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minge fanning.jpg

Anonymous 45177

Is it normal to prefer getting licked than fucked?

Anonymous 45181

Absolutely. Penetration is overrated as hell.

Anonymous 45182

Is it normal for your dream relationship to have nothing but cunnilingus and handjobs?

Anonymous 45184

I never understood why people do vaginal sex for any reasons but having children
Most men and women I know prefere oral sex.

Anonymous 45193

Yes, it's normal.

Anonymous 45195

Is it normal to be completely asexual but still want a loving relationship? Everyone views sexual relationships as those most important to them. Sex, genitalia, masturbation, all those things disgust me. It’s even rarer for men to be asexuals but I am not a lesbian so I guess it is hopeless. And no I am not willing to settle for a man who wants to have sex besides for procreation. I would rather be alone and go to a sperm bank to have my own children. I just want a family.

Anonymous 45235

Anonymous 45244

Is it normal that I can only orgasm from oral if I pretend that the guy doing it is a female?

Anonymous 45248

I think that means you're gay

Anonymous 45311

More important question: do you prefer to get licked from above or from below?

Anonymous 45346

So if your partner gave love to you and cared for you, you still would not show your appreciation and reward him with sex?

Anonymous 45348

Sex is not a reward and shouldn't be viewed as one.

Anonymous 45349

Sex can absolutely be a reward and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 45350

If it's done properly, a good licking and sucking of my clit feels better than a fuck.

Anonymous 45351

>Sex is not a reward
Why's that?
So imagine your bf gets up early to make you breakfast and bring it to you in bed. He puts himself through inconvenience to please you. Why can't you do the same and have sex with him?

Anonymous 45352


Nobody deserves sex. You decide when you want to have sex, normal people shouldn't and won't coerce their partners into it. It should not be viewed as a reward. It's supposed to be a time of intimacy and closeness, not as something to reward you for doing a basic fucking human task. I swear to god, we treat moids like children. He made you food, what an absolute angel, he deserves the entire world now, let me get on my knees for him. What kind of fucking mindset is that. What a fucking joke. We don't live to serve each other.

Anonymous 45357

>he deserves the entire world now,
But all you did was have sex with him. It doesn't cost you anything but time.

Anonymous 45358

Have some basic respect for yourself. Why do you view yourself as only a hole to be fucked? This is exactly why men call us whores.

Anonymous 45359

In this example, is the husband just a robot that makes food?

Anonymous 45360

He's doing a favour, Jesus Christ, have you people not heard of basic decency before? He's being a good husband, that's all. It's seriously not that deep.

Anonymous 45361

Why can't sex be a favor then?

Anonymous 45362

You're honestly giving me a fucking aneurysm. Why do you treat sex like it's on the same level as cooking a meal to be a good person? Sex is not a human right. You decide when you want to have sex with someone, it's not something anyone can earn.

Anonymous 45363

>You decide when you want to have sex with someone

Sounds like you're the one who's trying to control when other people are allowed to have sex.

Anonymous 45364


Okay, sooo
>touching your partner
>sniffing him/her
>hearing (talk/dirty talk)
What do you like the most and the least and why?

Anonymous 45365


Yeah, because consent is a must? You control when you have sex. Doesn't it feel demeaning to let a man use your body as a "reward"? I seriously don't understand you.

Anonymous 45366

When did it suddenly become a rape? The example was clearly you letting him have sex as a thanks for something else he did for you. If you don't want to do that, then don't. But you don't get to tell other people that they aren't allowed to do it that way if they want.

Anonymous 45367

I never said you shouldn't have sex. Don't make it a reward, if anything. But whatever, go on about it how you like. It just sounds so unhealthy for affection to be a reward.

Anonymous 45374

Nta anon nor am I asexual. I'm actually a high libido femcel who sees sex to be the only reason to have a bf in the first place.

But the issue here is that sex is emotionally different to this anon than just making a meal. It is an intimate act. Perhaps she is also sex repulsed, which would make it not just inconvenient but also traumatic and invasive.

Perhaps consider the reverse situation like this: she makes him a meal, and in return he has to be anally fucked by an ugly sweaty guy in public (he is not gay or into this).
OR in a non sexual way
She makes him a meal, so in return he has to go to the town square and have people scream insults at him for an hour or so (again, he is not into this).

I can empathize as I am not submissive and imagine the feeling would be similar to if I had to engage in sex that way.

If her partner loved her he would not want her to be miserable, is my main point.

Anonymous 45375


>Perhaps consider the reverse situation like this: she makes him a meal, and in return he has to be anally fucked by an ugly sweaty guy in public
>She makes him a meal, so in return he has to go to the town square and have people scream insults at him for an hour or so

Anonymous 45376

Have you both considered you may bee insane?

Anonymous 45381


I'm that anon who went off, and while you're right about me having some traumatic experiences with sex, girl. GIRL. Are you okay?

Anonymous 45442

I am this: >>45346 >>45351 anon.
I see your point and I don't understand why us everyone freaks out so much because of your weird unconventional examples.

But I think your examples are not equivalent to mine example. Because you include third parties into your examples and mine only involves two partners who can(and should) make sacrifices for each other.

Anonymous 45557

What I find most appealing about penetrative sex is that you can make out with him/look at his face while doing it

Anonymous 45560

Just spank and slap the guy anon

Anonymous 45580

Idk dude both me and my current bf dislike oral sex. I know I give good head, had one boyfriend before him that really loved it and could cum from it easily. This ex of mine was also almost obsessed about cunnilingus I had a hard time telling him no matter how hard he tried I wasn't really into it. I hate the feeling of being overly wet during oral, I hate the feeling of a tongue, I'd rather be rubbed with fingers/fingered/penetrated than licked. The only thing I like about it is holding my bfs head and just watching him do it, the thought of it is hot but nothing else gets me going honestly. My bf on the other hand just can't cum from oral, I usually get him up with a blowjob and then we proceed to vaginal. Penetrative sex feels a lot more intimate to me, the hugging, caressing, kissing, hand holding, grabbing, moaning from both sides etc. It's a lot more fun and I get more enjoyment from it.
The two of us might be a rare case since it seems like everyone absolutely loves oral but here we are, happy and content. We still experiment with oral and play around with each others bodies a lot but it's always foreplay and never the main thing.

Anonymous 45640

More moid posting

Anonymous 45765

Ffs lol

Why should a man be rewarded for showing affection in the first place? And why does the reward have to be sex? Sex isn’t a reward, it’s a thing people do when they’re in the damn mood for it

Anonymous 45780

Yes it’s a fairly common preference. Personally I prefer dick to tongue but it’s a close race.

Anonymous 45810

I mean. I like both. But I don’t have much of a Clitoral hood though. So I can orgasm with penetration. But I love getting licked. I didn’t like it at first because I was so self conscious but it’s so nice.

Anonymous 47808

Sucking the clit feels even better.

Anonymous 47915

I think you're being trolled, giving a handy or bj is right there with a massage or slaving over a meal

Anonymous 47916

Sounds like you have some baggage when it comes to sex. Provided my partner is clean we both enjoy oral sex, regardless of who's giving or receiving. It can absolutely be a way to show affection or "reward" someone

Anonymous 47917

I dont get it, having someone cook you dinner isnt a human right either

Anonymous 48033

I rather receiving oral and do pegging on the boy than reveiving PIV.

Heck, i would even discard PIV altoguether if it was not for a couple of days in the month were i feel the need.

Anonymous 50051

>anon states preferences

Nta, but not every conversation about sex how to please and keep men, shockingly enough. I bet there's plenty of people that will pick you hun.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 50165

Moved to >>>/nsfw/2210.

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