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Anonymous 45652

what's a moid?

Anonymous 45653

A penis-bearer. Derogatory (as it should be.)

Anonymous 45740


Porn-addicted, woman-hating, low-hygiene excuses for humans, AKA males. Props to the two whole males who aren't like that.

Anonymous 45763

"Men Ostracizing Imperfect Damsels."
It kind of bothers me to see this used as a slur against the entire gender, since it has a built-in categorical separation between it and a hypothetically less bad group.

For that reason, I will always prefer to call them scrots and smeggies, which applies to all of the empenised, including transsexuals.

Anonymous 45776

oshid I thought the etymology went like this
>old kc tier racist classifications reused by pol etc (caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid)
>expanded to include women by incels of the same groups (femoid)
>redirected to men (moid)

Anonymous 45778

That is how it goes. But I like the acronym too.

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