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i cant stop wanting a pic related bf Anonymous 44789

but i feel to ugly to get one

but i cant get over how qt havin a white bf would be
i cant compremise reeeeeeee

how hard is to get pic related?


no im not hybri or a polfag ,i would never date someone who hurts others

Anonymous 44791

Do you live in a non white country? If so there isn't much to do besides move. If not what's the problem?

Anonymous 44792

yeah i dont live in a count whith alot of xtra white guy (pref germans/rus) but also idk i would like to date someone i can make stupid board tier jokes with
so online it is
>what's the problem?
feel like pic related is hard to attain

Anonymous 44793


hybristophilia is completely normal. You are not better than me

Anonymous 44794

lel true we prob are at the same lvl

Anonymous 44798

God they're ugly.

Anonymous 44799

wat do you like?

Anonymous 44800

You chose the worst picture of Lil Peep kek

Anonymous 44813

Just pick one up on /r9k/. Easiest men in the world.

Anonymous 44814

Can't tell if op is joking or not

Anonymous 44823


i think he still looks qt in it
is that true?
i mean i am aware how stupid this is,but still i feel it rip

Anonymous 44825

what's so great about them?
>is that true?
you're better off alone than with somebody from r9k

Anonymous 44827

i never had a bf but am an emofag and think rly white guys look >exotic

then where do i find a bf to share board tier humor with?

Anonymous 44830

>white guys look >exotic
what ethnicity are you? And for where to find bf of your preferances depends if you wish to meet them in reality or online, honestly I cannot recommend any place online for you

Anonymous 44831

>>white guys look >exotic what ethnicity are you?

ye i know its a meme but i find em spucial,im med and hate my ethnicity

>And for where to find bf of your preferances depends if you wish to meet them in reality or online, honestly I cannot recommend any place online for you

would strongly prefer online,ive met gr8 friends from there ,how come you advice against ?

Anonymous 44832

>im med and hate my ethnicity
if you're med, as mediterranian, then I guess you're in Europe, you really shouldn't have problem meeting white guys then.
>how come you advice against ?
against r9k?

Anonymous 44833

meds are white you dunce. don't call yourself med if you're an arab or smth

Anonymous 44834

against meetin men online
was bein hyberbolic

Anonymous 44877

lol meds are not white. they look exactly like an average refugee in germany, im not even kidding. cant tell the difference.

no blue eyes = you are either not white or heavily race mixed already. if you are into white people, stick to germanics. e.g. germans, swedes, norwegians, danes , part of brits etc.

i would stay away from slavs tho. on the outside they look white, but their brain really isnt.

Anonymous 44878

Burgers shouldn't be allowed to post on the internet.

Anonymous 44879

im not a mutt, im german. thats why i know why the average refuge looks like an italian.

Anonymous 44880

you are either lying or actually retarded.
if you drank the varg koolaid and believe blue eyes are what makes someone white then kindly disenfranchise yourself from all the civilizational achievements of the mediterraneans. I.e. no more "we wuz romans n shit". would be funny coming from a country which idealized rome and greece from its very birth.

Anonymous 44881

wtf are you talking about? im not talking about civilizations and shit. do you honestly believe there is only 1 race in europe?

celts, germanics, slavs, all look white yet are different races. the same goes for meds.

i dont care who invented what ( germany would win by a long shot anyway ) i was simply correcting that one post which claimed meds are white. they are not. as i said, everytime i look out of the window i see refugees walking around collecting wellfare checks. i KNOW how they look. i also know how meds look. they look exactly the same. and no they are NOT the same race. but neither are white. you are probably not even from europe if you seriously believe meds look white.

Anonymous 44882

white boys are always so hyped up in posts like these with very appealing pictures, but wait until you move to a white country and realize only 5% of white boys look like that. Most of them look like adult babies or over all are just unappealing and smelly.

Anonymous 44883

dump more tobacco on that shit you been smoking sis

Anonymous 44893

Anonymous 44894


Anonymous 44895


This guy looks like Penn Badgley
>tfw no insecure chad bf

Anonymous 44897

not all whites are balto-finnic, only finland, parts of baltic and parts of russia

Anonymous 44898

That blue-eyed bullshit you spout is retarded. No wonder you get mistaken as a murrican.
There are enough brown-eyed Germans out there with a very typical German face and family tree. What would you tell them? That they're mixed race and not German despite their German Ururururgroßeltern?

