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describe your perfect life to me Anonymous 44857

be as fantastical and dreamy as you want, i am just curious about the ways other people want to live.
pic's from her shim cheong

Anonymous 44858

Being a farmer's wife with at least 4 children like my grandmother.
Only -7 years to beat her to it by age!

Anonymous 44865


I’d like to live in the country where it’s quiet in a cute cottage with my loving partner. We’d bake, sew, and tend to our animals and garden. I think having two cows, one cat, one dog, two goats, an opossum, and a ferret would be lovely.

Anonymous 44884

Living in the countryside seems nice but I'd miss my high speed internet

Anonymous 44896


I want to marry a wealthy king who has eyes only for me, then fuck a bull god and give birth to a Minotaur. I shall hide him away in a maze and sacrifice beautiful virgin men and women for him to hunt every 7 years to satisfy his bloodlust.

Anonymous 44970

Olympus wants to know your location

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79619

Moved to >>>/feels/53170.

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