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Anonymous 44888

any anon is interested in game like this?

Anonymous 44889

Gays are gross and fujos are even grosser.

Anonymous 44890


Anonymous 44891


Anonymous 44900

This game is clearly straight. That's a girl on the sofa.

Anonymous 44926

Can someone explain why they find this attractive? Like it's such a huge turnoff for me to see men in a subservient/effeminate position but I find that here and on lolcow there are quite a few people who are into it. Super curious as to what exactly about this dynamic is so appealing

Anonymous 44927

It just is. There's no further describing it other than what you have already said. Perhaps it's worth mentioning the appeal of reversed power dynamics and the freedom that comes with refusing to adhere to sexual norms. Or the rush of having perceived power over another human mixed with sexuality. But otherwise…submissive men hot. That's all.

It's like if you were to describe to me why you enjoy dominant men. No matter how you phrased it I'd never truly understand. Taste is taste.

Anonymous 44928

those are all really good points anon. I find it super interesting

Anonymous 44931

I think femdom attracts awkward people, and that goes both ways.
There are a disproportionate number of males on 4chan that like it too.

Anonymous 44981

I can't enjoy myself unless the man is ashamed to the point of suicide

Anonymous 44982


Anonymous 44983

Yeah, I think it isn't just the awkwardness though, but a side effect of seeing oneself as being an "outsider" because of it and therefore being more comfortable or even drawn to countercultural things.

Anonymous 44986

So im into femdom. I have always been a sort of controlling woman to begin with, and extremely motherly.

What I enjoy about femdom is the vulnerability my man shows me and the power he gives me to and lets me have. I don't like effeminate boys though really, at least not in looks. I still want a man, I just want him to give in to me and let me be in control in the bedroom. I love the way sub men trust you and are willing to be in your arms and they always seem more secure of their masculinity in the long run!

Theyre just cute damn it.

Anonymous 44995

Based and pinkpilled

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 51335

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