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Anonymous 44971

What are you hoping for in this new decade

Anonymous 44972

Cute small penis sub boyfriend

Anonymous 44991


I hope I die tbh
I think being alive it too much responsibility for me. I've done a bad job

Anonymous 45042


Me too. I've concluded I'm just too lazy for this world.

Anonymous 45073


I'm the Anon you replied to
I told my therapist what I said in the post amd she said it's just depression making me have low motivation. She also said that by keeping suicide as a Plan B, I'm less willing to do the hard stuff to improve my life.
Idk if it'll help you or anyone else, but I'm gonna contemplate this.

It is true that I will do dumb stuff like eat junk food and think "well I'm gonna die soon anyway, so let's eat shitty food" and the junk food makes me feel worse. I'm gonna try pretending death is not an option at all, and that no matter what I have to stay alive for several more years, and see if that helps me make better choices.

Hopefully this helps someone else.

Anonymous 45075


Same anon and I've heard this happening to some people before too. They think once they reach a certain age that they will just end it so they spend their life until then just doing the bare minimum and never getting anywhere, making them feel even worse. I agree that it's best we try to get out of this sort of mindset. Godspeed anon.

Anonymous 45076

What am I hoping for this new decade you say?
I am hoping for friends that stay.
Too often I have gone out of my way;
Too help, to protect, to keep from strife,
When all these "friends" ever wanted was me out of their life.

It is just a change of a one to a two.
But if not now, then when will things ever get better for you?

Some say that it will not.
They claim it is better that they rot.

To them I say one thing.
Though the past may have failed with joy to bring,
Though the present may be bleak,
Not even Gods know the joy that you will find if you only seek.

So seek, and you will find.

Anonymous 45078

For my yearly weight loss attempt to actually work this year and that I won’t get discouraged and give up like usual.

Anonymous 45102


a good last year of school! good experiences! good memories! a good job offer! good things (and or bad things that'll give me good realizations!)

and maybe a bf or at least peace with being lonely

i hope you all have a good year miners. 2019 kind of sucked for me but i will be moving forward to try to try my best.

Anonymous 45462

I want to improve my diet and start exercising! I often feel sluggish and unmotivated and I think it will help. I also want to improve my hygiene, and get through my last year in school.

Anonymous 45464

A degree, an improved financial situation, a business, skills, maybe a child at the tail end of it.

Anonymous 45503

You sound wholesome. I hope all of your wishes come true.

Anonymous 45506

A random cosmological/temporal event to happen to me allowing myself to inhabit the body of my child self but maintain my current knowledge

Anonymous 45529

Do you ever think of how that would work longterm?
If you manage to prevent whatever trauma happened to you do you just continue to live in that body for a second life? With all your previous mental traumas intact even if you managed to change your environment?

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