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Anonymous 45563

am i wrong for thinking this is the perfect 10/10 for a guy lookswise?

Anonymous 45564

He looks like a lesbian, yes.

Anonymous 45565

Yes. Very wrong. But it's good to have weird taste because it means less competition.

Anonymous 45566

what would you rate him? i'm curious what type of guy would you call a 10/10?

Anonymous 45567


this is a 10/10

Anonymous 45568

ayy lmao

Anonymous 45569


another 10/10

Anonymous 45570

ok i can sort of agree with this one

Anonymous 45572


And for reference:

Anonymous 45574

No. You like what you like. Won't judge you for your tastes that are opposite of mine.

Anonymous 45575


Yours are all too tall…but igi. I follow a lot of cute models but they're just so fuckin tall.

Anonymous 45576


Like this. Perfect but he's 6'2".
Is this a cute guy thread now?

Anonymous 45577

he needs food

Anonymous 45578


Anonymous 45581


his face reminds me of this cover.

he's cute but I hate starving boys that look depressing.

Anonymous 45641

Yes you do, lmao a fucking 10..
looks like the male equivalent of those spergy plain jane looking girls spergs online larp as "10/10s" except he's worse

Anonymous 45642

god they all look like incels with no sex appeal except with modeling contracts
that dudde from inxs is the only attractive and sexy guy in this thread

Anonymous 45650


I would not call him 10/10, but I can see the appeal. It is nice when everyone has their own preferences. For me, it is

Anonymous 45662

Show us YOUR personal 10/10s.

Anonymous 45666


this guy maybe if he was less gay.
I don't like his personality

Anonymous 45670


Anonymous 45683

He looks old in a bad way. That fucking skin yikes.

Anonymous 45693

>thinks the hottest kind of guy are skinny, short, balding dads who work too much

Everyone has their taste and I guess the world is better for it.

Anonymous 45701

He was playing someone who was a druggie in that season so that’s probably why

Anonymous 45702


This is my 10/10

Anonymous 45723

>omg his skin looks so ugly!
more irrelevant nitpicks by internet autist who used to photoshopped boys/girls lol

>posts incel looking tier autists with coneheads throughout the entire thread

kek. both the female and male imageboard goers have absolutely shit taste in the opposite sex

Anonymous 45727

I wish more guys had this hair length nowadays

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