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female orbiters unite Anonymous 44723

Why is orbiting such a male centric "hobby"? Anyway, heres a cute male we can all worship. I love the way he bats his eyelashes….

Anonymous 44731

It's not really a male centric hobby. Look at instagrams of cute guys who aren't celebrities. They have tons of female fans. Either way, orbitting/worshipping someone for their looks is a pretty weird hobby regardless of gender.

Anonymous 44747

I feel like a moid made this who is self-conscious about being an orbiter.

Anonymous 44763

I orbit Mr Daggers
He's really hot and I love the way he talks and moves and he seems really smart
tfw no Mr Daggers bf :'(

Anonymous 44778

moids don't have such good taste

Anonymous 44780

True. They usually have gay tastes, even straight moids do.

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