission/masochism since I was 8-10. At that age insecurity had not set in, yet I would still make up male characters and stories which centered around their suffering (they would often be saved by a female character to satisfy my gfd urges as well). Even my first crushes were on boys I perceived as smaller and weaker than myself.

Also, bold of you to assume I'd choose this for myself. Dating would be so much easier if I didn't have to worry about men tending towards being dominant themselves. It's annoying, and I occasionally believe your post in reverse (obviously untrue though, so it is brief). And porn? Impossible to find porn that has men I'm attracted to + focuses on submissive men. Most focuses on the domme, you think I'd choose this? Fool! I just have to draw my own and it becomes tedious at times.

Anonymous 46552

>mentally damaged men
Spot on, can confirm unfortunately

Anonymous 46577

Brazilian domme here. Trying to find my bottom sub bf.

Ask anything you want.

Anonymous 46597

Are you trying to encourage moid posting?

Anonymous 46600

how big is the bdsm scene in brazil?
is the "all latino men are sexist" true?

Anonymous 46663

No. I am just stating my current situation regarding males - which is the only male i own so far is my cat.

It is small compared to Europe and the USA, but at the same time it is growing fast. There is a nationalwide forum where many people meet, some chat rooms that are well established and Brazilian imageboards often have threads about femdom. One even had a board about it ran by 2 sub anons who were in relationships with dommes.

Anonymous 46666

Ah, and i don't really can say for sure if the "all latinos are sexist" statement is true.

But most brazilians do not see themselves as latinos and we actually use that word to describe our spanish-speaking neighbours.

As for brazilian males, they are mostly not sexist - specially the younger ones.

Brazilian women however tend to be sexist as fuck, which is contradictory.

Anonymous 46683


>Brazilian women however tend to be sexist as fuck, which is contradictory.
Care to explain anon? Like what do they do that is so sexist?
Other question, ate brazilian guys cute?

Anonymous 46685

> But most brazilians do not see themselves as latinos and we actually use that word to describe our spanish-speaking neighbours.

it's interesting, i noted people form chile, argentina and uruguay also don't see themselves as latinos either, using the word for people from venezuela, colombia and so on

Anonymous 46687

Other anon here.
Everything in Brazil can be explained by your political positions.
Right wing women: radical Christians that believe women should serve their husbands.

Left wing women: "of course I support women's rights as long as you agree with me, otherwise you're Hitler!"

As for men, the Latam has the answers. If you're poor you're probably short, fat and ugly. If you're rich you probably go to the gym 5 times a week and is hot

Anonymous 46688

The latam thread, I meant

Anonymous 46825

See that mountain? You can climb it

Anonymous 47242

Most brazilian women expect the guys to be macho in the traditional sense - and if they are not they mock them.

And that kind of makes things hard for us alpha-domme women, as males - even if they are naturally submissive and docile - try to hide these traits. I say that based on my previous relationships. Sub guys out of female social pressure hide their true selfes and it was hard as fuck to get my ex to be confortable accepting he was my sub without fearing i would somehow reject him.

Anonymous 47243

Ah, and yes, many brazilian guys are cute if you are looking for them in the right regions.

You'll find a lot of cute white brazilians in the south and São Paulo and a lot of even cuter japanese-brazilians in São Paulo or Paraná.

Just don't try to get a good looking guy in the northeast as you will be facing india-tier weirdos.

Anonymous 47260

>lumping east asians and white together

Nearly everyone who does this is autistic as f without a doubt. Probably because they cant look and be less culturally dissimilar from each other even tho weebs (or hopeful asians) keep pretending it's not true lel

Anonymous 52651

i've seen a lot more sub men than dom women (on the internet) so my best guess is not really

Anonymous 52661

i think there's a few factors at play there though. for one, women probably post less overall than men. and secondly, horny people probably create more posts than non horny people. so yes, the posts by horny men would outnumber posts by women in really any category.

more to the OP's question though, dom het women definitely do exist. this board alone has at least three ongoing gfd threads. although i think crystal cafe has more of a fetish for femdom than the average population

Anonymous 54638

Yeah we exist, I'm bi. I used to have a sub bf but I broke up with him. He had some other questionable kinks that were a part of the reason why I had enough of him. It was fun while it lasted though.

Anonymous 54645

>this board alone has at least three ongoing gfd threads
Which is why this place reeks of /r9k/ where they have that shit everywhere

Anonymous 54667

>questionable kinks
care to explain?

Anonymous 54682

Yes, I am one. Unfortunately all sub men I come across with are actually gays

Anonymous 54942


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