Anonymous 44901

The most blue eyed people in Europe are not Germanic.
The most light-haired people are not either.
The most red haired people are Finno-Ugric too.
According to your classification, the whitest people look like albino Mongols.

Anonymous 44902

Imagine not being to tell Semites apart from Romance people, yet claiming any sort of authority to classify phenotypes.
Imagine unironically thinking Germans contributed the most to the technological progress.
Imagine using the term 'white' to refer to one's ethnicity outside of America.
That's a big oof.

Anonymous 44903

>t. projecting burger
im finnish and I haven't seen a single guy look anything like that here except for the polaks and russians here

Anonymous 44904

Additional info: the people who introduced the light eyed genes in Europe were really swarthy and dark haired.

Anonymous 44906

That picture looks like an East Baltid which is absolutely a Finno-Ugric phenotype. It's prevalent in north-eastern Russia where Slavs mixed heavily with local Finnic peoples, Estonia and Finland.
It would be a very rare phenotype for other Slavic people like Poles you mentioned in your post.
Literally in denial. Embrace Tengri, sis.

Anonymous 44907

Like literally the most famous celebrity with a face like that is Matt Damon who is part Finnish.

Anonymous 44908

its a mix of slavoids and karelians, not pute finns. finns are genetically mostly similiar to other european peoples with a bit more asian features in mtDNA. peak burger e-politics is googling a picture of a sami mongoloid and then claiming thats what average finns look like

Anonymous 44909

Another finn here. Most people look like that around here. Only hot ones have some form of swedish or russian heritage in them

Anonymous 44910

which part of finland? north? here ive only seen homeless sl*vs who look similiar to that

Anonymous 44911

About 100-150kms around highway 3

Anonymous 44914


>very appealing pictures

What? I find the guys in OP’s pic to be ugly as fuck for the most part.


Good to know I’m not alone here. Well, everyone has different tastes, I guess.

Anonymous 44929

Why is Edward Snowden on a collage with a bunch of dope fiends and maniacs? All those other people are, or look like, losers.

Anonymous 44942

Edward Snowden is a loser too.

Anonymous 44945

And why is that?

Anonymous 47486

seconded wtf

Anonymous 47812


meds are not white

end of story

you do not need to claim they are here due to your delusional pan european white nationalistic fantasys

Anonymous 47815

white people.png

white people live inside these small areas

including Austria, Switzerland, a tiny amount of whites exist around northern serbia

Anonymous 47816

Is Ireland inside of that area?

Anonymous 47817

Anonymous 47829


>Bavarians aren't white

Anonymous 47835

>blue eyes, pale, freckles, light hair
If I'm not white then what the hell am I?

Anonymous 47841


So then what are "white people"?
Someone with blonde hair and blue eyes?
There's african albinos with blonde hair and blue eyes, are they not white?

Are they a single race? Or only celts and germanics?
But not slavs and meds?

This dumb 19th century anthropologist term popularized by (((anglos))) and (((amerimutts))) just confuses the shit out of everyone, even the "whitest looking" europeans who immigrated to America did not realize they were white up until the civil rights movement.

pic related is someone that ticks off all the physical attributes of being "white".

Anonymous 47842

Forgot to add, the term is so undefined that even ashkenazi jews are able to metamorph into a white person saying "us white people…", critize white people on twitter then hide behind their jewishness saying they're not white but jewish.

Anonymous 47848

>b-but muh skull shapes

Anonymous 47856

Ignore the burger larper, white means white skin. Some meds got it, some other do not. White is not a genotype, med neither.

Anonymous 47902

Meds are not white

Anonymous 47904

then white people suck and should stop claiming our stuff

Anonymous 47905

You're out there and all the guys you like are getting snagged by other girls
Feels bad woman

Anonymous 47906

ancient romans are not meds

meds are rape babies

Anonymous 47907

imagine being this much of a burger tard

Anonymous 47908

are meds or the manlets the most butthurt

Anonymous 47919

But she's correct, burgers are the kind of people who'd try go all "muh rome" without realising that modern meds are basically just turks.

Anonymous 47923

Modern Spanish people just look like Mexicans. Holy Wars are rough stuff.

Anonymous 47937

Manlets by far. How is this even a question?

Anonymous 47938

why would meds be butthurt

Anonymous 49573

Anonymous 49576

Oh no the we wuz kangz came here too, back off this board pls

Anonymous 49811

>tiny amount of whites around northern serbia
oddly specific, I'm curious who are those people in Northern Serbia that qualify as white?

Anonymous 50007

That's gonna be a yikes from me dawg

Anonymous 51299

he's hot

Anonymous 51609

What do you mean?

Anonymous 52097


Anonymous 55280

Was he living in a non white neighborhood?

Anonymous 55815

My friend works at Google and said based on metadata they're actually the coolest and least weird people ever. Owned.

Anonymous 56515

I want a white guy, too. I'd even date an incel who's white.

Anonymous 56529

That's a russian.

Anonymous 56532

Blue-eyed blond-haired 100% Spanish girl here. What the fucking hell?

Anonymous 56547

>north-south logic

Not at all. My whole family is from the south and it's obviously not the case. Actually in the north-west, from what I've seen, there are the darkest haired people. And of course there's the gypsies, we have too much,like a lot more of european countries, and they are usually mistaken as the real natives (Spaniards) by a lot of foreigners. Spain is somehow like Ireland, you have fair haired people and very dark haired people. But I'd say that the typical Spaniard has pale skin and brow-chocolate hair.

Anonymous 56560


We could be exchanging maps like these the whole night. I'm not changing my statements. I'm Spanish and I know what I've seen with my own eyes. There's been a lot of migration in the XXth century and in medieval ages the south was repoblated with christians from the north. It's just not that simple. I must admit that the people that look moorish tend to go extremely far-right or far-left politically as a major cope. It's pretty obvious when there's shit in someone's genepool. But how do we clean that? No idea. I personally like brown haired guys, which doesn't mean they have arab ancestors, I'd choose dark haired guy over a ginger anytime.

Anonymous 56575

>people that look moorish tend to go extremely far-right or far-left politically as a major cope
Please explain the meaning of this to a non-Spanish.

Anonymous 56597


There are significant differences imho. Thanks!It's nice to find some girls to talk about this. Of course I want my kids to have the same hair colour as mine, but I'd give more importance to the eye colour. My mother has dark brown hair and it didn't stop me to inherit my father's hair. Obviously it's not a thing a parent can predict.
You see, the Iberian Peninsula (where Spain and Portugal are) was initially inhabited by certain peoples (Iberians in the east and south, Celts in the north and west), who were later invaded and ruled by Romans, who would also be dominated by Goths, then the Muslims came and stayed for some centuries, ruling over all that population that started out as a typical mix of indoeuropean people (the Basques are pre-indoeuropean and suffered much less mixture and had maintained their lenguage alive until now) whose lenguages was changed for latin by the Roman Empire. The Goths adapted to this and had fewer impact over the lenguage. One could argue wether or not some of the tribes named above arrived at the peninsula to stay as masters or to also bring enough people in order to mix. I've I'm not mistaken, there's significant amounts of Roman blood, less of Goth and lesser of Muslim (and Jewish). And why? Because these two groups had a different religion, and mixing wasn't that easy back in those days. So when Muslims and Jews got expelled of the peninsula (a long process), there remained fewer people with such ancestry. The Iberian and Celts didn't look like Germanic tribes, obviously, most of them probably had brown hair, but that's a physical trait that shouldn't be mistaken for African ancestry.

Nowdays there's Spanish people that just by the looks you can tell they have a significant amount of Arab ancestry (surnames could be misleading sometimes). Some people, including myself, have noticed that these people tend to go extreme when it comes to politics and they do this as a major cope. The ones that go to the right because of insecurity and the ones that go to the left because they see it as some sort of cool diversity that would justify bringing migrants.

Pic related is your typical ''right-wing'' wealthy Spanish girl with a bracelet of the flag of Spain. Would you consider her med or Arab-looking? It is said that the rich mixed way more with the invaders to maintain their power positions.

Anonymous 56602

can someone please make a collage of serial killers???
like we are all fucked up here and have raw feelings for fucked up guys heart eyes

Anonymous 56758

ew if ulike fat uggos go on r9k

Anonymous 66237

i said imnot hybri or into pollshit

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